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@MoreTBC wrote:

Saturday 06/11/16 - PLO25.. my new home?




Had a really small session on Monday because I was DJing at night so I just did the bare minimum to complete things. The day was break even, to the cent. I won a HU SNG and in PLO4 and bubbled the first €4 Turbo that counted for the league. The final table streak is now over Sad 



I´d love to read more information about your DJ career!

What kind of music do you play? Post some soundcloud links of tracks you currently play for us loyal readers Happy Is DJing your main income? Do you play at clubs or rather private events? Any fun stories from working in the nightlife? Any success with the ladies due to your profession Tongue ?

Regarding your poker stories I can really relate to your comments regarding the missions. I also feel that NL4 is the only stake where I can play profitably (NL, in PLO it may be different) and therefore I always try to complete my missions at this stake. The games at NL4 are particularly good because lots of people play with free promotional tickets or some freeroll winnings and therefore sometimes make really interesting plays.

Good luck on the tables!

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In America they would call me an 'open format' DJ I guess but I would just call myself a commercial DJ. There are basically two types of clubs in my area, ones that cater to specific genres (Techno, House etc) in the dance scene and then the 'commercial' clubs that play stuff in the charts and is/was popular to the general public. I fit into the second category, if it sounds good I'll play it.

To answer your other questions :-

  • Djing is not my main income. I consider it a hobby I'm lucky enough to get paid for. It's way too volitile a career choice for me. Somtimes it doesn't matter how good you are, it's who's ass you kiss that get's you gigs and I'm not about that life. I only do gigs I think I'm going to enjoy and have fun at. I would never want to DJ to pay the bills and feel like I was doing gigs I didn't enjoy just so I could eat.
  • I play bars and clubs only. I hate DJing functions and have only done maybe 2 in my life. I got into DJing through working in a nightclub behind the bar and then managing venues so I didn't have to do the normal DJ grind of working functions first. Knowing lots of people in the industry gave me opportunities to get my foot in the door with warmup gigs and early slots early in my career.
  • Some of the best times of my life have been nightclub related but the stories are probably on par with anyone elses drunken stories to be honest. I've met my fair share of 'celeb's and famous DJs but generally they're pretty normal. If I think of a good one I'll stick it in the blog one time Smile
  • I'm pretty sure every girl I've ever gone out with, bar my first in school, has been involved in some way with the nightlife industry or DJing. Whether it's fellow bar staff/employees in the early days or, in the case of my current gf, just a customer that saw me DJing and said hello on social media you definitely have access to lots of opportunities. How many of that opportunities you take is person specific I guess. I've never been a 'player' type so I never abused the power.

Regarding Soundcloud, I actually had my account closed last year for copyright infringement. They really started clamping down on people uploading DJ mixes with copyright music in it so I can understand why they did it but it affected so many DJs in a negative way. Luckily I managed t move all my mixes over to Mixcloud before they closed it so if you're looking for some music to listen to you can find them all here :- 


I haven't put anything up in a while but I do have a live mix recorded a month or two ago sitting on my laptop that I just need to stitch together and upload at some point so I'll let you know when I do that.



Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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@Jeppe-Unibet wrote:

2005 Mix Hearts

They're from the very early days, the mixing is terrible

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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Tuesday 08/11/16 - xx25, I'll play it.

I had the day off on Tuesday so I could do some afternoon grinding. I also received my €25 ticket I won on Sam's stream from last week. Unfortunately it was a NL25 ticket Sad I fully anticipated cashing that out at around the €12 mark after getting crushed by cash game bosses. I've played 76 flops of the 300 so far and the ticket sits at a whopping €103.89. I'm a cash game god! Cool (Edit: I have just lost KK < AA for €20 while typing this so 'god' may be a massive exaggeration). In reality, I'm a calling station and people like to bluff too much it seems Smile With it not being my money I'm not scared to call down a big bet on the river so I've been catching a lot of three barrel bluffs and it's been paying off. I've also been lucky with my pairs either holding or hitting and getting paid in those spots too. There is a long way to go on the ticket so I doubt it'll end up with any profit on it but I think I have a strategy that's working just now so I'm going to stick to it and hope for the best.

