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Rushbie Rank 22
Rank 22

Have you liked that Arozzi's chair? Very Happy
Got the Arena-table and nothing but good to say about it, still in search of proper chair that matches the colours
And GL with todays session!

"Wise men know their limits. Great men have no limits."
Brocky Rank 18
Rank 18
Thanks mate. I love the chair but the screw thread that holds the arm to the back of the chair came loose within a few months so that's a bit annoying for a £180 chair but can't fault the comfort!
joebanan Rank 12
Rank 12

Hope you carry on


I,ve been asking myself if these are beatable for a long time - (still non the wiser)

I.m starting to think they,re only worth playing if theres a promo attached

Brocky Rank 18
Rank 18

@joebanan wrote:

Hope you carry on


I,ve been asking myself if these are beatable for a long time - (still non the wiser)

I.m starting to think they,re only worth playing if theres a promo attached

I really am starting to think they're not but even if they are I'm wondering if I want that variance.  In my last 28 games I won 3, 2 of them 1.5x.  That's ridiculous.

I hit another 100x on stream today, I also hit my first ever 25x, finished 2nd in both.  I played 131 games on stream and still lost around 7bi despite the big multipliers, which is brutal.  They're also really tiring to play, 6 tabling.

Here's a graph:


I'm winning at pretty much exactly 1 in 3.  I definitely feel like my true WR is probably closer to 36/37% but the variance is obviously huge.  Without the 2 100x multipliers (which you're only supposed to hit 1 in 20000 each) I would be very much down for the challenge.  


Another thing to factor in is rake.  362 games at the lowly €10 games is still €247 rake which is a lot to be paying.  

My apologies for ending this so quickly but I feel like heads up is a much more solid and steady grind.  For reference, here was the first week of October where I played solely €25 HU games and won 80bi after RB:


Really enjoyed the couple of streams I did though, you guys were great as always Heart

GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
Rank 23

A great effort @Brocky but it seems the majority opinion was correct in that it was going to be extremely tough. I certainly couldn't handle the swings, 4-5 buy ins down on relatively sedate cash tables and I'm creeping towards panic mode. Sad

It was nice to watch the streaming again for a while and good luck with the HU.SmileThumbs Up

It Is What It Is
successlaw Rank 15
Rank 15

I really like your decision @Brocky  to stop playing hexas because in my opinion it's imposible to beat them in long term.

Good luck with your HUs. 

Hope for some streams on them..

Brocky Rank 18
Rank 18

Cheers Griz.  I do feel a bit of a fraud giving up so early but if I'm honest I naively went into it thinking the high rake and faster speed would be offset by the games being considerably softer.  What I found though was that 1 or 2 tabling these may be fairly profitable from an ROI sense because of the focus you can put into each decision but from a pure monetary sense, I believe you need to be mass-tabling them as rakeback certainly comes into play.  At the higher stakes you will easily hit 40-50% RB but at the 10s, you're needing to play 300+ games per day, which long term is going to create big swings for the sake of not many euros.

There's just a lot of factors that make these somewhat unbeatable including the rake and super quick blinds.  As I mentioned on stream the majority of your sessions are decided almost solely on how you do in the 5x/10x multipliers as anything above this is going to be so rare it's not really going to have an impact long term.  You can easily win just 30% of games but profit for the session and vice versa at 37% win-rate.  I thought moving down to the 10s would negate the impact of the swings but I was wrong.  I lost almost 50bi on the first day of playing these, I've never lost 50bi playing heads up that I can remember.  

Add to that I am not the strongest 3 handed player, plus I will be taking lower EV lines heads up because I've got more tables and less time, there didn't seem to be much point continuing when I could just grind heads up instead.  

Fair play to anyone that can grind these full time.

XY Rank 20
Rank 20

@XY wrote:

@Brocky wrote:


Therefore the plan is:

10k games at €10 level, maybe some €25s thrown in if it's going well.

31 days to complete it.

If I lose 100bi I will be done with the challenge.

322.5 games per day needed to complete this.

If all goes to plan, 690k challenge points.

Will update daily of course!  Let's go Heart

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RaulonY Rank 10
Rank 10

@Brocky I don't know if you already mentioned, but can you give me a guidelile on many points can you earn on HU SNG's? 

Somethink like 100 HU SNG's * 10 Stake for example, you can make on average X Challenge Points.

Or any kind of guidelines to calculate them.