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pinki Rank 22
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Let's make some noise

I decided to start a new thread ...
After the last problems and plans to leave you ... I managed to recover part of my bankroll



Bankroll is still from free sources - I do not remember when I last deposited on Unibet from my own pocket ... It was probably in the first half of 2018 (10-20e or smth). There was one during the summer-holidays, but after the earlier withdraw ...

I think that the current cash balance(~95euro) will be divided into 3-4 mini-bankrolls:

1. Poker(Main)
- Nano MTTs
- Qulifiers -> 1MTT,2MTT
- MTTs with Ticket Buy-ins
- freerolls
2. Poker (secondary):
- SNGs: 5seats mainly
- Hexa only from free tickets
3. Sport bets - im still thinking
- some singles, duels, trixie, 3,4folds
- stakes: 0.25e-1e, maybe more sometimes
4. Casino with 2.5-3.5e daily loss
- not every day but sometimeslow-spins in my favorites games on low stakes 0.25-0.5PLN (Euro = PLN/4)
- I will be blocking the casino often for a week or smth Smile

I will think what base amounts to assign to these bankrolls.

Why 3-4 bankrolls? For fun Smile I quickly get bored

Will be weekly reports,daily (maybe with some significiant wins only), graphs Cool

Goals? Fun , CashBig profitCash and beat numbers from previous thread: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Blogs-Stories/Nightmare-on-Nano-Street-Pinki-s-challenge/m-p/2171...

Stay tunned!

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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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Separating the bankroll is a wise decision. GL.

pinki Rank 22
Rank 22

@psrquack wrote:

Separating the bankroll is a wise decision. GL.

@psrquack  learning on errors ... maybe in a month i will try to run bankrolls on two other websites ... but Unibet is my favoriteIn Love

For 2-3 another apps i need improve my PC-setup ...  +2 monitors ... I like to do many other things while playing poker, especially on that stakes Smile  maybe with some decent MTTs ...  couples 5E, 10E, 25E MTTs I would concentrate 100% on poker ...  during the session I have frequent breaks and at low stakes  I can leave the game  ... Geek

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
CreativeLe Rank 10
Rank 10

This will be a nice blog. Hypeeeeeeee

GR1ZZL3R Rank 22
Rank 22

I'm so glad you decided to stay @pinki and looks like some enthusiasm has returned. Thumbs Up

I've always tried to keep seperate brs, it'sgood to know if you make $100 dollars if you've won 200 from sngs and 50 from cash tables (that'll be the day) but lost 75 on gambling and 75 in the cHeartHeartHeartHearto, it can help your focus. You've always got some ideas, wether good or not so good so keep it going and focus on the good stuff.

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It Is What It Is
YlarP Rank 14
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pinki Rank 22
Rank 22

Sundays are always "hard" in my case ...

Nano: itm/played: 2/8
buy-in: -3.95E
won: +4.11E
Comment: Min cashes in Nano Odyssey an Space Madness, and some bounties in Ice Giant 
0.2e: 2/6 tickets: 1 BI: -1.0E
0.3e: 0/6 tickets: 0 BI: -1.8E
Centrol an SNGs Flips: 1/2 BI: -0.2E
Comment: three times I had to leave the games ... unexpected guests at home and other random events Smile
MTTs 1E+: 0/1
5E Falling Star: lost
UK/UO Qualifiers:
0.01E->1EUK->4EUK->50EUK  Cool
Profit/Loss: -2.74E
Bankroll(start:40e):  37.16E
Tickets: 1x50E UK Tour

Some moments ...




HU with @yarik_gr and won Smile





"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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