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Thanx for the read TBC. You've got the voyeur in me going LOL. It's like a little peek into the life of a grinder, loving it.

Always remember... You can be... do... or have anything your heart desires !
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Just a quick one this time..


22/09/16 - The heater continues/lazy bones

I'm officially on holiday! Cool No work now until the 3rd of October so I'm gonna have plenty of poker time. Was only really interested in playing the Community league so the schedule was a lot lighter than I expected. I had also planned to record my screen to put here for review but when I got home I just could not be bothered setting it up Sad As you would expect that meant I got the gold trophy in the second MTT of the day, the deepstack bounty, and didn't record it Sad Only thing I really remember about the win was playing heads up and my opponent calling off a million BB with A3o against my AJ and me holding. It was all over a few hands later. The win and the 8 bounties I collected gave me a healthy €70 Excellent start to the session Cash

Finished just outside the payouts in a €10 UO sat which is always annoying, bombed both the Squid events and also failed miserably in the Community League. I won't be getting a custom Avatar this month Sad

I was feeling flush after the early win so I decided to play the €10 bounty. I played quite a few of these during the Bounty promo a few months back and they are wild! You will see plays during these that make freeroll action look normal. I managed to dodge all the craziness and variance and hit my second final table of the day. another perfect candidate for the screen capture I didn't bother setting up Sad I managed to get 4 bounties before eventually getting knocked out in 5th. No back to back but final tabling 20% of the MTTs you play would be a great result for any player (if you can do it consistently).Another €25 or so profit and a good end to good day. 


If you ignore the Saturday I just played the flip tourney I'm on a 7 session winning streak Cool. I'm due a bad day for sure but it's not going to be for a while because I can't pay a decent session for a few days. Got a friend up from Glasgow today so he'll be taking up today/Friday. I expect to be hungover on Saturday so it'll probably be a small session and it's a local holiday here on Monday so I'm drinking and DJing a terrace party on Sunday Cool. Should be good to take a few days off and recharge before a big week of button clicking.

I completely forgot to do this in the last post but it's probably time to update the goals...

Old Goals

  • Don't hit €0 and have to deposit again/Win all the mulah. Thumbs Up
  • Make a UO or UOUK event starting at the lowest satellite buy-in level only (I'll accept doing it from a ticket starting at a higher level as well) Angry
  • Cash the Sunday Entitled/Daily €4. (For some reason I just can't do it just now SmirkThumbs Up
  • Blog regularly and post hands for discussion and analysis that will be helpful to the community. Speechless
  • Don't be mean to pecalbear Thumbs Up

New Goals

  • Don't hit €0 and have to deposit again/Win all the mulah
  • Make a UO or UOUK event
  • Win the Sunday Entitled
  • Finish top 3 in both Jackpot Hold'em tourneys
  • Blog regularly and post hands for discussion and analysis that will be helpful to the community.
  • Reach somewhere between €800 and €1000 and cash out some money for a better chair

The first one is a fairly standard poker player goal and will always be there You want all the money out there and you don't want to lose all the money you have. That's fairly straight forward and is more of a reminder to me to not be a degen.

I've edited the UO one slightly as the BR is at a point where I don't need to start at the bottom and the less steps I have to go through the better. I do like the idea of making it there from the smallest satellite, as it represents the best value, but if I realistically want to make an event before the end of the year I'll probably skip the lowest level.

Now that the Daily 4 trophy is in the cabinet the SE seems like the next logical step. If the BR continues to increase then I'll maybe add the daily €25 to this as well. I like ticking off tourneys and being able to say 'I've won that before'

The Jackpot goal is more of a brag than for the money to be honest. It seems like an achievement to complete along the lines of the 'won that tourney' but I think it will be the one that stays on the goals list the longest.

