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monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

Well, I'm not gonna be winning this Unibet DSO. Bust out quite early on day 1. Decided to enjoy the rest of the weekend rather than fire again,, we are in a really nice town, so just relaxing here.  
Misplayed the first hand I played; I usually like to play conservatively for 30 minutes or so, settle in and get reads on the players, unfortunately got dealt AA my third hand, got checkraised on a 6 high flop, and villain bombed turn, river went check-check, he had flopped top two, would have folded turn if I'd had better read on player.  

Bustout hand, I 3bet UTG open with AA (I only play aces), bb and utg call. I bet small and call utg checkraise on flop A96dd, turn 2c, villain jams Ad5d, you can guess the rest.  Fun with MTTs. Great tournament though, mostly fun players, well run, big field, hopefully get out to another of these soon.  

WuDu, the numbers of tables you play won't directly affect your bankroll requirements at all. The main factors that are important are your expected ROI (which could change the more tables you play), the tournament structure (I suspect 5max turbos aren't too bad variance wise) and how much risk of ruin you are prepared to take.   There is a calculator out there somewhere think it's called swongsim.

monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

Back to the grind this week. Thought I'd write a little about the potential profitability of the lowstakes 5max sngs on Unibet and how they compare with the competition.

I regularly do research on the profitability of 5/6max turbos to find the best sites. Whether you're a winner or a loser in the games, seems sensible to play where you have the best chance of winning. The question of what is an achievable ROI in a particular game isn't easy to answer, and almost everyone massively overestimates, usually because they look at the player with the best results (who's invariably running over expectation) and an irrelevant sample (usually both too small, and too old).

Heres my €4 5max results on Unibet

Sample size=6840
roi 12.2%
Inc rakeback €0.55/game, roi 13.8%

Here's a sample of a group of leaders at $3.5 6max turbos on stars (I've converted results into € for comparison)

Sample size=16774
ROI 8.3%
Inc rakeback €0.26/game, roi 8.7%

Some caveats, sample sizes are still small, based on other factors I think my true ROI is maybe a few points higher (or maybe not, I quit the 4s at the end of last year, maybe games have got tougher). I've selected players with some of the best results on stars this year, almost certainly their true ROI is lower than this, I've never played that lowstakes on stars, but I don't think I'd do any better than these guys.

So, these results suggest low stakes games on Unibet are more than twice as profitable for the best players (longterm reality is probably even better than that). But whether you're a winner or a loser in the game, you are just much better off putting your money into Unibet than Stars for sngs.

KrustyTheClown Rank 13
Rank 13

Already close to 7K sng's played? 

DAMN! That is some legit grinding! Thumbs Up

Kitch Rank 12
Rank 12

Nice blog. As I relatively new poker player I find the sngs micros my best chance of any profit, even if it is just a couple bucks here and there. Wink

I feel its time for me to buy some books to study , and after reading this blog more so. 



monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

KrustyTheClown, oh it's a lot more games than that 😀.  I've played all the stakes that run for the last two years on unibet, i used to fill up with 4s when nothing else was running, I quit them completely at the end of last year as the higher stakes games started to run in greater volume.

Kitch, good luck with the study, it's really hard to find good material for sngs these days, most training sites and forums ignore sngs.  It's a lot easier to find good free material on headsup sngs, but you'll get headsup very often in these games, so it's worth studying and will get you much better at poker in general.  Google "husng ebook" for a good free guide, "kill everyone" is still a decent book that covers everything and has a sng section, and Tiptons "expert hunl" is hard work and advanced but has a lot of relevant stuff for the stack depths you'll find at sngs.

monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

Poker not dead yet; I think this is my best or second best ever session of sng's, about 3 hours of play on Wednesday evening.

Avg buyin= €28.4
Total profit=€1251

A few 100s ran which is always nice, plus a decent number of 50s, and I ran incredibly hot.

Thought I'd start ranking the regs for fun, I think all these guys are probably making money in the games, so they can't be that bad. If you've got a name of a reg at 10 euros or higher that you want included in the rankings, let me know, I'll try to add to it each week, these are just a few names that I could think of today.  Any that you think I've got ranked in the wrong place?

1. MUL
2. N-B-A
3. Caladrias
4. IBringLight
5. IanSimpson
6. DownwithOPP
7. Kroll

MUL is far and away the best player on this list in my opinion, I'd rank myself second in the player pool just behind him, he only really plays the 50s and thankfully not every day.

IanSimpson has a really tough gig, obviously he can't change his screen name as part of his deal (why anyone voluntarily keeps the same screen name I will never know), and he streams so I can very quickly identify all his leaks. I do think it's great to have someone streaming sngs, but wow, you get to see some pretty glaring holes in his game (which obv I won't go into, really not in my interest). He's not a sng pro as he would acknowledge so fair play to him for getting involved. 

