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FunckyFish Rank 11
Rank 11

Anybody saw last night this match from WTA Bogota?

I am watching tennis for many years but I never saw this kind of match. How the hell they played a WTA quarter final? There are 10 years girls that are playing better.

Errani in first set was serving normal with first service and from the hand on the second service. At one moment she started to serve also with first service from the hand. Why? She was serving only directly to the stands. I am not kidding. I think she served over 10 times directly in the stands. On second service she always served from the hand...and yes...she made a lot of DF even she was serving like this. I've never saw such thing.

Sharma was playing a little better...but to make so many mistakes on returning those services from the hand? A 5 years kid can make winning points on those returns. I think she missed over 30 shots like this.

Unreal match.

psrquack Rank 25
Rank 25

If you want to see a really speed down tennis, then watch Galan-Thompson (currently interrupted). I'm not a tennis expert but the speed was the same like in boy's game and the both players technique was really aweful (no winnings, no power, just shooting back the ball to the middle) .

Livertool Rank 23
Rank 23

There is indeed some really bad players at least over 100 ranks. How the hell do they call themselves professionals playing like they do? Only positive about this is that you can decent odds by playing players to lose serves. But i can't watch the matches usually as the playing is that bad that it eats my nerves.

To bet or not to bet, that is the question.
thug2222 Rank 6
Rank 6

I think Sara Errani is what is called DONE IN THIS SPORT 


wf1205 Rank 10
Rank 10

It was very common game for errani and sharma 

Errani never been good at serving. Her defence better than her serving. Her age getting old as well.

Sharma just turned pro couple of months ago.