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Community Manager

@Mark1980 wrote:

but that's something our gamingcommision will sort out.

You're very welcome @Mark1980 and I understand the frustration on not being able to cash in a bet when you wish to do so, though I don't believe it would make sense for us to both offer cash in and  have the rule that all baseball results are settled on the official result no matter the number of total innings played. 
If you have a complaint on a rule that wasn't followed, you're more than welcome to post it here as well and I'll happily discuss it on your behalf with our sportsbook. 

Mark1980 Rank 6
Rank 6

Like this for example, I couldn't cash out anymore and I can't find anything in your rulesbook that mentions that the cashout will be blocked. At a certain point i could cash out alot before the other games where finished. It's not only the rain delay, it's also the cashout that couldn't be used anymore. So if it's not mentioned in your rules I think i have at least the right to get my money back.

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FunckyFish Rank 11
Rank 11


Matches opened on live even the play has been suspended for some time. Of course people can cash out if they want now.

I don't say that the footbal match should stayed 2-3 hours opened on live after the suspension...but 10-15 min with a message that the match has been suspended or something should do the thing.

ATP Monte Carlo rain suspension.PNG