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@MoreTBC wrote:

Reach somewhere between €800 and €1000 and cash out some money for a better chair Thumbs Up

Wait didn't you just get a new chair? Did you torch that too? NotLikeThis 

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I've just noticed the copy/paste I did murdered the formating on the post Wow


I got the chair, I was just saying that goal was complete. The formatting ruined it. I'll get my edit on now.


Edit: I'm too late, I can't Sad


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I can't do it, the lack of formatting is too tilting. If one of the mods could delete the original version that woud be great.


I am sooo far behind, let's do some catching up shall we..

Sunday 09/10/16

I have no idea what happened, I'm going to be completely honest. I took Saturday off to nurse my hangover and £1K punt shame and then got back to it on Sunday. The results sheet says I had a good day with multiple cashes and a final table or two. I played a €10 Turbo with a ticket I don't remember getting.. it may have been from a stream giveaway but I'm not sure. It led to a min cash of €40! for 3rd. Those early day tourneys can be great and a 4x buy-in min cash is a great thing to have. Busted all my UO and SE sat attempts as per usual and then cashed a deep bounty. More busts and then a double cash in the two €10 bounties I love so much Smile That plus a little more sloots (They're sloots from now on, not slots) action made for another decent profit of €200.

Monday 10/10/16
Played the bare minimum, just the Butler league and the Jackpot ones, busted them all and only managed two bounties. Nothing but negatives on the results, although €10 doesn't feel like a big loss considering the swings we have been seeing.

Wednesday 12/10/16

A night of bubbles Sad Stone bubbled the Community League, Stone bubbled the PLO Bounty. Deep runs in both the €4 Bounties but not enough to cash, a €1 HU SNG to complete a mission and then won playing 2 tables of Cash PLO Wow

Saturday 15/10/16
I played quite a bit on Saturday, completed more PLO hands for the promo and final tabled a €10 bounty, finishing 3rd in the afternoon. Was working at night so couldn't play any of the good tourneys but I must have been feeling flush and registered a €10 PLO. I'm a huge dog at PLO so if anyone was at my table during it I'm sorry for being rubbish. I'm not sorry for taking the gold trophy home though Cool. I like PLO a lot. It's a bit more swingy than NLHE in terms of how a hand can go but it's fun.
Then I played sloots and torched a few hundred and went to 'work'. Angry

I drank at work while DJing

I came home and torched my entire bankroll on that stupid Rhino Teardrop

I then deposited everything I considered 'disposable income' for the month and torched pretty much all of that as well. I don't know what the euro value is because I deposit in £ but for transparency and my own therapy it was £900. I'm calling it €1K on the results because I don't know the conversion rate at the time and I'll just do the adjustment if/when I run it back up and withdraw the deposit. I've already given Jonny permission to wave a banner in my face with 'I told you so' written on it if we meet at a live event. It was a grade A donk move. I went to bed with just over €50 in my account Waterfall

At this point I'd like to commend the Unibet staff for being so proactive about responsible gaming. After my last post I received a PM from one of the team here with suggestions about ways to protect the bankroll I had built up and not risk it in the way I had last week. Unfortunately it was the day after I torched everything but even if I hadn't it shows they're reading everything and looking for any signs of potential problems in order to protect the players. I had already excluded myself from slots before going to sleep (and bingo because I think it's stupid and just doesn't deserve my money, not that I play it Rofl) but it was good to talk it out with someone who had dealt with that kind of thing before. I'm fully aware what I did was stupid and that I basically ignored my own and Jonny's advice and ruined all my hard work building up my bankroll. It's been a good few days now since it happened and I'm comfortable with it. Don't get me wrong, it's a painful amount of money to lose, but I'm more annoyed at myself for wasting all the time and energy I spent playing poker on something I don't even particularly like. I probably jinxed myself in my last post by saying I 'wouldn't be so lucky next time' because it turns out I wasn't. Lesson now learned in teh hardest possible way and the correct restrictions are now in place. Time to move on and rebuild, so that's what I plan to do.

