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catalintm Rank 10
Rank 10
@yarik_gr my alias is "catalintm" and i have a russian girl as avatar. even today we played 1 or 2 sngs Smile
yarik_gr Rank 14
Rank 14

@catalintm my visual memory works better when it comes to it and after you told me what your avatar is I definitely recognized you. Yeah, we played a lot of games togehter, I think 500+ in total. Smile

yarik_gr Rank 14
Rank 14


Honestly, my challenge is now looking a little bit harder to me than I expected. I still can't beat my chief enemy - my laziness. I have a mixed feelings about my monthly results. On the one hand, I have a good profit for €1 games and my "dirty" ROI is ~20%, but on the other hand I can play a way more games and play it better. I'm always looking for some excuses to not to play (like bad run or bad mood). But, as I said before, I will try my best to complete that challenge and even a 500 games streak without a profit didn't break me! Smile

Day 23: -
Day 24: -$3,43 (0 games; lost some in tryings to complete a challenge)
Day 25: +$35,96 (209 games)
Day 26: +$22,03 (100 games)
Day 27: -$7,55 (25 games)
Day 28: +$2,96 (21 games)
Day 29: +$72,02 (151 games)
Day 30: +$4,87 (48 games)

Overall results: Profit: +$499,41 (day 30 goal: $600) / Games played: 2423 (day 30 goal: 3000).

Now it's time for some Christmas and New Year preparations, so I'm not gonna to play a lot until 2019. But I hope that I finally catch up with my plan at January. Happy holidays and thank you for reading!

GR1ZZL3R Rank 22
Rank 22
Kesha17 Rank 10
Rank 10
Hello yarik gr You strive to become top and thats super And i want to tell you that. Online poker earn very hard.Not actually possible.Like me if you pay attention on the number of all players who play MMT tournaments and cash games,that's an average of 800 people.And also the number plays double and super double.And do it yourself conclusionsWhen you start to win many badbits will begin.I do not know like everyone else but this is my personal experience. If you have any thoughts on sports, write to me.SMILE .Thanks for writing.

I am from Ukraine and yes Russian is my second national language.And yes my community goal is to learn English.

And good luck with your endeavors.

Brocky Rank 17
Rank 17

Good luck Yarik.

I might have to move to Belarus if that's the average salary! Laugh

Kesha17 Rank 10
Rank 10
Diane Abbott
Not scary because Ukraine is near ?
You will go to Belarus take iskanders.Smile
Do you know what kind of joke Russians have?I am changing my car to a tank , going to relatives in Ukraine.Smile
And the average salary in Belarus is $420.
Silver1 Rank 16
Rank 16

Hey mate,

How are things going with the grinding?

Hope you are doing well and that everything goes in your way.

Will be away on vaccation for 2 weeks so no poker during that timeSmile Might drop in to your blog and see how things are going thou!

Merry christmas!

successlaw Rank 14
Rank 14
yarik_gr Rank 14
Rank 14


Didn't played a lot, I skipped almost a week (only played some games for missions to get €10.000 Freeroll ticket and won some money). I was running pretty good last days except today. After first 50 games I had 23 second and only 3 (!!!) first places! Was really close to tilt, but somehow I found strength to keep playing and ended up day with profit.

Day 31: -
Day 32: +$2,71 (0 games)
Day 33: +$2,93 (0 games)
Day 34: -$5,20 (10 games)
Day 35: +$11,85 (0 games)
Day 36: +$13,69 (0 games)
Day 37: +$48,34 (162 games)
Day 38: +$17,24 (99 games)
Day 39: +$43,62 (147 games)
Day 40: +$16,56 (61 games)
Day 41: +$44,45 (165 games)
Day 42: +$14,94 (130 games)

Overall results: Profit: +$710,54 (day 42 goal: $840) / Games played: 3197 (day 42 goal: 4200).

I hope for some running good in January and I will do everything to beat laziness, cause my low volume is the only reason I'm lagging behind the plan.
Thank you for reading and happy New Year!

@GR1ZZL3R I'm trying my best, thank you!

@Brocky So you can move somewhere in Africa and play 1-2 days in a month to get average salary, but do you really think it worth it? Rofl Thank you!

@Kesha17 I'm 100% sure that average salary is about $300. Except Minsk, but that's the only one city and living is a way more expensive in Belarus capital, so it's almost the same thing. 

@successlaw & @Silver1 here's an update, thank you for support and have a great holidays!