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MadAdo Rank 18
Rank 18

@Brocky  you was are still our HERO! All I can say is: "just take your time, make decision which suits you the most and do it!"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but here is absolutely NOBODY who can advice/explain you what happened and why. Most of us are 'recreational' => freerolls or nano/micro hunters and are playing with many times less bankroll than you ... so our experiences/skills are none (0) in comparison with yours!!!

I just stick with Mr. @UAC

"I hope you do decide to keep the blog up and running, I think it is awesome and like I have said before a true insight into making it as an online pro in the modern day, a dream that is seen as less and less plausible as time goes by, so you are showing it is still possible, which is great imo."

Whatever you do, whatever you decide to do I will be still hoping for your comeback, you are my HERO and I still keep you in my mind!!!

Wish you good luck in your next poker & personal life. Heart Thumbs Up Cash

+ Many thank you for this blog, your work & your stream - you change thinking of some of us!!!

GamesDean Rank 13
Rank 13

Reading this blog for a couple of days now. Imho, you have all the skill you need, you are a great player but you seem to struggle with entitlement tilt. You know that you are way better than your competition, so you think you should win a vast majority of the time. But that’s not how poker works. A lot of the hands you lost were preflop all-in – even if your opponents plays any two cards he will have 30-40% equity a lot of the time. You can lose against that kind of equity multiple times in a row, quite easily even. But understandably, it feels frustratingly unfair because it seems the opponent doesn’t do anything in order to win. It seems that he hates money, that he’s stupid, that he wants to lose all his money to you – but, of course, time and time again he’s saved by the dealer.

If that’s how you feel about it, I can’t offer you help because that’s my biggest leak, too. I’m often getting angry – and as a result, probably playing worse – when I think that I’m far better than my opponent but just can’t win ever vs. them. It’s hard to deal with. I don’t have any anger issues in any other area of life but stupidity gets to me for some reason. That line of thinking is stupid, of course. You want opponents like that at the table. And it doesn’t matter if they’re stupid. Maybe they are, maybe they are really intelligent in other areas and just want to have some fun playing online poker. For you, losing 15 buy-ins is a big deal, for him, it might be pocket change. You don’t know, you shouldn’t care. But obviously, we can’t help ourselves.

UAC Rank 12
Rank 12

@GamesDean post is spot on. Entitlement tilt is pretty huge in poker, probably even more so in HU than any other format. It is obviously super important (but at the same time difficult) to detach from short term results. I guess winning 55% of all HUSNG would result in a decent ROI, so in this format we just have to get used to losing a lot of games.

The more I think about it the more I realise how tough the format is mentally.

Ghaleon Rank 8
Rank 8

Well I dont play HUSNG outside of random times so not expert on that area. But poker has been my main income for 6-7 years now. Much more experience in other sng, mttsng and mtt formats. I personally know how cruel variance can be even in stt sng with hundreds of buyins below EV over timeframe of couple months. For buyins I have regularly played upto 100 and 200 games in sng formats. In unibet its not possible to know EV adjusted roi which during downswings can be sort of tougher. 

As it was just smaller portion of your real bankroll its obviously not that big deal in big picture. Imo for lot of players who play and study poker somewhat seriously its important to understand importance of BRM. Sure its not good to be too tight in BRM but its always way better than being too aggressive. Also when one has very aggro BRM it does require lot more emotional control. Bigger swings does cause more mental pressure and even best thought BRM plan is useless if one is not mentally strong enough to follow it. When someone goes broke its rarely after following good BRM rules (assuming one is winning player). Obviously BRM requirements can and should be different for one playing as hobby or as profession. But learning idea of BRM at smaller stake is definitely advantage. 

Anyway my main point was that if it had been all of your bankroll or most of it taking those shots even versus big fish would have been questionable risk. As someone said above losing few games in row versus any2 maniac shover is not that unlikely as he will most of time have that 30+% equity. 

Bing__ Rank 17
Rank 17

Bad luck mate. I'd deffo have a few days off. Sending some run good your way! 

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DoktorAvalanche Rank 12
Rank 12

Sick sick session. Like Bing says. A couple of days off is a must i reckon. Then collect some of the run goood that we're all sending you and get back in there crusher. Peace.

StarKebap Rank 12
Rank 12

OMG all in call with 42 on 6AA board Wow
It's so difficult to believe someone "normal" can play like that. So many suspicious....too many...((((

Brocky Rank 18
Rank 18
I will address the rest of the points separately when I'm at a computer but I'd just like to say of course I will suffer from entitlement tilt against a player shoving any two, who wouldn't? I've sat here playing for over 10 years to improve my heads up game and I end up getting crushed by plays my girlfriend could make knowing full well that money I lose will just end up in another reg's pocket. It's a horrible feeling and I defy anyone to not feel some level of entitlement tilt over that.

Also, I don't think I'm being outrageous by asking the poker gods just to let me run at EV in these games, that's not too much to ask for. Those hands are literally ridiculous, even as one-offs, but you put them all together in one session, on top of 2 previous sessions that were similar and you start to question everything you know.
deanspleen09 Rank 14
Rank 14

dont worry about it , i watch the stream and i know you will make it back

Silver1 Rank 16
Rank 16