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Nestabear Rank 23
Rank 23


I watched last night & it really was brutal Mate... it was unbelievable how lucky the villain was @ times. 

I hope your luck changes soon. It's heartbreaking to see a player of your caliber be so unlucky like that, for that long man. 

All I can say is hang in there Buds, the varience will swing your way, it must. I am officially anouncing that your NL200 table curse is broken... LOL ( there, now you can go on & build up your bank roll again & go on to crush it @ the 200's )

Looking forward to seing you dominate the 200's soon Boss. 

Happy Thursday !


Always remember... You can be... do... or have anything your heart desires !
cris1285 Rank 21
Rank 21

That guy who you played with several times last night, something like "Bow8", was ridiculous. Probably he was drunk, or something like that. That was the easiest 188 euros ever when he was in sit out mode while playing on the other table Rofl Its crazy when i say ahh, 1-2 euro level is full of mental midgets and you can find the same at the 200`s. You will beat this kind of donks on the long run, just stay strong Popeye

Brocky Rank 18
Rank 18
Thanks guys, I ended up losing like 5 in a row at the end of the night as well, it was just becoming stupid.

Time to get the thread back on track though. I'm going to move back down to the 25/50s and just rebuild some confidence. I have no doubt I'm good enough to at least be a small winner at the 100s+ but when variance is against you there is nothing you can do. I'm gutted because if I'd had just ran at EV I would likely have hit 2/3m+ challenge points within a month or so and the rakeback would've been insane. Not to be though.
successlaw Rank 14
Rank 14

HEya. What about today stream ? @Brocky 

Do we have one ? GLGL

Brocky Rank 18
Rank 18
Not sure yet mate. I'm undecided between a day of not much poker after what's happened the last few days or doing a late-ish stream, probably around 10pm CET.
SingleMom102 Rank 12
Rank 12
Stick to the 25/50s man! Don't be greedy and go for the steady (and still stunning) progress of 500€/day!
Brocky Rank 18
Rank 18

Well the inevitable has happened.  Unfortunately it's time to say goodbye from me.  The session I have just had makes the others look great in comparison.  I have just lost 3k at the 200s to a guy who is 4x'ing every hand, calling shoves with any two cards, getting it in with any cards on any flop and he has absolutely destroyed me.  I can no longer do this.

Here's a couple...

Please just take a few minutes to look through some of these and I'll explain when the money went in:

A8 (top right), no chance of holding

A6 (top middle) all in pre

AK (top right) all in pre

JT (bottom left) all in pre, 8 gives me a straight so he just hits the 4

K6 (bottom middle) all in on flop

K8 (bottom right) all in on the flop lol...


Plus a bunch more I can't capture because the HH replayer only lets you see a certain number of hands.

No point grinding the 25/50s when I should be up around 6-10k over the past 3-4 days from the guys I've played in that time, yet I'm down around 4-5k? It's absolutely unbelievable.  

Good luck guys, maybe I'll be back one day. 

Just found this one as well lol.. 



Ghaleon Rank 8
Rank 8

So I suppose you purposely threw BRM out of window, eh? As you probably know that is 90+% of time way to screw yourself in poker. Variance is smaller in HU though not absurdly small as unibet games are still quite shallow. But red line being that few k€ swings are totally normal if playing 200€ games... Bankroll should be well into 5figs to play those. Hunting whale to bigger games is ok but one should stick to some sort of risk management still. 

Brocky Rank 18
Rank 18

It's funny that everyone is an expert. You're talking to a guy who's been playing heads up for 8-10 years, who has quit his job, about bankroll management. I don't want to come across as a HeartHeartsHeart, even though I don't really care if I do, but you're not the first to try and give me amazing advice on where I went wrong.

Let me just clear up a couple of things. Firstly, I'm not broke, I've busted the account that I built up from a 6 euro cash ticket, even after withdrawing over 2k pounds from that. So I've made 2k in January, not terrible. Secondly, of course few k swings are standard at the 200s but my issue comes with how over the past 3-4 days I've played 3 massive whales at the 200s and I've definitely lost to 2 of them, maybe all 3, over a decent-ish sample given the structure (less shallow than 90% of my heads up volume - hyper turbos on Stars/FTP). The guy tonight is getting it in with any two cards and getting there in ridiculous fashion. When he's not behind he's coolering the HeartHeartsHeart out of me. The first player from a few days back was similar, but not quite as erratic, yet I couldn't win vs him either.

If you've watched my stream I think you'll agree that I know how to play heads up. My results on Unibet at the 25s for example will show an 8% ROI over at least 10k games. I can sit there crushing the 25s against better players than the ones that I've lost to this week, winning flips, holding in 70%+ situations, yet not for the first time on Unibet (probably the 10th), I've moved up and run like I do above. I don't know what games or stakes you play (I'd be interested to know, seeing as you're an expert) but when you're a heads up poker professional, you do not pass up on spots like this. I was willing to bust my account today because the flip side is running just at EV would've profited me thousands. People are generally far too conservative with BRM and it costs them a massive amount of EV long term. I'll likely go and take my bankroll to Stars for a bit or maybe I'll just grind the 25s for a week again, I'm not sure yet but I'm definitely feeling a bit disillusioned with Unibet right now.

I write this blog because not only do I like to track my progress but I believe people want to see that it's still possible to make money in poker, especially when it's becoming increasingly difficult. The last thing I want when I've just lost 15bi to a guy who is licking his screen while he plays is a bunch of experts telling me I should play lower and use different BRM. When you live by the sword you die by the sword but I'm allowed to be ridiculously frustrated by the constant poundings the RNG gives me and until you've ever experienced something remotely close please do not tell me what I should and shouldn't be doing.

I'm probably done with this blog for now because I don't feel like I need to explain or justify anything I do. If I continue playing on Unibet hopefully I'll see you guys around. GL.

UAC Rank 12
Rank 12

Hey man,

I guess one of the things you need to expect when writing a blog in a public setting is people coming along acting like they know better and where you went wrong etc. Obviously write after a mammoth losing session this is far from ideal, people who are commenting should also be aware of the situation, even if you are giving advice that you think is solid, just take a sec and think is now the right time... probably not.

I hope you do decide to keep the blog up and running, I think it is awesome and like I have said before a true insight into making it as an online pro in the modern day, a dream that is seen as less and less plausible as time goes by, so you are showing it is still possible, which is great imo.

I would say that HUSNG is probably the worst format when running bad as you feel the pain constantly, it is disgusting and some of them hands above are absurd...

Like I say I hope you stick around and keep playing here, I think playing on other sites as well and mixing things up is a great idea, Sky, 888, stars etc all of husng, but stars is not ideal now imo, the cartels at the higher stakes mean that you will have to battle a lot of regs over a big sample before getting any fish, not saying you're not capable of that at all, but I just think there are way more better options out there.

Whatever you decide gl and thanks for the blog!