I needed to clear the last day of the PLO showdown challenge so, of course, I hoped into the PLO25 arena once again full of gusto from my good run so far. I didn't record how many flops I played but I bagged another 2 buy ins and then ran away with my €50 profit into the sunset. I can't imagine I'm winning because I'm playing some end level GTO PLO so I'm putting it down to run good and I'm gonna ride the train until the wheels fall off, or I lose a buy in Rofl. Actually, with the mission completed now there isn't another PLO related one for me to do so I'll probably leave it until next month unless I get bored one day and feel like a punt.

All this high stakes (for me) cash games meant another bonus step was completed and a cool €10 was added to the BR. The last mission to complete for the day was just to play a a MTT so I entered the €10 bounty that runs early in the day. Unfortunately I finished 8th with 6 getting paid when my pair of 8's got Barry Greenstein'd against AJ. Still counts as a final table though right? Final tabled a small €10 turbo but only the top 3 got paid and I finished 5th after my A9 < KT AIPF. AxT on the flop, K on the turn Sad Always frustrating to get close like that.

I had one €4 SNG ticket left so I went 1 on 1 with someone in the Unibet universe and scooped up the double up. One other final table in a €2 Turbo and a min cash in the last turbo for the league and that's it for the profit on the day. 

In regards to the MTT League I've dropped down into the 30s now. The Daily 4 and the two €4 bounties are definitely the ones I want to focus on going forward as they have the highest daily entrants. A 1st in any of them is worth around 150 points and would put me firmly in the top ten. 

Last chance freeroll for a UO trip is tonight so I'm sure I'll see you all there Smile

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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Wednesday 10/11/16 - Trump saves the day

Wednesday was a complete disaster. Played 8 MTTs and cashed 0. Best results was making the final table of the Community league but only 6 got paid and I finished 9th Sad I finished middle of the pack in the last UO community freeroll after my K8 was just pipped by K10. There was some minor discussion in Twitch chat about it being a silly play so I thought I'd go through my thought process.

Blinds are 100/200 and I have 5500 (27 BB). I'm in the small blind and we're 6 handed. My general feeling is that the tournament is going to be softer than the Superuser freerolls because the tickets were just given out for a few likes so I expect people to be splashing about. I have KDiamonds 7Clubs

Villain is UTG and flats for 200, I complete and big blind checks

Flop comes 3Diamonds 8Clubs KSpades.

At this point I'm feeling pretty good about my hand. I would expect Villain to raise with any decent Kx hand and the big blind has any two. Villain bets pot (600). I think at the time I thought it was 500 but either way it looked fishy to me. If you had something like AK or a set you wouldn't want to end the hand now by pot betting would you? It's about as dry a board as you can get. I felt my K was good and called. Big blind folded.

Turn is a QHearts.

Flush draws are out the question now and the only hand with any possible chance of making a draw would be JT. I check again and villain shoves all in for close to 6K. Would you fold at this point? Would you have folded before? You can rule out aces because he didn't raise pre-flop so we're just in the same position as on the flop, would he bet so much with AK or a set? I just didn't see that happening and put him on a 3x or 8x hand.. or at worst two pair. With more hands I thought I was beating over losing too I made the call. I was almost right Smile River is a blank and out we go.

After getting so close in the last Superuser freeroll I expected to not do well in this so I didn't really mind. I'm more focused on the MTT League and climbing out of the deposit hole at the moment. I'll get to a UO event eventually Smile

With all the MTT busts the day looked pretty miserable profit wise. Luckily I had put some money on Trump winning when he was at 3.5 so I ended up +€ for the day. The world may be coming to an end but I've got another green cell in my spreadsheet Cool


10/11/16 - Back on track   

The last couple of sessions have not gone well as far as the MTT league is concerned. I've had plenty of top 50% finishes but winning a point here and there just isn't going to cut it. With that in mind I decided to only play qualifying MTTs and nothing else.. well I was playing my NL25 ticket on the side but that was it.

Regarding the NL25 ticket, things went the way I expected and I ended up getting crushed and cashed out €12 with 100+ flops to go. It's the best outcome for me tbh, I was never going to end up a winning over 300 flops and it's 3 buy ins for the league which I can put to much better use.

Quick recap of all the €4 qualifying tournaments

Event 1 (Turbo) - Busto, didn't make the top 50%. Terrible start Sad

Event 2 (Bounty Deepstack) - Finished 45th out of 200 in a standard AQ < AK moment

Event 3 (Bounty) - Great haul of bounties, 8 to be exact, and a min cash for a €17 ROI.