Kroll is a huge spot and it's great to have him at my table, but still he's probably making money (I hope so, he's been grinding the games a while now), so good luck to him.

WuDu Rank 21
Rank 21


You're playing 22 games an hour?  What's your overall ROI with SNG10s and SNG25s? Ever played with the idea of reducing the # of games to increase your profitability and to stay fresh?

Great idea to rank some of the regs, looking forward to it regarding the SnG 10s.

I recognized NBA, kroll and IanSimpson, not impressed by any of them.What about Ashlee_2007 and hotted?

What about posting some of your used up aliases?

We're gonna win on so many levels! We're gonna win, win, win. You're gonna get so tired of winning, you're gonna say: "Mr. President please, we don't wanna win anymore, it's too much!" And I'm gonna say: "I'm sorry, we're gonna keep winning because we're gonna make America great again!"
God Emperor Trump
monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

@WuDu, ive not decided yet if I want to reveal my roi at the higher buyins (didn't mind so much with the 4s since I don't play them anymore). 

Ha, this is me reducing my table count. I used to play somewhere in the mid-20s when I could use other software on stars, and yeah it would burn me out after a couple hours session.  Im playing 12-14 on unibet, and I'm very comfortable with that, any less and I'd get bored. 😀  It helps that the player pool is pretty small at 25+ so I can get reads on all the players quite easily, was certainly guessing a lot more in the past when I was adding €4 games to my table count.

ill try to add Ashlee_2007 if I keep seeing him, hotted is a gamer, so he's a recreational player, don't think it's very fair to put him on the list. 

I change aliases multiple times a session, I've never played under the same alias for more than a few hours, so not that interesting to post my old ones, I was bpm123 for a bit tonight. 

monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

A typical day on Unibet.

I play something in the region of 150-180 5max sngs. I only play €10+ games, and I multitable 12-14 tables. I've  cut this back from what I was doing , and I've seen a big improvement in my hourly rate as a result which is a nice surprise. Back in the day on stars I used to play around 24 tables, so this seems sedate in comparison, gives me a lot of time to get reads on players, obv this is important in the HUD-less Unibet environment. Also can play longer sessions, used to burn out after couple hours, regularly doing 4h+ sessions recently. Not bad for an old timer.

I probably play about 6 hours a day, almost always play Monday-Wednesday, take Thursdays off and play around my social life over the weekend. Evenings obviously are best, as the higher stakes games run, try to reg almost every game at €25+.

I do almost no study these days, maybe couple hours a week, usually running through a spot that I feel I've been getting wrong, or double checking a ludicrous play from another reg to make sure they've lost their mind and not me. Never have studied much, used to post in 2+2 STT forum a fair bit, that's dead these days. Joined a training site for a month, those vids helped me get to sleep of an evening. Had maybe 5 hours coaching lifetime. I'm slowly working through Tipton's expert HUNL, and just downloaded the free version of PIOsolver, anyone using this for sngs, worth buying?

Ranking the regs: In with a bullet, and at the very bottom of the rankings, the return of Mikink0. Haven't seen him for a while but he's back, he multitables a lot, usually all the 25s and 50s, and at the same time of day as kroll, fun tables. Wish I could say more about some of these guys but obv would harm me to do so and isn't very fair on them, just pay close attention, my top tip.

1. MUL
2. N-B-A
3. Caladrias
4. iamswen
5. IBringLight
6. IanSimpson
7. DownwithOPP
8. Kroll
9. Mikink0


monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

Planning on mixing in some Unibet MTT’s alongside the sng grind now that the new schedule looks very good value. I find this really hard to do, playing even one MTT takes a huge amount of my focus; they’re such different games I’m concerned that my sng play will be adversely effected.

I’m trying to calculate my hourly rate in the Sunday majors on Unibet, late regging to maximise hourly.

€100 Supernova; 20%ROI; 2 hours avg; €10/hour
€250 UO final; 10% ROI, 1 hour avg; €25/hour
€50+€50 Odyssey; 20% ROI; 1.5 hours avg; €13.3/hour

Maybe these numbers are off, I’m really not sure. I intend to cut my sng table count down when I’m playing MTTs, from 12-14 down to 6-8 to help my focus overall. Even so, should achieve a higher hourly rate this way.

I definitely make more mistakes in mtts, played the €100 Saturday Stack the other week and managed to go from chiplead with 12 left to bubbling in 10th in totally avoidable fashion, that was special.

SNGs went really well last month, only played about 3 weeks, results not including rakeback etc,

Abi €24.7
Number of games 2295
Profit/game €3.22
ROI 13%

I’m down a few hundred so far in October, hot run can’t last forever.