Old Goals

  • Don't hit €0 and have to deposit again/Win all the mulah Veryangry
  • Make a UO or UOUK event
  • Win the Sunday Entitled
  • Finish top 3 in both Jackpot Hold'em tourneys
  • Blog regularly and post hands for discussion and analysis that will be helpful to the community.
  • Reach somewhere between €800 and €1000 and cash out some money for a better chair Thumbs Up

New Goals

  • Get out the hole and start playing with profit again
  • Make a UO or UOUK event - This is off the list until I can claw back some of the deposit money. As the system is locked there really isn't any profit in it unless you win a seat and I'm running terribly in them so qualification dreams are on hiatus.
  • Win the Sunday Entitled - Same as above, until we can get the BR up it's on hold.
  • Finish top 3 in both Jackpot Hold'em tourneys - €5 a week to potentially win 2-3k? seems like a solid investment
  • Blog regularly and post hands for discussion and analysis that will be helpful to the community.


Sunday 16/10/16 - Starting from the bottom
Had a good day on the Sunday. Although completely against any kind of BRM I had to play the Sunday Countdown because there is just so much value in it. Luckily it paid off and I finished 11th for close to €60 profit. The rest of the day was just little wins and little losses but I ended being €50 for the day. A good start to rebuilding the roll. Smile

Monday 17/10/16
Monday is fast becoming my bogey day. Only one SNG and one MTT cash and they were both the minimum and a bounty in each €10 to minimize the losses for the day. I forgot that you feel the losses a lot more when there is less in your BR.

Tuesday 18/10/16
Another short session as I got in late from day work. I can never remember how to spell Charlottes last name so we'll call them the CVB tourneys. I played #1 and #2 for €4 each. I think any of the streamers tourneys are good to play because they offer the extra bounty value. €25 is a top 3 payout (ish) in a €4 MTT so why would you play a regular one when you give yourself the opportunity to get that extra value without even final tabling. Anyway, final tabled and min cashed one, donked the other. Cashed a €1 SNG and completed the last level of the missions so I've now got some €2 MTT tickets to use.

I've been playing through a PLO4 ticket over the last few days as well and it's been going quite well. I think it's at €15 as of today and has less that 30 flops left on it so I should get that completed to boost the roll/get the next level up ticket.

So there you go, we're all up to date. Vodafone have botched my fibre order so it'll be a few weeks before I get that in so streaming is on the back burner till then. I have everything ready now to just record a final table if it happens so I'll continue to do that whenever possible Smile The grind back to black has begun!

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
JillianP Rank 14
Rank 14

Got to admire your resilience and attitude! Thumbs Up

I'm currently hanging my head in shame from a similar, although much smaller, loss on slots Teardrop

Good luck with bring your bankroll back to its former glory Smile

Just call me Mrs Kings :-)
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Rank 23

Wednesday 19/10/16 - Bounty Bubblin'

The small session poker continued on Wednesday with mixed results. Finished 5th in the Squid Spectacular using a €2 MTT ticket for some pure profit, finished my PLO4 ticket for €15 and then cashed the Squid freeroll for a whopping €0.70!! Cool

Managed to stone bubble both €10 bounties including a rubbish 99 < 55 moment a few hands before I busted one of them. Those kind of beats hurt a little more when you're putting up 10% of your BR on the tourney. Still a profitable day overall.


Thurs/Fri 20-21/10/16 - Movin' on nowhere

Just played cash PLO to complete the promo, one day + and one day - less than a Euro. Nothing to write about.


Saturday 22/10/16 - Consistency is key

Only played 5 MTTs on Saturday (I think because I was nursing a hangover) but I'm pleased with the results. One final table, one Min cash, one stone bubble and a top 20% finish out of 5 attempts is great news. Consistently finishing that high up can only be good in the long term. It's a tiny sample size I know but I'm actually +%ROI in all game types this months so despite the crippilg 4 digit deficit I'm actually playing profitable poker. Hopefully the trend can continue.