Event 4 (PLO Turbo Bounty) - Busto

Event 5 (Turbo Deepstack) - Busto

Event 6 (Daily 4)...

It's gold trophy time! Very Happy. Did not expect to be on the final table, let alone win it. I looked back at the hand history and about 90 minutes in I had less than starting stack so by the time it got down to the last two tables I was as surprised as anyone. I distinctly remember getting very lucky at least twice where I was way behind and got the outs I needed but after that I was playing pretty solid. The final table moved pretty quickly and we reached heads up about 3 and a half hours in. I had 90k and the chip leader had 22K so it was an uphill battle. Actually, it wasn't, it was incredibly easy. If you finished 2nd in the Daily 4 last night I apologise in advance for sounding rude but you played WAY too tight and were very easy to exploit. 


I min raised every hand I was on the button and half the hands I was in the big blind I got a walk. It was really obvious they were just waiting for a monster and then shoving so I just chipped away pre flop. Anytime we went to a flop they would C bet, I would call and they would give up and I just 2/3rds on the river and took the money. It was the dream heads up situation. It only lasted 10 minutes and ended with me calling an all in with AJ against their Q4 off(??) and holding.

I was more excited about the League points than the €170 first prize Rofl. I'm up to 12th now on the Low league, still 200+ points behind the leader, but there are stil 19 days to get another trophy or two and catch up so things are looking good Smile I'm also now a 1/3rd of the way to climbing out the deposit hole so things are looking really good this month Smile

Djing tonight and Saturday so no chances to get any more points until Sunday Sad Next update will probably be Monday with all the weekends action.

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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Friday 11/11/16

Played a €1 MTT and a SNG to complete the last level of the missions. No cashes, played a SNG with a ticket, no cash. Still somehow ended up miscalculating my BR and in correcting it had a positive day. I don't understand how and never will Smile


Saturday 12/11/16

Ohh my was I hungover. Easily the worst hangover of the year and had me in bed for the majority of the day nursing my splitting headache. I only played one tournament and it was a UK players only freeroll with €500 added. There were 75 places paid and only 50 entrants so it was must play. I lay in my bed for 2 and a half hours muping and moaning about my headache while players fell by the wayside until I was the only one left Cool. €125 top prize and a momentary relief from the hangover pain. Much like the Daily 4 a few days earlier I was way behind the chip leader when it went heads up but I battled back to take the gold trophy.

I then got up and went to DJing feeling the worst I ever have at a gig, it wasn't fun.


Sunday 13/11/16 - The grind..

Started off the day with a glorious early bustout in a SE qualifier that I'd won a ticket for via the mission completion on Friday. There isn't really a lot to do in the early afternoons on Unibet so I went for a €10 turbo bounty and some PLO25. After the freeroll win I was feeling a little splashy. Managed to get two bounties for €9.70 in the €10 and then bubble the payouts in 7th Sad. I lost just over €10 on the PLO tables but I did clear another playthrough bonus step for €15 so I class it as a win. I hit 20K points as well so I have an extra €5 bonus backed up too.

Another stone bubble in the Four for Noon when my AQ could not hold against AJ. I was starting to worry that the day may be filled with nearly cashes. I got a 10th in the afternoon €4 Bounty including 3 bounties for a buy in and a halfs profit. Did poorly in the second of the UK freerolls and won a ticket I forgot to record. At this point I was 10 MTTs in with only one cash and a  random ticket to show for it.

Things perked up a bit mid session, I got my €5 back in the SE last chance, finishing 6th, and won a SE ticket in the €10 Last chance. We were off to the big one! The league qualifiers had started too so we kicked them off with a 2nd in the first €4 Turbo for €48 and some well needed league points. Picked up a 10th in the Bounty deepstack as well for another €12 profit. The rest of the qualifiers were duds and that was the end of that.

A little word on the Sunday Entitled now. The premium weekly tournament on Unibet with the best of the best in it..

[Insert screengrab of me getting beaten in a pot by 63 off-suit when the player made a 3x raise UTG and I have AQ that I forgot to put in Dropbox here]

We were only at 25/50 or 30/60 blinds at this point and there were no antes Wow

Anyway, I ended up finishing 19th for €0. I don't really remember a lot about it but there is definitely one hand I want to post to see peoples thoughts but I can't get any hand histories at work just now so I'll have to save it for later. The tournament ended when I missed a flush draw that crippled me and then lost A3 to a pair of 4's for my last <10BB.

