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Rank 22

Was good to see some constructive debate regarding the community, freerolls and content. When I was referring to 'content' I just meant posts on the site, not structured articles like the old locker room interviews and things like that. Maybe it's just the fact off-topic stuff shows up in 'Latest Discussions' that tilts me Smile

** END OF MONTH REVIEW (April 201Cool**

  • +/- for the month: -€270.60 (BR Total: €1102.90)
  • Days played: 20
  • Losing days: 15
  • Winning/Break Even days: 5
  • Sessions/Games played - Cash: 9, SNGs: 12, MTTs: 60
  • ROIs - Cash: 1.34% , SNGs: 66.37% , MTTs: -2.59%

It's a worrying time when the highest ROI you have in the month is in the cash games Smile 60 MTTs is the lowest volume I've put in on the site since I started recording things and possibly ever for me on Unibet. One glimmer of hope since the last post is that I went from a 10:1 chip deficit against Maestro to this..


Ran super pure and locked up a second bullet in Glasgow. This is by far the most exciting Unibet related thing for me just now and I can't wait to play some live poker.

The second UOS has been announced but I've not had a chance to look at the schedule and at this point I'm not particularly exciting about it. The bankroll isn't in a position to play the highs so It'll just be the lows and nanos this time around. I believe they've listened to feedback and curbed manyof the  R/As which I think is great and the main event sounds better with a bigger starting stack.

I've been busy with SCOOP/Powerfest the last week or two so my plan is to take a week off/play very little after they finish on Sunday and try and get myself back in the Unibet mindset. I've had a few cashes in the aforementioned series, including an 8-game cash in SCOOP that was a lot of fun to play and my deepest run..


Not bad for a $5 entry but so frustratingly close to a title. There is something really satisfying about dancing around a minefield of 2500+ players and getting down to the last table but at the same time it's agonising getting so close and missing out on the big score. I'm pretty sure I was just dealt a game over in my bustout hand but I'm going to run it by a few people and probably put it in another post so everyone can have a look at it.

I've only played 2 days of MTTs so far this month and neither had any decent results. Only cash so far was in the Ace High league opened where I made the final table but won about €5 Smile

Hopefully we'll get some volume in later in the month and get things back on track. I'm going to have a good look at the nightly schedule during the week off and work out what I'm going to play on a regular basis going forward. Will also need to get into some UOs sats so we can take a shot at a few of those juicy highs Smile

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
MoreTBC Rank 22
Rank 22

** END OF MONTH REVIEW - May 2018 **

  • +/- for the month: -€537.92 (BR Total: €530.74)
  • Days played: 17
  • Losing days: 14
  • Winning/Break Even days: 3
  • Sessions/Games played - Cash: 31, SNGs: 30, MTTs: 70
  • ROIs - Cash: -20.89% , SNGs: -10.45% , MTTs: -62.42%


Brrrrrruuuuuutttttaaaalllllll month. Apart from a 3 day spell where I won a little playing PLO to complete the Team Collector it's been nothing but losing sessions this month.

The UOS was a little hit or miss in May. Had one FT in a E09 (nano) for a few euros and direct bubbled the E22 High bounty that I won a sat to get into. I've only been firing the Lows and Nanos and trying to sat into the Highs which has been going pretty well but just not been getting the results.

Off site however..


I'm now a Powerfest champion Smile It was a tiny buy-in but a trophy is a trophy so I'm taking it. Also picked up another decent 4 figure score in an $11 as well to keep the overall poker bankroll trending upwards.


Everyone that played in SCOOP tourneys got spin and go tickets for playing/cashing etc so I ended up with 60+ of them or something silly in my account. Less than 1% of the spin and gos paid out $100 as the first prize and I managed to bink the only one I got.

All in all a good month if you ignore Unibet Very Happy



It's been a good start to June so far. Cashed another Nano (E33) on Saturday and made a little money clearing the Team Collector missions. Yesterday was another positive day for the cash mission as well so I think I've cleared it with a positive result. Won an Ice Giant ticket but unfortunately finished 2 off the month. I did collect 5 bounties to make it a profitable MTT so that was good. I had a spare Nova ticket and satted into the Low so I played all the 'main' events from week one of the UOS. I made it into the top 50% of the Nano but busted and I've survived to day two in the Low and High. Never made a Unibet day 2 so it should be pretty exciting tonight. I'm 41/43 7 from the money (€270 mincash) in the high and 23/50 2 from the money (€70 mincash) in the low so we'll need a spin up in the high to make the money but the low should be a lock.