Sunday 23/10/16 - Know when to stop

The trend did continue Smile Out of the first 4 MTTs I managed a 2nd and 3rd and and in multiple disciplines. PLO cashes always feel a little more special because I'm a donkey Smile

Had another 4 final tables during the afternoon and early evening but never managed to get the gold trophy and the glory in any of them. The most heartbreaking one was the Sunday Entitled €5 last chance where I came 2nd and just got my buy-in back. I think if one more player had entered there would have been a second ticket available and I would have been in the big one Sad

Fatigue set in later in the evening and I should have just stopped regging MTTs but you just can't get away from the juicy value in the Sunday Countdown. No big score in that this week though although I did min cash the Daily 4 so swings and roundabouts Smile

My PLO10 ticket also died on Sunday in a standard AAxx vs slightly connected two suit hand that hit a flush on the river. I'm looking forward to the same thing happening next week at PLO25 Smile

5 out of the last 6 days are showing as +€ days (and I think the 6th is only down due to sports bets) so things are looking good. It's going to be a long road to get the BR back in the positive but I'm confident a big gold trophey will be on it's way soon. Fibre is now due to go live next Wednesday so hopefully will get the Streaming back up and running after that. Working tonight so no Butler action this week but I've also been running terribly in it so deffo +ev to DJ instead Smile

I don't expect much volume other than completing Movin' on up this week so I'll probably update again Friday and maybe get another episode of everyones 'least participated in' gameshow 'What Would You Do?' Cool



Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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Rank 23

It's the end of the month already? What a roller coaster it's been Happy. time to catch up on the action and then do a little end of month review.


Tues/Wed 25-26/10/16 - Promo Grinding

I was working on Monday night so played nothing and then did the bare minimum on Tuesday to cover Moving on Up. I always try to play the community league on a Wednesday so I did that and one other tourney and then just the Moving on Up again. It's probably the only cash promo that gets me to play cash, other than missions, so it's doing it's job Smile

Thursday 27/10/16 - Another one for the cabinet 

Another relatively short session by my standards but a good one Smile Was +€ in both PLO cash tables I played and then scooped up a shiny gold trophy in a €4 Turbo Deep for just over €40. Much needed boost to the BR. It was almost a week ago so I remember nothing about what happened. I think I did get lucky on several occasions though Angel

Saturday 29/10/16 - Moving on Up 

I've got in my results that I cleared my PLO 25 ticket on Saturday but I'm not sure how Smile I didn't play on Friday so maybe I just did a power session on Saturday to clear it but either way it yielded €71.95. An excellent haul in a level I'm 100% a fish at. I was probably helped by a number of other players that don't normally play PLO25 being there but I'm not going to complain. I did have the ticket over €100 at one point and then dusted off a buy-in in a AAxx vs double suited random cards type hand where the flush came on the river. I had those types of things swing both ways during my time playing so you can't get too mad about it when it doesn't flop your way.

I finished just out the money in the community freeroll (I'm begining to think winning the first one was a curse!) and then played terribly in the superuser Illuminati upper echelon elite freeroll and donked off all my chips to the eventual winner @SkilfulPoker in a 88 < QQ blowup. I think he had won a big hand just before I made the call so I thought he was betting a little lighter with all the chips. I was wrong. I was punished. Teardrop

Sunday 30/10/16 - Know your station

One thing I learned playing the PLO25 ticket was that generating challenge points is a lot easier at the higher stakes. I'm currently at 12k points and I think 4k at least of that came from playing PLO25. With that in mind and the idea that there would still be easier players on the PLO25 streets I hoped back in for a session with my winnings. I burned about €30 and then left Teardrop. The streets were mean again and I don't think I'll be back Rofl

What's the best way to bounce back from a beating at PLO25, finishing 3rd in the early €10 Bounty MTT Smile 5 bounties and a bronze star meant we were just into the profit for the day. The early bounty has always been a good one for me and it starts about lunchtime in the UK so it's a nice way to get into a session.