I'm happy with the post frequency but not with the content. I said this before but if I keep reminding myself maybe it'll stick on day Rofl. Session recording and hand analysis need to be more frequent. Next week should be a good one for it because I'll have all day every day to sort things out and there should be long sessions. Hopefully Smile

The chair one I need your help with Smile I need a new chair and I'm looking for suggestions. The chair must adhere to the following criteria:-

  • Not be one of the god awful racing chairs
  • Have arm rests
  • Be comfy for my bum

If you have any suggestions, let me know Smile

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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Rank 23

24/09/16 - The streak..

I remember pretty much nothing about playing on Saturday so this is all based on the results sheet I've been keeping. I started off with a little € boost from some live betting on Thursday night when I was out with my mate. We have a history of making bets when we're out if there is a game on because normally it's a game we don't care about and it makes it more interesting to watch. Luckily the game on Thursday was the local team so it was already interesting for me Smile

Saturday started terribly according to the results page Waterfall. I'm pretty sure the first two tourneys I played I busted first hand. Not what you want at all. They were AQo < KJo preflop in a Bounty MTT and AA < JQo in a UO Sat after a JQx flop. Not much you can do in either situation so I wasn't feeling too bad about things. Gotta think long term.

Next up was a €4 Turbo. Got a gold trophy for that one Cool. Can't remember what happened or basically anything about the tourney so it must have happened pretty quickly. The hot streak continues..

Played 2x Saturday Stack Sats (Probably the only tourney on Unibet I've not played), got my buyin back in a €5 one and won €20 in a €25 one. The reason I played a €25 one was because I was feeling flush that day after the 1st in the turbo and I guess because I then got a 2nd in a €4 Bounty Cash. Two €40 wins in one day... HEATER!. Looks like the rest of the day was pretty good too. Cashed the Daily 4 and a €10 bounty so the day ended on a positive. 


25/09/16 - Don't play drunk

Went out on Sunday and DJ'd at a terrace party with one of my best mates so the drinks were flowing from about 1pm. Monday was a local holiday here so there were a lot of people out so by the time I got back home it was around 6pm and I was feeling 'cheery'. I continued to drink the rest of the night with my girlfriend and for some reason decided it would be a good idea to try and play poker too. Obviously I remember none of what I did that night so all I can really say is don't do it! I got lucky, really lucky, and only managed to lose a few € by the end of the day but I'm sure if I tried it 100 times I'd only get one time where I didn't lose big. Poker requires concentration and I had none of it so I was basically torching money for most of the night. It's not big, it's not clever, and you regret it 

That being said I somehow managed to get a 2nd in the €10 bounty and collected 8 bounties for a €80+ win Cool. I bricked pretty much everything else I played, including a BRM busting €25 deepstack, so ended up €3 down or something silly. Cue a hangover.


26/09/16 - All good things come to an end.

The heater is over Waterfall. I don't remember much about Monday either but the results page say I only had one min cash and I won a €10 UO ticket in a Sat. It was a -€30 day Sad. I did get a €2 UO ticket from the Community league and won a €10 MTT ticket in a Butler Stream giveaway so I suppose it wasn't all bad but there wasn't even any close to the bubble results. It looks like I just didn't play well.


I've spend the last day or two sorting out stuff on my laptop to allow me to stream on Twitch. I did this for two reasons. First reason is there is an option to just record, not stream, so I can use that if I ever want to record a final table or a deep run and upload it here for you uys to see. The second reason is that if I'm streaming I'm 100% more likely to take the games seriously and not donk off my money Smile It's taken a little while to get everything in order but I think I now have a setup where I can bounce between 4 tables with ease. The only issue I have is that I'm still using good ol' ADSL so my upload speed is not the best and I think there may be some buffering issues. If I restrict it to 480p the tables look really grainy so I'm going to try 720p and see what happens. First stream will hopefully be tonight and I'll definitely Stream on Sunday for the Community freeroll since I've got a bounty on my head Angel If it' running tonight you should find me at  https://www.twitch.tv/moretbc

I still have a few days off work so I'm going to try and get good sessions in for the next 4 days with some decent content on here. It's almost the end of the month so I'll try and do an end of month special on Sunday with graphs and other bits and pieces so there is something worth reading for a change Smile I've not started the new chair hunt yet so I'll maybe do that too and give you guys the choice.. maybe Wink

EDIT by Stubbe-Unibet: Fixed link to Twitch

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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MoreTBC Rank 23
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I think there is an extra full stop at the end of the original link


Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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End of month review (September)

I was going to do some fancy graphs and things but to be honest the results page HERE says everything a shiny graph could. If you've not had a look at it before or just can't be bothered here are the highlights..

