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monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

@PaziHalinka, I’ve been playing kroll for two years, he used to play day and evenings, seems like it’s just evenings now, but he’s maybe 6 tabling and he plays every night, don’t think he’s a rec.  

The €10 regs mostly play similarly, certain things they always do that aren’t great. 

@cris1285, I’ve said before but Ian’s got a tough job, it’s very easy to spot and exploit leaks when he’s streaming all his sessions.  He might be a spot or two higher on my list if he didn’t stream. 

PaziHalinka Rank 10
Rank 10

Do you think Kroll is profitable in those games? I've seen him do so many crazy things, it's hard for me to imagine that he's a winning player. 


UAC Rank 12
Rank 12

Just played with Ashley and maybe 3 clones. Was absurd. Just fold fold fold fold fold fold. Most awful nitfest I gave ever scene 🤣🤣


Wondering if you have seen a couple of others that I see regularly, forgot their names now but will post later.

You ever play any 2 man sng @monkeyheaven?

monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

@PaziHalinka, hard to say, maybe a small winner.  Without going into detail, as it would be reallly unfair, there’s things certain players do that can be exploited to an extreme once you spot them, but might not be so bad if your opponents are not very observant.  

@UAC, no, not played any husng.  I’m surprised how poor some otherwise decent players are when it gets hu in the 5mans.  Think I’m decent hu, but not an expert, and I don’t like the anonymous lobby format for husng on unibet; I think it’s the right way to go as it protects recs from being targeted but likely I’d end up in too many -EV games.  

monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

Not been playing much this month, Malta, then Southend with a friend for my now regular live MTT donation (half way there we realised neither of us wanted to play a 2 day event, so very efficiently both busted around midnight day 1), then parents for a couple days.

Games have been good last couple days, lot of 50s running in the evening, but I’m still usually the only player sitting the 100s, it’s gonna be the same or softer than a 50 if it runs, why not jump in? 

I really like the Moving On Up promo, it doesn’t benefit me very much directly, I clean up when it’s a volume based leaderboard promo but these promos make the games themselves massively reg filled.  Moving On Up gives everyone an achievable goal to win something that’s very good value if you’re a low stakes low volume player, these are the people who should be getting the promo money in my opinion.

Playing Unibet UK Manchester next week, looking forward to it, won a package, Unibet sorted out an issue with it without fuss, good job by their team; playing day 1A. Then meeting up with group of friends for night out in Manchester on the Saturday. If I make it to day 2 on the Sunday, I will feel like death, guaranteed. If anyone fancies a beer on Friday, come say hello, I’ll be at the bar.

Reg rankings, added a few more familiar names, the guys at the top are some of the same players changing their screename every few days.

1. Nebulyad
2. Itsmybrthday
3. Bearium
4. Nabom
5. Caladrias
6. Piosolverino
7. Hotlipps
8. Einherjar
9. Iansimpson
10. DownwithOPP
11. WhataboutNO
12. Ashlee2007
13. IkerC1
14. TonnyP1
15. Maleus
16. Crazyfusz
17. Smoothace
18. Nutsrandom
19. Katies
20. Bredsox
21. Fromri
22. Kroll

monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

Played day 1A of Unibet Manchester yesterday (and today, crazy late finish of 430am, I’m too old for this).

Ran superhot for an hour near the end of the day, ran my stack up from 40k to 180k, finished the day on 165k, good for a top five stack.

Key hands, that I may have misplayed, really unsure very often in 9 handed mtts these days, it’s so far from my familiar games, think I tend to overvalue hands and get it in a bit too light preflop, at least one spot today managed to stop myself, correctly:

Think it was 150/300, utg limps, “onscreen” raises to 1100 from btn, I 3bet to 4k from sb with TT, call call. Flop QJ9, I check, utg checks, btn bets 6k, has I think about 17k behind, I tank for an age and shove 30k, utg covers and folds thankfully, btn folds. Dunno, could certainly do this with AA/KK so seems an ok semibluff, ambassador bounty was not in play as it was his second bullet, would be very trivial shove if it was.  

At 600/1200/200, btn opens to 3600, I stuff it all in 43k with 88 from bb, btn calls AQ and I hold. Definitely a profitable shove, but maybe not the most profitable line, awkward.

At 800/1600 I limp BvB with A4hh. BB raises to 5k, I call. Flop AQh4, I checkcall 4k. Turn Kh, check through. River Th. I lead for pot 20k, calls and shows Jh. Could see arguments for playing every street differently here. Started working with pio, pretty sure it’d favour a huge overbet on this river.