I also went pretty deep in the E42 Nano rebuy..


We did it boys, got the trophy avatar! It took until half 1 in the morning to  get but finally I can add 'UOS event champion' to the virtual mantelpiece. Not a bad payday from 25 cents either.

Mixed bag in the leaderboard standings so far but I'm more concerned about boosting the bankroll just now, any extra money I can get from the leaderboard is just a bonus. Here's the positions as of the 4th (without the Day 2's added)

96th in the High leaderboard

11th in the Nano leaderboard

74th in the Overall leaderboard

I'm outside the top 200 in the low so I won't be winning that one Smile

Hopefully this is the start of a good run and we can start winning some decent cash this month Smile

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile
MoreTBC Rank 22
Rank 22

** UOS wrap-up **

It's not been the best UOS series for me to be honest. I'm delighted to have finally taken one down and get the avatar but in general it felt disjointed and I didn't feel particularly focused. I think I cashed for €10 on the Nano leaderboard and finished just outside the top 100 in the overall but I also missed quite a few days which doesn't help.

After the win on Sunday I didn't play any events on the Monday, just the late events on Tuesday (with no cashes) and both low and nano on Wednesday, again with no cashed. On Thursday I played low and nanos again and ended up stone bubbling the early nano and the late low which was really frustrating. No UOS play on Friday or Saturday and then it was time for main event day.

The day was going pretty well to be honest, I managed to get two tickets to both the high and low main events and made the add-on period in all three levels of the main. Unfortunately my wifi card had been playing up all day and reset a hand or two before the add-on started. I decided to restart my laptop and when I got everything loaded back up there was about 30 seconds left in the add-on period and no add-on button. Cue instant mega tilt Veryangry. I had stacks in the low and high that would have really benefited from a 24bb boost so not being able to use the add-on sent me on a spiral of making bad plays and just open shoving to try and get a big stack. To compound the pain I played the €25 rebuy UOS with a ticket that started late and when that hit the add-on I took a rebuy instead of the add-on by accident, and with cash, and then tilt-clicked the add-on so that was an expensive MTT that I didn't cash either. Possibly the worst way to end a pretty miserable series. I'll chuck in a AA < QQ AIPF bad beat in the high ME as well for a monster stack pre add-on that would have made the pain of not getting it not so bad Smile

Away from the UOS I have a slightly positive ROI in cash and SNGs for the first time in a while Smile Completing the Team Collector missions has meant much more play in these formats than I'm normally used to but they have turned out to be slightly positive, well 3-4% ROI Smile I've got all the big teams so a spot in the raffle looks like a lock just now but so does pretty much everyone else so I'm not holding my breath for a big win when that rolls around.

Going forward I don't really have any plans other than rebuilding the roll. I have a €100 and €25 ticket left over from the USO add-on cockup so I'll use them this Sunday on the Nova and whatever the €25 event is and then it's back to good ol' €1-2 MTTs. I've got Glasgow at the end of the month which I'm really excited about and hopefully I only fire one bullet and can just convert the other one to cash so I have a roll suitable for €5 games again.

Another thing I plan to do going forward is play less in general. I've found myself getting into a routine of finishing work, getting home and just playing almost every night and it's starting to create a very unbalanced life for me. I've been having a look at it over the last week or two and felt like it was time to make the changes now because in a few months they're going to be forced on me anyway with the birth of MiniTBC so I'd rather get into a routine that works now so the transition is easier. The plan is to play less but play more focused going forward. Two days (a weekday and Sunday) where I'm sitting at a desk with as little distraction as possible and some combination of Friday afternoon and/or Saturday morning. I'm sitting at my desk on a Friday anyway doing DJ stuff so I can play a little then and the plan for Saturday is to only register tourneys up until 1-2pm so that the evening will always be free. I think this will create a better balance of being more of a real life human and less of a screen staring robot.

There is some room for things to move about based on random things happening, like the 10k freerolls, but in general I'm hoping to stick to a pretty regular routine. I'm moving to a new flat in July as well so that's going to create some more down time as that get's sorted so I don't expect anything majorly exciting to be happening in the blog over the next few months. I'll definitely do a big post about all the action in Glasgow as it's great to write about something different for a change and I'm actually excited to sit down at a real table with real cards. I might take a trip to the local casino here and play a warm up game the week before but I'm undecided on that just now.

Until then best of variance on the tables and good luck with all the World Cup bets Smile

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it Smile