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Sorry for "R" word

People with developmental difficulties 

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@Ray-Unibet wrote:

@ExBingoPlayer, loosing is tough, I get that, but from there to claim that a site is rigged it's a long way. A site that is regulated by the government's laws in the country that it operates in, a site that is constantly monitored by impartial agencies insuring a correct payout wouldn't risk doing anything unethical like you claim. I know that this is not the answer you are looking for, but it is the pure truth. Nobody in the right mind would risk anything like that if the goal is a sustainable business model.





Just see last week or more winners in newbie room than come here and say its random... Player Quitrosul wins every day almost every round, 1-2 jackpots daily and in grand slam where is 200 people he also win every day on free rounds....