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Purps Rank 20
Rank 20

Monday 3.9.2018:

 No football today.

7 bets on 5 KHL hockey matches:

LeagueTime ( CET )MatchBet typeBetOdds
RUS KHL17.30Jokerit – KunlunhandicapKunlun -1,58,50
RUS KHL18.00Kazan – MinskhandicapKazan -36,00
RUS KHL18.00Neftekhimik – Vityaztotal goalsOver 6,54,20
RUS KHL18.00Neftekhimik – VityazhandicapNeftekhimik -2,54,10
RUS KHL18.00Nizhny Novgorod – SKAtotal goalsOver 810,50
RUS KHL18.00Nizhny Novgorod – SKAhandicapSKA -35,30
RUS KHL18.30Sochi – VladivostokhandicapVladivostok -16,50


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Marekss Rank 17
Rank 17

@Purps do you like ice hockey 🏒 ! 

Purps Rank 20
Rank 20

@Marekss wrote:

@Purps do you like ice hockey 🏒 ! 

I do follow it obviously, but I'm not a huge fan of watching it, other than when NHL begins. Then I try to watch at least one game a day.

But it's a good sport for betting. Typical goal amounts are really good to make things, and odds interesting.

Purps Rank 20
Rank 20

Monday results:

Not a good day with the KHL picks ( 0 out of 7 correct ) Veryangry

MatchBet typeBetOddsResultReturn
Jokerit – KunlunhandicapKunlun -1,58,506-3-
Kazan – MinskhandicapKazan -36,002-0-
Neftekhimik – Vityaztotal goalsOver 6,54,200-1-
Neftekhimik – VityazhandicapNeftekhimik -2,54,100-1-
Nizhny Novgorod – SKAtotal goalsOver 810,504-3-
Nizhny Novgorod – SKAhandicapSKA -35,304-3-
Sochi – VladivostokhandicapVladivostok -16,504-4-


And the tracking:

 Bets totalBets WonBets VoidedBets lostTotal ReturnROI
Ice Hockey111-105,1046,36%



Purps Rank 20
Rank 20

Tuesday 4.9.2018:

9 bets on the 6 KHL hockey matches:

LeagueTime ( CET )MatchBet typeBetOdds
RUS KHL16.00Yekaterinburg – CSKAteam totalCSKA over 32,50
RUS KHL16.00Magnitogorsk – Rigadouble chanceRiga or draw2,95
RUS KHL16.00Magnitogorsk – Rigatotal goalsOver 77,50
RUS KHL16.00Magnitogorsk – Rigateam totalRiga over 2,54,50
RUS KHL16.00Chelyabinsk – Bratislavaboth teams to scoreNo4,30
RUS KHL18.00Yaroslavl – SibirhandicapYaroslavl -23,45
RUS KHL18.30Dynamo Moscow – OmskhandicapOmsk -26,25
RUS KHL18.30Severstal – UfahandicapUfa -2,55,10
RUS KHL18.30Severstal – Ufateam totalUfa over 32,70


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Purps Rank 20
Rank 20

Tuesday results:

This is more like it.

After a bad yesterday, it was nice to get an "insta-redemption" winning all the yesterdays 7 lost bets back, and a good amount of extra on top.

5 / 9 bets correct today, with combined odds of 19.65 Cash


MatchBet typeBetOddsResultReturn
Yekaterinburg – CSKAteam total goalsCSKA over 32,503-1-
Magnitogorsk – Rigadouble chanceRiga or draw2,951-22,95
Magnitogorsk – Rigatotal goalsOver 77,501-2-
Magnitogorsk – Rigateam total goalsRiga over 2,54,501-2-
Chelyabinsk – Bratislavaboth teams to scoreNo4,303-04,30
Yaroslavl – SibirhandicapYaroslavl -23,455-03,45
Dynamo Moscow – OmskhandicapOmsk -26,251-56,25
Severstal – UfahandicapUfa -2,55,104-4-
Severstal – Ufateam total goalsUfa over 32,704-42,70


Tracking is also looking easy on the eye again:

 Bets totalBets WonBets VoidedBets lostTotal ReturnROI


Still no football tomorrow, but 6 KHL matches again.

Purps Rank 20
Rank 20

Wednesday 5.9.2018:

9 bets on KHL ice hockey.