  • +/- for the month: +€625.18 CashCash
  • Days Played: 24
  • Losing Days: 10 (Biggest single day loss: -€30.92)
  • Winning/Break even days: 14 (Biggest single day win: +€351.00)
  • ROIs - Cash: -21.33%, SNG: -30%, MTT: 102.74%
  • MTT ITM: 36.3% (157 played, 57 cashed)

The results are somewhat skewed due to your bankroll on Unibet being universal and not gamble/game specific. I won on the only sporting bet I made this month and I've been running really well whenever I've randomly decided to play some slots so it's not all pure poker profit. Having said that, I'm extremely happy with the month Very Happy. This is easily the best month I've ever had playing poker as far as consistency is concerned. If I could reel in my complete disregard for BRM then the profit would have been a little higher but other than that it's been a really solid month. The ITM stat is probably wrong because I only did a count of where my ROI was positive so there may be instances were I min cashed for less than the buyin or earned enough bounties for it to be a positive result without making it ITM in the official sense. Let's be honest though, nobody really cares other than me about the accuracy of the results Geek

I forgot to screenshot my challenge points but I think I crept over the 25k mark which is fine for me. I don't play cash so the points are pretty meaningless and I don't expect I'll ever make reach much more than that in any 3 month period. Hopefully the points store will make things a little better reward-wise when it gets released.

Quick R.I.P to my welcome bonus Teardrop. I've had it extended twice already so I think that's the limit. I was halfway though the 2nd €30 chunk of 5 as I got Andrew to split the €150 into chunks to give me a chance to clear some of it in the 90 days. If you're not playing cash all day, every day it's borderline impossible to complete at NL4/PLO4. I suppose it's wasted value but I think I'll make more from playing MTTs than trying to complete the bonus so it's not the biggest loss. I probably got close to €100 out of it so I can't complain.

Having this space to record what's been happening while I play has really helped my game I think. I'm not one for watching training videos and 'studying', I just like to play. By doing the blog I'm going back to hands and difficult spots and reviewing them without it feeling like work, it just feels like jogging my memory for the post. Subconsciously I'm now remembering these situations because I've written about them and I'm able to use the analysis of what I did the first time round to improve my decisions making in the future Geek

In a roundabout way I'm basically thanking anyone that has ever liked any of the posts so far, you're making me a better poker player Lovekiss. Knowing that someone, somewhere, is reading and/or enjoying the blog makes it a whole lot easier to type, which in turn means I'm kinda working on my game. Ta for that Thumbs Up

I'm back at work today so I should probably go do some but I'll be back later on with a roundup of Sundays action, including the Community Bounty Freeroll, and my adventures on Twitch Cool

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
Mynona Rank 17
Rank 17

625€ win sounds like a very good month of winnings Smile   grats on the results Thumbs Up

It seems you hsould only play tournmanets as it is clearly your stronger game Smile

About your twitch stream, it would be nice if the sound is coming out louder and clearer, it was difficult to hear what you were saying and it made the stream less attractive.  Also, some more comments are nice too Smile

Good luck for the next month for your results Smile

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Rank 23

Sunday 02/01/2016 - Back to business/Twitch, it's not for everyone.

