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AndreiBN Rank 26
Rank 26

Lately, i've noticed that the tennis pre match betting selection is almost non-existing at Unibet.In the beginning thought it was just a mistake and probably someone forgot to add multiple selection , but this is happening now on a daily basis.

Some of them get betting selection added when are in the "In play" section , but still, i consider this a huge downstep from you. 

And i'm not talking about some very shaby ITF tournaments , i'm talking about good value WTA ones, where the qualifing matches have just 1 betting option!! 

And also a Grand Slam final!!! ( even tho it's a mix doubles ones ) has 1 betting option pre match 2 hours before the match starts. I mean , it's a Grand Slam final!!

In the WTA qualifiers tournament for St. Petersburg even when the go into "In play" section a few minutes before the starting time , still 1 betting option!! This is really bad from Unibet and it's kinda makes you take a step back. Not sure if this happens in other sports as well , but , tennis is the 2nd most popular sport on betting sites and having this for sure doesn't seem very appealing for old or possible new customers! @Ray-Unibet . 



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