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Unibet Bingo Expert Martin-Unibet
Unibet Bingo Expert

Thank you very much, @Valkyrie!

We have had some of the same thoughts, and I will add yours to the list that we take up with the provider.
Thank you again for the feedback, and keep it coming. Wink

Every night should be Bingo night!
Svea91 Rank 13
Rank 13

It's very cool:Satisfied:

Zipfil Rank 14
Rank 14


Big thx for getting this choise to players Smile

I know it is a little late to say that but hey, better late than never Wink

I have tested it and as far as my playing on Bingo goes......well the function of getting cards is excellent but can you please mount my Loyalty wheel on a Koeningsegg ONE:1 , only engine and the KDD and put a leadfoot on the "speeder"....

The last year looks like someone trow a wrench or just disconected my wheel....dont wanna jump like before..also trow in some oilchange on it because when it roll...it just stop asap on 1 ring....I want the middle part Wink

So basicly yes the shuffle of cards working....to bad that @Valkyrie and myself dident get a "vouchur" for testing it...just kidding, been so long time ago now so it is ok, again thx for letting this happen Smile


Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.