I've made some changes to the results page. I've removed the 'Hands played/flops seen' column because it's basically pointless and replaced it 'places paid'. It's probably a useless stat too but it'll make ITM % a little more accurate. It also lets me highlight bubble stories when I write posts Smile

Even us forum junkie get it wrong sometimes Wow. When I started my Sunday session the first thing I did was open up a cash PLO table and and cash NLHE table. The Moving on up promo is easily achieveable for a non-cash player like me and I need to play 3 days of NLHE to complete the first step of the mission. Sat there for about 30 minutes wondering if there would be a popup to tell me I'd played enough hands but nothing happened. Then it dawned on me, the promo doesn't start till Monday.. Doh! (It also turns out I forgot to play cash NLHE on Monday so I missed my third day in a row to complete the missions so I'll have to start that again Sad)

The goal on Sunday was to qualify for the Sunday Entitled. I figured it would be a great tourney to stream along with the Community freeroll and it's 'the big one' so why not. I got close, really close, but could not get the job done. I played the €5 and €10 last chance sats and ended up 3rd in the €10 one. I had AQ and shoved pre-flop, big stack called with A3, flop came A33. I got €9 back which softened the blow ever so slightly but it always sucks to be that close and not hold.

I played a €4 Step-it-up tourney and finished 5th which gave me my buy-in back as a ticket so I used that to enter the bounty deepstack. That provided another min cash and 2 bounties so I was about even for the day and feeling good Smile

Time for another batch of good run I think. 4th in a €4 Bounty for €26, scooped poor @tomek009966's bounty in the freeroll for €7, 4 bounties in the late €10 turbo bounty for almost €5 profit and then 3rd in the Daily 4 for €62. A nice little Sunday haul Cool. The Daily 4 ended in the same sort of way as the SE sat earlier in the day. KJs vs Q8s all in pre flop with QQx on the flop. There is just nothing you can do in these situations, you make the profitable decision and sometimes it just doesn't go your way. I definitely feel comfortable when situations like this happen now because I know in the long term I'm going to be profitable.  

I attempted my first stream on Sunday (well proper one, not just testing stuff). It's not as easy as people make it look. I definitely struggled with having things to say all the time and constantly having to check the chat, OBS to see what table I was showing and actually playing at the same time. I think until you have a decent core of followers you are stuck in a limbo where you don't have anyone to interact with while streaming to keep you talking so you forget. The other issue is always going to be when to stream. With the official Unibet account being live Monday to Friday nights it only really leaves Saturday/Sunday as viable nights. That doesn't really help with building followers as everyone here is already watching that stream instead. I think I'll start doing something every Sunday and see how it goes. I'm getting fibre broadband in a week or two so I can stream at a much higher quality without drops which will also help and based on feedback I'll find some way to tape my mic closer to me so everyone can hear my ramblings.

I don't know about anyone else but I find the Unibet streams quite hard to follow. I think all the streamers are great but any more than 2 tables on screen becomes hard to read. This is probably a discussion for another thread but I wanted to touch on it now I know what's ivolved in setting up a stream. Uhlen has nailed it since he started with the 2 screen layout and just swapping tables in and out. It seems like the best way to do it besides a single table setup with the Unibet software because of the limitations regarding resizing. Hopefully this is something the other streamers will adopt if they have not already and 2.0 will make it easier to follow as well.

I played on Monday and bombed everything I played bar one BR saving €4 Bounty where I finished 3rd and basically wiped out all my losses for the day. Tuesday I only played cash to complete the 'Movin' on up' promo and the first part of the missions so I lost a few € but nothing major.

I don't plan on playing a lot this week other than to complete the active promos/missions and play the Community league. It's a combination of being a little burnt out from playing so much over the last week ago and just needing to fill my evenings with real world things. I've cracked the €800 mark so the new computer chair hunt is the main focus this week, there are so many options!

Anyway, it's taken me 2 days to write this on and off so I'm outta here!


Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
cris1285 Rank 21
Rank 21

Nice result, and great blog.  Thumbs Up  But i miss the hand analysing you did before (why you called, what was your thought, and more), that way we all can learn from it, and i really liked your approach of the play.