As wild as some of these odds/lines may seem, based on all the stats, history and what has been seen so far during the first few days of the season, I feel there's a really good chance of few of these matches to turn into really high scoring games tonight. That's why there's more of the high odds overs tonight than there would be on a typical day. High variance picks, as always Smile


LeagueTime ( CET )MatchBet typeBetOdds
RUS KHL17.30Jokerit – Amurtotal goalsOver 815,00
RUS KHL18.00Kazan – Vityazwinner, incl OT & penaltiesVityaz3,50
RUS KHL18.00Neftekhimik – Astanateam total goalsNeftekhimik under 23,65
RUS KHL18.00Neftekhimik – Astanaboth teams to scoreNo5,60
RUS KHL18.00Nizhny Novgorod – MinskhandicapNizhny -3,511,50
RUS KHL18.30Sochi – Kunluntotal goalsOver 78,50
RUS KHL18.30Sochi – KunlunhandicapKunlun -2,510,00
RUS KHL18.30Spartak Moscow – Vladivostokteam total goalsOver 811,00
RUS KHL18.30Spartak Moscow – VladivostokhandicapSpartak -3,56,10


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Purps Rank 20
Rank 20

Wednesday results:

Expecting certain games to be highscoring contests tonight, wasn't a great succes. Actually those games turned out to be the low scoring ones, and a lot of goals on two of the matches where I didn't expect that to happen.

Oh well, still managed to get 2 picks correct for a 7.15 return on the 9 bets, so the loss for today is only very acceptable less than 2 bets, considering how far off the totals were today.


MatchBet typeBetOddsResultReturn
Jokerit – Amurtotal goalsOver 815,003-1-
Kazan – Vityazwinner, incl OT & penaltiesVityaz3,503-53,50
Neftekhimik – Astanateam total goalsNeftekhimik under 23,651-63,65
Neftekhimik – Astanaboth teams to scoreNo5,601-6-
Nizhny Novgorod – MinskhandicapNizhny -3,511,503-2-
Sochi – Kunluntotal goalsOver 78,501-1-
Sochi – KunlunhandicapKunlun -2,510,001-1-
Spartak Moscow – Vladivostokteam total goalsOver 811,003-1-
Spartak Moscow – VladivostokhandicapSpartak -3,56,103-1-



 Bets totalBets WonBets VoidedBets lostTotal ReturnROI


Tomorrow will be another batch of KHL matches, and maybe some UEFA Nations League.

Purps Rank 20
Rank 20

Thursday 6.9.2018:


9 bets on the new Nations League competition. Pretty difficult to know what kind of opening line-ups teams will have, but hopefully at least Germany and especially Wales take tonights match seriously.

5 bets on KHL


LeagueTime ( CET )MatchBet typeBetOdds
EUR UNL16.00Kazakhstan – Georgiaasian totalOver 34,20
EUR UNL20.45Germany – Franceasian handicapGermany -14,30
EUR UNL20.45Germany – Franceasian totalOver 46,40
EUR UNL20.45Czech – Ukraineasian handicapUkraine -16,75
EUR UNL20.45Wales – Irelandasian totalOver 35,60
EUR UNL20.45Wales – Irelandasian handicapWales -2,2510,00
EUR UNL20.45Wales – Irelandteam total goalsWales over 2,56,50
EUR UNL20.45Norway – Cyprusasian handicapNorway -2,253,80
EUR UNL20.45Slovenia – Bulgariateam total goalsBulgaria over 1,54,20
RUS KHL16.00Yekaterinburg – Bratislavatotal goalsOver 75,60
RUS KHL16.00Yekaterinburg – Bratislavateam total goalsBratislava over 2,54,00
RUS KHL18.30Dynamo Moscow – SibirhandicapDynamo -3,58,50
RUS KHL18.30Yaroslavl – Ufaboth teams to scoreNo5,30
RUS KHL18.30Severstal – OmskhandicapOmsk -3,59,50


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Messwithme Rank 15
Rank 15

@Purps Interesting competition,starting from as low as 1 euro there must be a lot of interest.

I am curious to see what odds people can hit ,gonna keep my eyes on the leaderboard.

Maybe we can make a new thread and post betslips with  nations league matches only.