EP opens 2.5x, I defend BB with 84dd. Flop 23Q one diamond. I checkraise a 3k Cbet to 8.5k, call. Turn offsuit 5, I lead 18k, fold. End of day, he told me he folded AQ, was not targeting that hand, very lucky. Hindsight, my flop raise is maybe a bit ambitious, prefer it on say 67Q where I have a lot more 2 pair combos in my range.

Open JJ to 3.5k, tight mp 3bets to 10k, with just under 60k behind. I manage to stop myself and just flat, 842dd, I check call, turn Ad, he snap checks back. Was preparing to fold every turn bet, now thinking about how much I need to bet river to get KK/QQ to fold. Fortunately, J river, lead for 20k, called by QQ.

Out on the town with a mate tonight, early start Sunday, I will not be at my best I suspect.

monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

End of year review.

Well, I didn’t win Unibet Manchester, bust 22nd, 2 off the money, seems like an appropriate way to end my year of live mtt’s, didn’t want to spoil that nice -100% ROI streak.

Online SNG’s: Probably my best year ever, certainly in terms of hourly rate. A few things have helped:

I dropped my table count drastically, from my stars days of 24tabling, I’m now 12 tabling with a higher average buyin and much better reads on players, and plenty of time to think about things like betsizing, rather than just mashing 1/2 pot on every flop. SNGs are games of small edges and I’m surprised how lazy most players are in this respect, even some of the better ones.

PIOsolver. Really only scratched the surface here, I’ve improved my understanding of one very common spot, and it’s already paid for itself many times over, excited to do more work here, I just enjoy playing too much it’s difficult to find the time.

The games have really picked up on Unibet, particularly peak hours, and recently late night a bunch of players jump on around 11pm UK time. I haven’t played a single €4 game all year, they were a huge drain on my mental energy for little reward. On good evenings I’m only playing 25s and 50s, and the odd 100 when they run.

Online MTTs: Had a plan to play more of these, sngs have become so profitable I’m rethinking this. Nothing much happened, probably -€1k on the year. The supernova is obviously an amazing value tournament, I might play that occasionally in the future. As well as taking up a table that could be a sng, they require a lot of valuable mental energy.  

Live MTTs: Not good. Visited Spain, Morocco, France and Malta, plus weekends in London, Manchester and Southend. 5 weeks away from home, played 9 or 10 MTTs, no cashes. If I’d stayed at home and grinded online I’d be €12-15k better off this year (including cost of travel, accommodation, buyins, and missed opportunity to play online). Even if I’d run better, the hourly rate of playing a live €500 tourney is not going to come close to online. Still, I love visiting new places, so feel lucky I got the opportunity.

Happy Xmas, see you at the tables. 

monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

@Pucuri88, to answer your question (here, so I don’t derail @FreedoMs thread).  

You asked about my ROI at the 5man 10s and 25s, I’m choosing to keep that info to myself for now, but somewhere in this thread I did talk about my ROI at the €4s. I stopped playing them at the end of 2016, think my ROI was about 15% from about 10k games. 

In terms of what’s achievable, I’m definitely far from the greatest, and I play a lot of tables; better players playing fewer tables will get much better ROIs than me. 

Pucuri88 Rank 14
Rank 14

Thanks for the answer @monkeyheaven!

Alright, then I re-read your blog Very Happy :P

Wow, about 15% ROI at the 4€s over 10k pretty nice. I have some hundred games in the 4€s and have 18% ROI (but so low volume) but it seems it is not unreal.

GL mate!

monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

Games have been relatively tough this month, a lot of highstakes games running, I played about ten €100s last night, never seen this much action at those stakes, it did not go well. I guess the Queen of Flips promo is encouraging some better players to grind, it seems like a generous promo but I’d rather have softer games.

Updated reg rankings, I’ve removed the names that are obviously changing their screename very regularly (I’d say there’s 3 or 4 other regs at the same level as the best on this list or better).

Played a fair bit with Davelappin for first time this week whilst watching his stream, was fun, he had some close spots vs me, he might have made a couple small mistakes.  

1. PKing98
2. Zinzonzo
3. Runbetter
4. Caladrias
5. Lusy112
6. Davelappin
7. Tedwina
8. Einherjar
9. Iansimpson
10. TonnyP1
11. DownwithOPP
12. WhataboutNO
13. Brownlne
14. Ashlee2007
15. IkerC1
16. Maleus
17. Crazyfusz
18. Smoothace
19. Nutsrandom
20. Bredsox
21. Fromri
22. Vilunki
23. Kroll