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steppek77 Rank 17
Rank 17

I am playing bingo now and then. And I am very surprise that the bingo-hosts are not in the chat. Only message you can read from the host is: Good luck! And then silence..

It seems that the bingo-rooms living their own lives. The same players win and win whatever bingo-room you play at. Something is very strange at the Unibet Bingo. Now I am just playing so I can spin the wheel, because it is no fun to play there at the moment.

Feepie Rank 5
Rank 5


want to share the same thoughts like you.

I was testing if i could win 1 time when I would play several times at the same Bingo-room

and buy all tickets every round. Happyshy

Guess what??? Speechless

Spended more than 100,00 € and the last round I won 6,00 €


Gonna search now for a little bit of justice Happyshy

100€ ??? Seriously ??? What a rip-off Disappointed

Greetings Candy (alias: Feepie)



Hi @steppek77 and welcome to the Community @Feepie Smile
I believe these are 2 unrelated feedbacks and I'll start by thanking Steppek, the feedback was now sent to our provider to have a look and possibly revise the overall chores that the chat moderators have in a shift. 
Thanks for your feedback as well Candy, I understand that when players loose it doesn't seem fair. The Unibet Bingo system is based on a random number generator which is verified and monitored by Ecogra (an impartial company that insures the fairness of the games) and assigns you the tickets and decides the numbers that are drawn so when somebody looses, another person wins, a game of luck if you will. 

Steppek, just a though for future consideration, the Community rules imply that only caps are to be avoided Smile



superbitz Rank 6
Rank 6
ExBingoPlayer Rank 3
Rank 3

Playing bingo on many sites for years now and this Unibet bingo is most rigged bingo that i played in my life... I can understand that someone can have lucky day or two but 7 days same winners in newbie room thanks but no thanks.... 

successlaw Rank 13
Rank 13

Thanks GOD , i dont like Bingo at all 

SingleMom102 Rank 9
Rank 9

@ExBingoPlayer, loosing is tough, I get that, but from there to claim that a site is rigged it's a long way. A site that is regulated by the government's laws in the country that it operates in, a site that is constantly monitored by impartial agencies insuring a correct payout wouldn't risk doing anything unethical like you claim. I know that this is not the answer you are looking for, but it is the pure truth. Nobody in the right mind would risk anything like that if the goal is a sustainable business model.





Zipfil Rank 16
Rank 16

@steppek77 @Ray-Unibet

I have to agree and wonder myself....seen many strange things there.....but the worst yet is this issue:

When Bingo say my level is 345 :

345.jpgThen the real fact is level 422:






 So please Unibet how do you want me to trust your Bingo when you cant even keep my playing level correct...

Stated this in the bug section last year (lol) and still no real satified answer...

Me think answer would be:

Sorry we had grafic issue or somewhat other issue who did not bother the real play ^^

Well lucky for me I have the freedom to choose and skipping Bingo now...

Always remember that gaming\gamble is a two way trust thingy...and in 2018 the winner site I played on was **********
Bet 1 NOK (0.10 euro) and winn 28 754 NOK ( almost 2900 Euro) on Football Wink
Did do that 3 times, diffrent ammount`s and also did drag in some real nice 5 diget ammounts from their Casino section..

So this year of 2019 I am going all in ***********, so nice RTP it is a dream Smile

Yes and I know that for me to winn someone else have to loose and vice versa Wink


Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.