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4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

Hello again dear friends,

Everything it's carefully prepaired

I've setup all details for the next long-term period!

It's my 4th time to test the limits: in my life, in my soul, in poker and in carrer!(Yup, i will change my country forever, i will mary, i will start a challenge and i find a new job)

I will try to transform 4€ in 4.444€ on Unibet POKER!

jetonul meu.jpg4€ chip value

This ideea came on 4th August , while i was sitting in my room on hotel JW Marriot - Bucharest, where took part the Unibet Open 2018 Festival !!!

Situation of my account:

account.JPGI can use only 400 Bonus Points on BONUS SHOP

This means i can buy only 4x1€ tickets on Mtts, SNG or CASH for increasing the bankroll amount. I will try the best way to do that!

If i will become broke, i need to start playing freerolls!

Bankroll is the most important thing to increase, doesn't matter how!

Here i will post all the results of the sessions. Most of them will be twitched on 4soul channel Peace

Let's work hard on this 4soul 4th Ch4llenge

444_1.gifFrom 4€ to 4.444€!!!!

PS: I still have in my account other few tickets, i will play them sometimes in our normal session, without any affection on the challenge.

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Rushbie Rank 22
Rank 22

You have good roll, mate?
If you gonna move and change the country, U gotta have a roll and backup-plan, man.
Otherwise you are just going to dive in to the darkness. That's not good.
Edit. It's not good. It's Rock'n'roll.

"Wise men know their limits. Great men have no limits."
Nestabear Rank 23
Rank 23

Well Done @4soul.

Good Luck & keep us updated 

Always remember... You can be... do... or have anything your heart desires !
4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

As i told before in the prepairing challenge, i started playing from Unibet Open Bucharest - JW Marriott Hotel and i won these from my last tickets for online events:

Screenshot_2018-08-06 Mihail Claudiu ( flopelutz) • Instagram photos and videos.pngStill have 4x 10€ UO, 1x 50€ UO and 4x1UK UO + 1K Freeroll + 3k Freeroll

win 1.45e 1k.JPGin this i cashed , but in 3k i hit into aces with QKo from button

Because i consider these advantages that most of the players don't have, i consider them "NULE" for this challenge.

pirma poza.JPG

 @Rushbie, we have family there. No offence, just tried all my best into my country...but i declare defeated my political forces in here Happyshy


4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

Today i started the session earlier that i want to do because  there are few mtts with buy-in smaller than 50¢, where i whould be more confident that in 4-way 1€ mtts.

Here are few results:

a6a9 150w1.JPGa6vsa9call utg shove8th 2.52.JPGshoved AKvsTTcall flop JTxcash session 6e w.JPGQQ big pot

Of corse i met lots of situations:

wtf hand.JPGive folded in turn, but look what a spot 4-way family floplast lost of the day.JPGi opened 4x blind and still limp/call and still hit rvr....didn think lost near bbl.JPGi played it like 89o doesn't exist in poker Smile)) biggest and bad loose of the daybig hand openmin aa.JPGhe minopen with AA....bad for him with this flopbig hand cash.JPGbig pot cash 2tries 1lostallinprf tt.JPGopen/call w TT his shove prf4444bv888.JPG100% he have fl draw and stright draw....huh???????!?!?!?

New bankroll : 12.65€

second pz.JPGcompromissing...

4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

Hello all-in who read this Smile

I took notes about everything that you said to me that it looks bad on this stream and i updated today!

I guess the stream interface look really good right now, and i so happy to catch the 10PM hour for another stream.

PS: We will play also the @DaVitsche 1€ MTT where he have a 50€ Unibet Open like knockout on his head, and his Freeroll!

In the same time i played few freerolls, and one SNG:

win 1e tickety.JPGtook down 10x 0.02¢ and 1€ ticket!

See you later on: LIVE STREAM!

4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

Hey, i didn't tell so much about this weekend , but had some unexpected events  = We get lost (undated this event) on seaside for 3 days! Was awesome:

sotyluch.JPGMore details on Instagram!

We completed there the August Mission: Part 1, i remember (in my advanced drunk moment) that i won a SNG with AA vs 88 or 66 or 33....couldn't see so clearGeek

That means 50BonusPoints , so with 107BP we can buy any 1€ MTT ticket. That's cool!

And today, first day after a long sleep  - i tryed a sattelite on  a LIVE EVENT  in my ussual poker place = 770RON buy-in for 7INNCUP GTD 3rd round - Nice event!

Hope for this one! I need a result for my last stand in my country!

Day3 - after this  - short session, good result on cash games banzai NL1  - 2 shoots Very Happy - twitched session ~1h

ticket 4e win.JPGlol qq 777.JPG


Oh...almost forgotted:

bbye bacant.JPGNo vacances till next time! :P

New bankroll: 15.78€


I'm a bit confused Smile @4soul, I think I saw somewhere that you are not posting anymore spandex girls, not complayining, just wondering what made you change your mind. Rofl

4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

Someone just said to me do not stop that! And he's an important railer Very Happy