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Hecu Rank 7
Rank 7

Hey. So the game ID number was 2047698. There was some kind of a network lag or something that crashed my game so I refreshed the page and saw I had 2 lines on one coupon greened out. The game was still going but my win didnt register and it says 0€ on the winnings. Can you help? The game was in Grand Slam room, one of those free games.

Unibet Bingo Expert Krists-Unibet
Unibet Bingo Expert

Hey Hecu, 

Thank you for your query!

First, I would like to understand what kind of network lag did you experience and what happened with the game at the moment? Might this be something to do with your connection? 

I unfortunately think that you have experienced a 'winning line display error', this issue is known from our side and worked upon fixing it. It happens very rarely and as the name suggests - false winning line is displayed. 

I can confirm that from our end the game has been played out without any irregularities and no winnings were made in one of your cards. I have forwarded the case to our provider - Relax Gaming for further investigation with your details, ideally if there would be a screenshot but I guess you didn't manage to capture one! 

Could you please confirm that you were using a desktop (windows 10) and browser Mozilla firefox when the incident occurred?