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Merenitsu Rank 22
Rank 22

@pinki 250 euro in tickets this 2500 points = 5oo bonus points or 1x5 mtt

cris1285 Rank 21
Rank 21

@Merenitsu, you wont start from 0 in january neither. You say you have two tickets for the missions, and be sure, on the 1st of january you will have automatically added challenge and bonuspoints, after the undone challenges. Based on your logic its not 0, correct? Anyway, tickets, and points are not cash, easy to bust everything without ITM. So just let @tatuaj7 writing his blog, im interested to read his progress and not other discussions. 


Lets go @tatuaj7, GL!

tatuaj7 Rank 12
Rank 12

@Merenitsu Thanks for the wishes!

For me these tickets are equal to 0€. These tickets only give me the opportunity to play more tournaments. Also, who cares what I had in the beginning? And who cares what I will have at the end? Is this somehow a contest between 'challenges'? Smile

When I started this blog,  my first wish was to share with others my evolution(my story) as a recreational player (funplayer). And for me always the name of this blog will be 'from 0 to ...0'. Why? Because I have no pressure when I play poker. Yes, I'm a competitive person and I want to win any game (poker, football, computer games etc.), but if tomorrow I get from XYZ€ to 0€ and at the same time I have respected my own rules and my own principles, for me this will be a successful 'challenge'.

If you and others want to look at this challenge as a false challenge, it is absolutely OK for me. If anyone doesnt want to read what I write because I wrote in the title 'From 0' and not 'From something', it's also ok for me.

At the same time, I would like to ask you something. Please never complain that you are the most unlucky person here. IMO, you are one of the luckiest people in this community because you have a lot of friends  here who give you a lot of good advice, but you do not see them or you choose not to see them.

Thank you once again for wasting your time writing here and I hope one day you will find something that will give you balance in everything you want to do. Good luck!

Merenitsu Rank 22
Rank 22


1. each ticket has a cost (1 uk, 1 mtt, 4 uk, 250 uo) in addition to tickets for freerolls

2. I will try to stop at 10,000 points in order not to get tickets and bonus points in January

3. all i'm writing is my opinion. I do not force anyone and do not impose what to do

4. I have already written before that @tatuaj7  can do anything for his right, I just paid attention to it

I think we figured out Smile

@tatuaj7 GL today

tatuaj7 Rank 12
Rank 12


Start: 9,43€ +25UOS+5MTT+2MTT+2x1MTT+2x4UO+1UK+25bp

- Bounty freerolls: 0,37€

-  UK Tour Centroll Flip: -0,02€

- €50 Bounty Holdem Freeroll: 12th place (1MTT) (J8<Q8 2bb)

25Holdem 1MTT.pngThe hand that helped me to win 1MTT.

- €250 Shooting Star Bounty: 200th place (1MTT) (AQ<A4)(When the bounties are in game, so many players want to be heroes...)

Shooting.pngThe hero that ruined 'our flip'! Smile

- €100 Bounty Holdem Freeroll: 37th place (1MTT) (J9<94 1bb)(I won some hands in which I was behind, but on my way to the final table, luck left me. At least, I managed to break the curse with kings Very Happy)

KK won.pngYesss!!!J9 batut.pngNooo Very Happy

- Today I received 2x10UOS from DavitscheStreamLeague (I won 3, but I gave a ticket to Koljamen who lost the random draw for the last place ITM)

Current bankroll: 9,78€ +25UOS+2x10UOS+5MTT+2MTT+3x1MTT+2x4UO+1UK+25bp

Not too many games, but decent results. Good luck everyone!

Good night!


tatuaj7 Rank 12
Rank 12

Last week

Start: 9,78€ +25UOS+2x10UOS+5MTT+2MTT+3x1MTT+2x4UO+1UK+25bp

I didn't have much time to play poker last week. Last night I would have had time but boom... freerolls crashed. Then I tried to play in the Community Advent Freeroll Low and after 15 minutes I was kicked out with KK(fking kings...) <J9. I was tilted and I closed my pc. Very Happy

I didn't have time to write down my work last week, but I know I lost 1MTT and I won a few euros from the casino flip and free casino spins. And today I lose 1€ in HexaPro (+50bp)

At the same time, I'm afraid I will lose the UOS tickets, but I will try to use them on the first occasion.

Current bankroll: 17,65€ +25UOS+2x10UOS+5MTT+2MTT+2x1MTT+2x4UO+1UK+75bp

Good luck!!


Purps Rank 20
Rank 20

@tatuaj7 wrote:

I won a few euros from the casino flip and free casino spins.

Too bad these are gone now... They were such great value Disappointed

freddies Rank 11
Rank 11

gl and flop those cards!



tatuaj7 Rank 12
Rank 12

Hi friends!
Unfortunately, things have not worked out for me for the last few weeks. It was 2 weeks very busy at my job and the near future does not look very different. Also, I am between 2 jobs and at the beginning of the year I will change my job. It will be difficult at first with accommodation, but I know and I'm sure I will deal successfully. At the same time, in the last week I had some problems with my health (flu, big headache, nose bleeding). Now I feel a little better and I need a little rest and some medication to get it back. Very Happy

About poker, I tried to play in three UOS Bounty tournaments on thursday. After a hour and a half of play, my stacks were 15k and 2x20k+. In the 90 minutes I played exemplary with my weak cards, without preflop all-ins, without hurrying things. But after the second pause I dont know what happened to my game. My opponents have started to be more aggressive and my cards have begun to be better. And yet, in 10 minutes I managed to lose everything...
I also tried to participate in Santa's promotions, but all I could do was lose all the money on the betting. I still have tickets worth 36€ and I will try to use them before they expire.

All that remains to do now is to rest, to become healthy and to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends. But, I'll be back soon, I promise! Smile

I hope things are better for you! Merry Christmas, my friends! And don't forget to Smile! Smile



tatuaj7 Rank 12
Rank 12

Although yesterday I wasn't in the mood to play poker, I had to play because a week ago I registered in a tournament (E39 UOS) with a ticket that would have expired in a few hours.

Also I played Community Advent Freeroll Low where I went to 35th place - 0,38€ (0,35€+4x0,25€ free spins WildChase).

Let's go back to E39. I started playing tight, then I tried to play many hands from BB (being 6 players table) and this strategy was successful. I also had some crazy hands and at least one hand where I was lucky. After 6 hours, I managed to have a decent stack (120+bb). If I don't do something crazy in the first hands, I'm sure ITM. And if I play the same way and with some luck, maybe I'll get to the final table.

day 2.pngWaiting...Flip 1.pngI still think I should be a little more patient with this hand.TT w.pngBig pot!LuckyR.pngWeird play from both sides, but I've been lucky with that river. Smile

And now I need some advice from you, guys. How should I play against an opponent who is very active, who plays almost any hand in almost any position (94o, T3o), who always raises post-flop and calls with almost anything on the river? Tight? TAG?

Good luck!