Cue a day of near misses and donks after that. Only one final table for 5th in a PLO tourney and several almost cashes meant Sunday was a big loss. I was down close to €80 for the day. With the BR the way it is that was quite a big hit but sometimes Sunday's go like that. All the big events are on a Sunday so you can have weeks were you do really well and weeks where you do really bad. Obviously this happens all the time but you just notice it on Sunday because it's historically been the big day for tourneys, regardless of where you play.

Monday 31/10/16

Played the butler league and the DAily 4, busted the lot. Standard Monday. I wasn't really in the mood to play either.


End of Month Review

  • +/- for the month: -€1683.35 Veryangry
  • Days played: 23
  • Losing days: 10
  • Winning days: 13 Thumbs Up
  • ROIs - Cash: 38.21%, SNGs: 104.2%, MTTs: 31.98% Thumbs Up

** Results page **

Well... it's been a wild one! It's very hard to judge the results this month based on the figures. Obviously the +/- is a disaster but on the bright side it's not from poker Smile All the other stats would suggest I've been running at decent ROIs at all games (The SNG is weird because I normally only play tickets so I'm not actually investing money). The big losing day was actually a winning day in poker terms so the numbers are telling a degen story and a consistent winning poker story at the same time.

I'll admit, it's been much more of a grind post slots blowup and my enthusiasm has dropped slightly. It's had to look at a €11 1st prize in a €1 MTT when you've been playing €10s the month before comfortably Wonder Feel no sadness for me though, it's my own fault and I'm an idiot for battling the Ragin' Rhino. If at least one person reads this blog and decided to close the slots (or any other gambling vice for that matter) for fear of doing the same thing as me then it'll make my hopeful rise from the ashes a little sweeter Smile 


Goals for November

  • Get out the hole and start playing with profit again
  • Finish top 3 in both Jackpot Hold'em tourneys (Live the dream)
  • Blog regularly and post hands for discussion and analysis that will be helpful to the community.

Goals remain unchanged for November. I've been slacking on the posts due to short sessions and general lack of motivation but I'm going in hard in November Fist. MTT league promo will mean I should be on the grind a lot more and aiming for all those lovely gold trophies. There is also another month of missions to complete, I won one of @AndreiBN's Tennis comps so I have some tickets to use, I got a betting freeroll ticket when I tried to complete the Halloween promo and someone at Unibet did a missclick and gave me a €100 playthrough bonus so I have that as well Smile I did try to give it back but Stubbe said no, as they always do with mistakes. You wouldn't see PS do that Wink 

There are still two Illuminati freerolls left and luckily I'm not DJing this Saturday so I can play them both. I plan on recording the Thursday one and live streaming the Saturday one. I'll chop up the Thursday one to only show the highlights and then talk over the chopped video so it all makes sense. There should currently be a BT engineer fiddling about in a green cabinet outside my flat hooking me up to some superfast fibre so I'll have all the bandwidth to stream in glorious HD for you all at the weekend Cool.

Time to get out the hole.. Popeye


Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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Don't want to get into a connection speed pissing contest but..



Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
GotWhatItTakes Rank 18
Rank 18

Will you play all 3 levels of the MTT league (low, medium & high)? 

Or some kind of mix?

I wish you the best of luck at tables, thats for sure! Popeye

BonusPater Rank 24
Rank 24


 Probably the only infrastructure related thing Malta actually have managed to nail Very Happy

Former community manager. Used to be known as "Stubbe-Unibet" | Bundesliga blog | How NOT to play poker blog
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@GotWhatItTakes wrote:

Will you play all 3 levels of the MTT league (low, medium & high)? 

Or some kind of mix?

I wish you the best of luck at tables, thats for sure! Popeye

I'll definitely skip the high. I've never really played the €25s and with the BR the way it is I don't plan on starting now Rofl. I may not even do the Mid unless I can get some good wins in the low to pad the BR. With there being a best 30 results cap it allows for some late bursts on €10s if things go well.

@BonusPater, I knew someone would do something like that Tongue. I would also class it as cheating if you're at work. Has to be a home connection if you're going to show off Cheeky

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile