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@MoreTBC Sad you stole post 10.000 from me Sad I wanted it

I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
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Saturday 08/01/17 - Evil Twitch Mods

Played some freerolls, didn't win any money.


Jonny was mean to me in Twitch chat and I cried. I'm leaving the site if he is not removed as a mod!! Angry He said horrible things about my extremely long blog posts and told me I need to dress up like a poop at UO London. It made me sad Waterfall

 Edit: NMPFan said he would change the RevloBot to allow 100 point bets so I could be a hooligan gambler and then stole all my points. HE should also be banned from the community and well.. Earth.


Italics mean sarcasm if I've not mentioned that before.

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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MoreTBC wrote:

Saturday 08/01/17 - Evil Twitch Mods

Played some freerolls, didn't win any money.


Jonny was mean to me in Twitch chat and I cried. I'm leaving the site if he is not removed as a mod!! Angry He said horrible things about my extremely long blog posts and told me I need to dress up like a poop at UO London. It made me sad Waterfall

 Edit: NMPFan said he would change the RevloBot to allow 100 point bets so I could be a hooligan gambler and then stole all my points. HE should also be banned from the community and well.. Earth.


Italics mean sarcasm if I've not mentioned that before.

Sorry that @MoreTBC takes my banter as bullying, I wont do it again.

And to be fair he offered to go to UO London as a poo if I went as a duck and he seemed very happy looking for poo suits earlier, so I presumed it was his life long dream to be a big poo and I tried to encourage him.

Also I think @NMPfan Did the right thing by discouraging revlo addiction :P



Twitch chat late on gets strange.

Duckphobia is real and KK is cursed, If you know these 2 things you will do well on Unibet poker.
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All corporate lies. Don't listen to the slave of the man.

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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So much to catch up on, let's get stuck in.

Monday 09/01/17

I had some sort of flu/cold combo illness for most of the week so really didn't play a lot. There was a competition running in the Unibet 2+2 thread as they have reached a post count milestone where everyone that posted that they wanted in got 5x €1 Banzai tickets and the idea was whoever could get the highest cash value on a ticket by Monday would get €75 in tickets on top of what they won on the Banzai ticket. It's a great little promo because it adds some liquidity to Banzai for a few days and if you get a good run of cards you can make some good money.

I -thought- I was doing really well. I was up to €50 at one point but it turns out half way through the session I restarted the client and then sat back down with cash instead of the ticket meaning I was just running up my BR and not the ticket Sad. It wasn't all bad though as I left up on the cash session and cleared the ticket so I ended up €40 better off. I cleared my Moving on Up requirement too without losing any money so things were going well.

I can't remember why (I'm guessing because I felt so ill) but I didn't play any MTTs on Monday.. apart from 1. I registered the €4 bounty at 10pm GMT and instantly regretted it. I was tired and in pain and really didn't want to sit for 2+ hours and battle it out on the mean streets of Unibet so I planned to just sit out and take the loss. The poker gods didn't agree with that and decided I should run hotter than the sun for the first 30 minutes or so of the tournament. I was also playing like a complete HeartHeartsHeart too. I was 'that' guy. You know the one, pot bets every flop, massive pre-flop raises, always gets there on the river. It was obnoxious and I would have absolutely hated being on my table with me. I had 7 bounties by the first break and a massive chip stack. At that point I'd had enough. I was just feeling too sick to carry on and sat out. I'd made my €4 back and was happy with the little profit I had made. I went off to bed and though nothing more of it. 

Anyone that's had the flu or a cold will know that sleeping is not an easy thing to do. Between the sweats, sniffles and coughs it's almost impossible to get a good nights sleep. After endless tossing and turning I got up about half 1 to get a glass of water and some medication... Wandering past my laptop, which I had left on, I noticed the tourney had ended. I expected to scrape into the money but to my surprise I managed to finish 4th! There must have been some serious ICM suicide going on for me to get that high up the rankings. I couldn't complain through, €30 profit for just trying to sleep was lovely to see Smile

Profit for the day: €73.97


 Tuesday 10/01/17

Started off the session playing cash to complete Moving on up and the last mission step. Broken even in NLHE and lost a buy in at PLO4. Only played 4 MTTs and busted them all. I used tickets for most of them so it didn't really hurt the BR too much. Still wasn't feeling great and just didn't want to play a lot which didn't help either. At this point I was still playing 3 sites at a time so I had tourney or two from each site running at the same time which also kept the play count down. Lost a little on Andrei's tennis tips to cement a losing day.

Profit for the day: -€29.75


Wednesday 11/01/17

I got sent home from work because I was looking so rough from the flu. I generally don't get sick so I'm hoping this is me getting my sickness out the way early and the rest of the year I'll be fit as a fiddle Smile 

Started off with Moving on Up and made a buy in pretty quickly at PLO4. I will always play this promo on PLO because it offers better value to me and PLO is just more fun Smile Looks like I started my MTT session around lunchtime as I'm playing €1 MTTs as there is nothing else running. Busted the first two I played and then a €4 turbo started. Picked up a gold trophy in this one for €46 profit. I don't remember anything about this but I was up to my eyeballs in flu medication so I don't remember a lot about anything from the week. First trophy of the month is good though, feels like a while since I closed one out. Followed this up with a 3rd in the €2 turbo for another €8 and then min cashed the €4 Bounty Deepstack. Ended the day firing two bullets at the Daily 4 and bricking hard Rofl

Profit for the day: €53.63


Thursday 12/01/17

The short sessions continue with only 3 MTTs played as I enjoy playing 1-2 tables on multiple sites over lots on one. One thing that will keep me coming back to Unibet every week are the €1.20 €500 added Bounty tourneys they're running twice a week for UK players. The value in these tourneys is incredible. You get €1 for every bounty for a start so you only need two to break even and the field is not big at all. I recorded 67 players when I played this tourney on Thursday and with 9 getting paid it's a big min cash if you can make it through. Today was one of those days as I made it to 8th for €20. Picked up a €4 ticket in the Betting freeroll and made €1.50 in PLO4 clearing Moving on up. Only negative for the day was my donation to the Daily 4.

Profit for the day: €19.09



Saturday 14/10/17

No play on Friday, Played only 2 MTTs on Saturday, paid for both with tickets, busted both.

Profit for the day: €0.00


Sunday 15/10/17

Slightly bigger session with 10 MTTs played but unfortunately it was not a profitable one. I fact, I was playing terribly. I had lost a lot of confidence on Unibet for some reason. I just couldn't get anything going and really wasn't playing well. The results confirmed that as I was nowhere near the money in any of them. I know around this time I was really struggling with motivation to play on Unibet. It's something I'm going to get into in a separate post this week as I think it needs some space in order to explain my thought process, then and now, so I'll just leave it as "I wasn't very interested in playing on Unibet last week" and we'll move on Smile

Profit for the day: -€31.20



That's probably enough for just now. I'm on holiday this week catching up on my missed days from the end of last year so I have plenty of time to type waffle. I also just got the information email regarding UO London so I have to go find my passport and prove to Marco and the team I'm not a identity thief Cool.

Much to Jonny's delight I stupidly agreed to play the Community side event (assuming there is one) as my avatar if he played as a duck. I'll be honest, I had a few drinks on the night we discussed it in twtich chat and I'm now paying the price. 


There won't be any confusion as to who I am at UO London, I'll be the guy with the giant turd on his head Rofl


Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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Rank 19

Thanx for the update @MoreTBC, keep up the good work with the Blog & the Poker Mate.

Always remember... You can be... do... or have anything your heart desires !
MoreTBC Rank 22
Rank 22

Monday 16/01/17

Day one of my 'holiday' and it's time to get stuck into some big (and hopefully profitable) sessions. I always like to get any missions/promos out the way first so I fired up a table of PLO to start a fresh week of Moving on Up. The results sheet suggest I dropped a buy in early before I cleared the flops and on my second buy in I managed to run it up and leave a buy in up Smile I've been having a fairly good run on the PLO streets recently, or at least it feels that way, so I've been enjoying using the screen space for a little 4 card action.

I went on a run of 4 MTTs with no decent finishes. I've stopped recording 'bad beats' in general as I think highlighting them doesn't nothing other than making me a whiny bitch. Everyone get them and complaining or highlighting them just seems pointless. HAving said that I did run my ace high flush into a straight flush in one of the tourneys and wrote that down as it's one of those things that doesn't happen every day.

My first 'cash' came in a Daily 25 qualifier where I finished 3rd and got my €4 back as a ticket. I miss playing the bigger games but am trying to stick to my BRM as much as possible so thought I'd try a qualifier. It wasn't to be but it was a nice confidence boost that the day might not be all bad.

I played my normal €4 batch of tourneys and busted everything apart from the deepstack turbo. I normally see this one as the last chance saloon as far as €4 MTTs go on the daily schedule. There is a bounty at 10pm but if you have work the next day it's a bit of a late one so I normally don't reg anything after the deepstack. Finished 2nd in it on Monday for €30 which took a big chunk out of the loses for the day and further restored my confidence in playing.

I must have cleared a points stage as I got a bunch of SNG tickets during the night so I fired up two HU to finish the day. Won 1, lost 1.

Profit for the day: €9.43



Tuesday 17/01/17

Started the day firing all the leftover SNG tickets I had from the challenge points. Won 1 - Lost 2. I didn't pay for any of them so it's all profit as far as I'm concerned.

Min cashed my first MTT, 12th in a €1 turbo, to start the MTT grind profitably and then busted the next 4 in typical fashion. Continuing the min cash train I finished 5th (6 paid) in a €4 turbo and 9th (9 paid) in one of the Sjlot €4 events. Back to back final tables in the deepstack turbo netted another €10 profit and that was that for the day. Basically a break even day.

Profit for the day: -€0.12



Wednesday 18/01/17

Got crushed by Andrei's tennis bets (I thought he knew what he was doing Rofl) on Thursday night/Wednesday morning so I started down for the day. I thought I was going to be down more but I think Brexit helped out and boosted the pound that day so it took the edge off the lost.

Completed Moving on up in the green to the tune of €1.50 which made up for the loss yesterday. The 25 flop requirement is quite the grind but I'm a maniac so I'm playing 75% VPIP or something Smile

Only played 6 MTTs as I was focusing on action off site but it was a pretty fruitful day. Started off with the 2nd in the afternoon €4 turbo for €29 profit. Followed that up with a €10 ticket win in a €2 UO sat that I played using a ticket from the community league. Last cash of the day was in the bounty deepstack. If you read the last post then what happened was basically a mirror of my last bounty win minus the illness and sitting out. Another heater of epic proportions with heads being chopped off left and right. I couldn't close out the gold trophy and ended up 3rd but with 12 bounties to my name it was a €50 boost to the BR. The players are wild in this tourney, if you can get a good run of cards you can make a lot of money.

Busted the other 3 I played but 50% ITM is a stat I will take any day.

Profit for the day: €62.59


Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
AndreiBN Rank 25
Rank 25

@MoreTBC You can't get away so easily,so i'm still waiting for my beers in London Rofl

"When things are bad, it's the best time to reinvent yourself"
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The crisis of confidence with Unibet


This is not going to be a Unibet bashing post so don't worry Smile. It's also not going to be an advert for any other site either. I said from the very first post that I'd be as transparent as possible about my poker play and if that means talking about things I'm doing on other sites I'm going to do it. The reason this post is separate to everything else is that if anyone feels anything in the post is out of line it can be edited/removed without affecting the main blog. I don't intend to get out of line, I'm being sent to London for free on a technicality, I have no reason to start firing shots Smile. This is just me explaining my thought process behind my drop in volume/happiness and realisation that things are not that bad Smile

Anyway, on with the show..

I've felt a shift in happiness and desire to play on Unibet since December last year. There was nothing specific that triggered it but I know I was definitely less motivated after the MTT league promo stopped. I just felt like I was playing exactly the same things every day but I was playing for less with the promo ending. I was really playing for the points, not the cash. When that stopped it just wasn't as exciting. The other thing that happened was a combination of Triple8 releasing a beta of their client that fixed a graphical issue that basically made it impossible for me to play there and PokerParty (PP) giving me free tickets for things over Christmas. On the normal Triple8 client the lobby wouldn't scale on a high DPI screen and it was a nightmare to read on my laptop. With that fixed in the beta I was free to play there and with the free tickets I had things to play on PP as well.

It was a breath of fresh air. New schedules full of MTTs with fun names, more of them and more variety. The other big thing was the GTDs.. oh man the GTDs. You could play a $1 rebuy on Triple8 every night with a 1K prize pool Wow. Now I know that a) Unibet can only set GTDs based on the players they have so they can't match this and b) 1K ain't that big (the old PS $1 rebuy hit 12K or something I think before the raked rebuys) but it was a world away from the €1 €100 deepstack I was playing normally. It was new and exciting and it made me want to use screen space I would normally use on Unibet tables on other sites. Winning 100x+ your buy in is simply a bigger drive than 20x.

Another issue I was struggling with at the time was the software. Now I've been one of the heaviest supporters of the 2.0 client and will continue to promote the fact that I think it'll be one of the best to play on when it's finally finished. Having said that, after using other clients for a while, the little things started annoying me. The MTT info tab being so difficult to read when you have the table small, not being about to set my own custom quick bet sizes, the lobby only showing a handful of tournaments at a time.. all the little things were winding me up. I knew they were not going to get fixed and time soon either. The software is back to it's monthly update cycle so if something is not quite right then it's staying like that for a month. The easiest way I thought to not get wound up about it was to not play as much.

The final thing was the community. It was quiet. Now this is to be expected over the festive period but I didn't realise how much of a pull it is in my playing. When there isn't much happening on the forums/twitch I just feel less inclined to play. I don't know why this is a thing but it appears to be Smile 

I sound pretty miserable don't I? Wink Fear not, all is well Smile

First of all, I've been running really well on Triple8. They have a big Sunday tourney they were heavily promoting over the weekend and pop up about the last chance sat popped up on my screen. It was only $5 so I figured why not. I managed hold on for a ticket but someone didn't do the math correctly and the sat ended after the late reg period. Ticket gets refunded and I'm $320 better off. A blessing in disguise really. I've also made a few final tables and chopped the nightly $2 on Tuesday for $260 so things are going well.

I realised something when I was playing that tourney on Tuesday.. I remembered why I love playing on Unibet. When I finally chopped that tourney it had been running for over 7 hours. It finished at half 2 in the morning or something and if I had work the next day I'd be knackered. You just don't get this on Unibet and I like that. I don't remember sitting in a tourney I've won on Unibet that lasted much more than 4 hours. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love getting through big fields and playing on Triple8 with the next level of entrants (500+) has reminded me how satisfying it is but I also like just getting it done in a few hours. It reminded me that when I only have a few hours in an evening to play that Unibet is a great choice.

Another thing that brought me joy for Unibet back up to 100% was the idea of rebuys. There is a MTT thread on 2+2 for Unibet and Andrew confirmed that rebuys would be in the update at the end of the month. On it's own this is going to be a great thing for MTT players. Imagine a world where the Daily 4 is a rebuy instead of that horrible multibuy thing Very Happy. The other thing that is going to be awesome when they arrive is maybe not instantly obvious.. qualifiers. Triple8 have a MTT series running just now and there are sats for everything. The first event is a $109 buy in yet you can play sats for $1. Rebuys make this a possibility. Imaging playing the SE from a €1 rebuy sat or getting a UO package from a €10 rebuy. None of this steps malarky, just a single sat to the big time. Sounds amazing doesn't it? I'm so excited to see what is going to be offered. Unfortunately they won't be changing the schedule massively until after the major client issues are sorted and I can fully understand that. I do hope they're proactive and not reactive if/when the new schedule is ready and we get a look before launch to provide feedback but that's probably just me because I'm nosey. 

Things on the community have picked up again and I feel more involved now Smile. I've been helping with some behind the scenes stuff and the details about London are in now so I'm getting excited again about heading to London in Feb. It's going to give me lots to blog about too so I'm really excited to write about stuff I don't normally and share some experiences I've never had before. I need to work out a good way to take note before I go so I don't forget anything too. I expect there will be a lot going on and I don't want to miss a thing!

So there you go, sadness and happiness in one post. The festive lull hit me hard but we're back on track now. Going forward I think I'll be splitting my poker time between here and Triple8. I've been enjoying running 2 tables from each client at the same time and 4 tables seems to be my sweet spot for optimal play too so it all fits nicely. I'll sneak any big off site wins into the blog but day to day the grind will still continue on Unibet. Glasgow is going to be a banker for attendance for the UK tour so we'll be focusing on that after London and of course the long road back to profit.

Glad that's all off my chest, congrats if you made it to the end of the post Smile



Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
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MoreTBC wrote                                                         The crisis of confidence with Unibet

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