I finished up the day with all the juicy €10 events, the two bounties and the Countdown. The turbo and the Countdown went terribly but the regular bounty was a different story. I was picking up heads left, right and centre, taking out 10% of the field (or 8 bounties) for about €30. Even with all that action I still managed to only finish 6th but left with a healthy €40 profit.

All in all another profitable day to the tune of €30. Nothing to write home about but it keeps the positive look of the results sheet going. It's probably slightly incorrect because I forget to put non poker things on the results page on the correct day I'm now 11-1 in Profit/Break even to losses so the run good is here. At the mid point in the month I'm up €460 and overall 50% towards clearing my deposit and getting back into the complete profit. I couldn't be happier at this point, it's been an incredible 10 days or so.

Regarding the Low league I'm currently sitting in 11th place, still 200 points behind the leader, so the 'good' results on Sunday moved me up a single position. I'm still confident I can move up a place or two with another good run in one of the Bounty events or the Daily 4, still two weeks to go Smile

I've not played a full Monday in what feels like forever so I'm looking forward to the full grind tonight, I'll see you there Smile 

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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Monday 17/11/16 - Miracle profit

First off, I didn't get to the hand histories from the Sunday Entitled in time so I can't discuss them Sad It's really frustrating considering the kind of conversation they sometimes generate (See: Tafts blog Wink). Anyway, it's something I'm going to be more active on from now on.

Let's talk about the MTT league first, I bricked all the tournaments. It really wasn't a very good day on that front. I expect I've got 30 results that will count by now so top 50% results are pointless at this point. I'm now down to 16th and the leader is over 400 points ahead so things are looking bleak for a gold trophy. It's roughly 4 1st place finishes in the big field events so as confident as I feel about my play just now variance says that's not going to happen. I estimate I have 21 tournaments left that would get me decent enough points (3x €4 with big fields x days I can play, Mon, Wed-Thur, Sun) so I'd have to become a micro stakes Fedor Holz to reach the podium.

I made my first decent run in the Jackpot Holdem tourneys in a very, very long time on Monday. I'm a dreamer so at one point I was sitting 1st and 8th and thinking of ways to spend the €3K bonus win. It of course didn't happen as I bubbled the €1 one and finished 5th in the €4 one. These tournaments generate big player fields (255 and 132 respectively) which is great to see for a promotion that isn't really talked about much. I remember PS doing a whole month of the same promo idea and people really seemed to love it. It might just be as simple as players seeing the word 'Jackpot' and becoming moths to the flame though Smile

The Butler league was was the same as it always is, a disappointment Sad One final table for a min cash and the other two were just outside the paid positions. I had 2x €2 MTT tickets so overall they turned out to be a profitable play. I got 8 bounties in total so came out with €7.50 in profit and the pain of being a point or two off placing in the league.

Finished the day with the 2 €10 bounties, one was a bust and the other was a stone bubble in 7th with no bounties in either Sad

My results page HERE was showing a profit for the day but I've just had a look at it and I made a booboo in the formula so I've corrected it now and I lost €8 Sad


Wednesday 16/11/16 - League, Smeage

Day off on Tuesday so I was looking forward to a full grind on Wednesday. Unfortunately I slept terribly on Tuesday night and was completely shattered. I do not play well when I'm tired at all. The results confirmed that as I bricked all the league qualifying tourneys in glorious fashion. The only saving grace was the last €10 Turbo bounty of the day (which doesn't count for the mid league) where I finished 4th and got a couple bounties to soften the blow. Another losing day but only by €10.


Shoiuld get all the €4 events in tonight and then I probably won't play till Sunday as I'm DJing all weekend. Let's hope I can pick up some decent points tonight Angel


Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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So the poker client appears to be having a strop so I know what you all need.. and inexplicably long blog post! Cool

Thursday 17/11/16 - I'll never learn

Decided to go home for lunch from work on Thursday and played a little PLO25 while I ate my chicken sandwich. I lost about €7, not too bad for an hour. I also late regged a €1 Hyper deepstack (or speed deep as they call them) that was at level 17 or something silly and aggro'd my way to a 5th place finish which paid for lunch.

Post work I jobbed everything. It was the first day of the desktop client being wonky so I tried the web beta for a session. It's horrible for multi-tabling and it's even worse if you want to keep track of things like entrants that I do. Every time you went back to the lobby table action would pull you back and you never had time to record anything. Luckily I managed to get into the desktop client on a break but it didn't change much. I played terribly and made no runs at all.

To top the night off my casino exclusion ran out on Thursday so I thought I'd try and recoup some of my slots losses based on the theory that I'd put enough money in, it was due me a win. After losing £150+ I decided to reapply my exclusion and throw my theory in the bin Laugh. More poker hard work undone by the ease of clicking auto spin and a desire to see what bonus features do on slots I've never played before. Profit is still healthy for the month so it wasn't that painful a loss but it's still a horrible blip to see on the results page. It was all so green before that.


Saturday 19/11/16 - The run bad is real

Saturday was spent being punished by the poker gods for wasting valuable poker tokens on silly slots. Played 7 MTTs and cashed absolutely nothing. Closest I got was a 5th in a €10 turbo where the top 3 got paid. Saturday went in the bin.


Sunday 20/11/16 - Hit or Miss

Late start on Sunday for me, had to do boring real world stuff like clean the flat and get food. *checks results* That's not strictly true, I got up and busted a few early turbos before doing the IRL stuff. Sat down about 5pm ready for another session of trying to improve on the Low League. 

Things started off well, 4th place in the first turbo of the day. €28 profit and anotehr healthy results for the leaderboard. I tried to get into the SE on the side and managed to win my buy in back in the €5 last chance and €10 flip so no harm done there.Failed miserably at the Bounty deepstack but followed that with another 4th in the early bounty. The rest of the league qualifiers were busts so only 2 points scores for Sunday. Ran terribly for the rest of the night, including AQ getting beat twice in the space of 30 seconds on two tables to runner runner flushes and straights, to end the day €4 down.

Some good came from the day though, I remembered to record a few hands to discuss Smile



This was early in the day during the Four for Noon. Blinds are a measly 20/40 and the action went as follows:-

3x limpers for 40, Villain (SB) min raises to 80.

I call and go set mining. All the limpers come along. 

Flop comes down as above, everyone checks. Turn is a 5, I do a small dance. Villain checks, I bet 3/4 pot (300), everyone folds apart from the villain who calls.

River is a safe looking 3. No flush draws and only 24 gets a straight. Villain checks again so I bet 3/4 pot again, villain makes it 1500. What do you do?

Lots of things to consider here. He was the preflop raiser, although a min raise, but checked the flop. He's called turn and then check raised river which certainly looks like he's holding a full house of some sort. I'm being beaten by AA, A9, A5, A3 and 99 and I'm beating all other Ax hands and two pair hands. I rule out AA and 99 pretty quick because I would expect more than a min raise when you've already seen 3 limpers preflop with those holdings, I'm blocking A5 so I'm left with two possible hands that beat me. I think at a higher buy in I would have considered folding a lot more but at €4 I think you just have to go for it. Ultimately it worked and they showed A7. Great start Smile

Now for hand two.


Another hand from early in a MTT, this time a €10 turbo. Blinds are again 20/40. Here's the action :-

UTG with Aces I raise to 2.5x. 3 callers including villain, the small and big blind.

Flop is ugly. Small blind thinks it's so ugly that he open folds Rofl. Big blind checks and I put in a feeler bet of 110 into the 360 pot. Villain raises to 300 and it folds round to me. I call.

Turn is a useless J. I check and the villain bets half pot. What do you do?

I folded and hated every minute of it. Villain was UTG+1 so I fully expect him the have a K of some sort in his hand. There is a possibility he check-raised on the flop with a flush draw but I am blocking that by having the ace so it would have needed to be QJ or something similar. I just couldn't find enough hands I beat. In retrospect I maybe should have 3x'd that early in the MTT. 

There we go then, some hands to mull over. I'll be back playing on Tuesday as I'm DJing tonight. Got the Twitch subs freeroll to look forward to and another crack at the Low league. Forgot to mention I moved into 17th place after the weekend so there is still plenty of work to do. 

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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Everytime you do an update it takes me 10 minutes to scroll through my profile posts Smile


You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.