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Purps Rank 20
Rank 20

Here we go. Trying to find daily valuebets on the major European football leagues ( England, Italy, Spain, Germany and France ), and from some hockey leagues ( Finnish league, KHL & NHL ).

On slow days might try some smaller leagues too, but that's unlikely.


Saturday 1.9.2018:


LeagueTime ( CET )MatchBet typeBetOdds
ENG premiership16.00Brighton – Fulhamasian handicapFulham -1,258,00
ENG premiership16.00Crystal Palace – Southamptonasian handicapSouthampton -1,259,00
ENG premiership16.00Everton – Huddersfielddraw no betHuddersfield6,00
ENG premiership16.00West Ham – Wolvesasian handicapWolves -15,40
ENG premiership18.30Man City – Newcastleasian totalUnder 27,00
SPA LaLiga18.30Celta Vigo – Atl Madridasian handicapAtl Madrid -26,75
ITA Serie A18.00Bologna – Interasian handicapInter -24,60
GER Bundesliga15.30Augsburg – Mönchengladbachasian handicapMönchengladbach -1,255,30
GER Bundesliga15.30Franfurt – Bremenasian handicapFrankfurt -1,254,60
GER Bundesliga15.30Hoffenheim – Freiburgasian totalUnder 1,754,70
GER Bundesliga15.30Leverkusen – Wolfsburgdraw no betWolfsburg4,40
FRA Ligue 120.00Angers – Lilleasian handicapLille -15,80
FRA Ligue 120.00Dijon – Caenasian handicapDijon -1,754,35
ENG championship16.00Hull – Derbyasian handicapDerby -1,255,20
ENG championship16.00Preston – Boltondraw no betBolton5,10
ENG championship16.00Sheffiel Utd – Aston Villaasian handicapSheffield Utd -14,10
ENG championship16.00West Bromwich – Stokeasian handicapWest Bromwich -1,54,10
ENG championship16.00Wigan – Rotherhamdraw no betRotherham4,35


18 Bets in total.

I'm not totally happy with how the table looks, but I hope it makes sense and is not too small.

I'll try to make it look better when I have more time.


GL! Thumbs Up

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Livertool Rank 24
Rank 24

I'm going for Fulham and Wolfsburg too with somekind of bets. Lets hope our gut feeling is right Happy


To bet or not to bet, that is the question.
JRE Rank 14
Rank 14

and l am going for Wolves and West Bromwich.

Purps Rank 20
Rank 20

Saturday results:

Nice start for this campaign with 4 full hits and 3.5 voided ones returning nice 25.60 on the 18 bets made. Cash


MatchBet typeBetOddsResultReturn
Brighton – Fulhamasian handicapFulham -1,258,002-2-
Crystal Palace – Southamptonasian handicapSouthampton -1,259,000-29,00
Everton – Huddersfielddraw no betHuddersfield6,001-11,00
West Ham – Wolvesasian handicapWolves -15,400-11,00
Man City – Newcastleasian totalUnder 27,002-1-
Celta Vigo – Atl Madridasian handicapAtl Madrid -26,752-0-
Bologna – Interasian handicapInter -24,600-34,60
Augsburg – Mönchengladbachasian handicapMönchengladbach -1,255,301-1-
Franfurt – Bremenasian handicapFrankfurt -1,254,601-2-
Hoffenheim – Freiburgasian totalUnder 1,754,703-1-
Leverkusen – Wolfsburgdraw no betWolfsburg4,401-34,40
Angers – Lilleasian handicapLille -15,801-0-
Dijon – Caenasian handicapDijon -1,754,350-2-
Hull – Derbyasian handicapDerby -1,255,201-20,50
Preston – Boltondraw no betBolton5,102-21,00
Sheffiel Utd – Aston Villaasian handicapSheffield Utd -14,104-14,10
West Bromwich – Stokeasian handicapWest Bromwich -1,54,102-1-
Wigan – Rotherhamdraw no betRotherham4,351-0-


Good picks @Livertool & @JRE

Unlucky with Fulham throwing away a 2 goal lead, but Wolfsburg, Wolves and West Brom were all victorious Ok


Hopefully we will all have a good Sunday too Thumbs Up

pittpitt Rank 21
Rank 21
@Purps nice to see another member of the community sharing their knowledgeable pick's !
if we can benefit from that...is't gonna be like cherry picking $$$

i dont follow soccer at all ..no clue what is 'asian' lines means , but for sure the NHL season is about to start & i know what it mean...about 2500 games to cover lol

Purps Rank 20
Rank 20

Sunday 2.9.2018:

17 football bets, possibly some KHL hockey to follow soon ...

LeagueTime ( CET )MatchBet typeBetOdds
ENG premiership17.00Burnley – Man Utdasian handicapBurnley -0,255,00
ENG premiership17.00Watford – Tottenhamdraw no betWatford4,10
ENG championship13.00Ipswich – Norwichasian handicapNorwich -14,90
ENG championship14.30Bristol – Blackburnasian handicapBlackburn -0,754,70
SPA LaLiga16.15Alaves – Espanyolasian handicapEspanyol -1,758,50
SPA LaLiga20.45Betis – Sevillaasian handicapSevilla -1,254,80
ITA Serie A20.30Atalanta – Cagliariasian handicapAtalanta -37,50
ITA Serie A20,30Chievo – Empoliteam totalEmpoli over 2,56,75
ITA Serie A20.30Chievo – Empoliasian handicapEmpoli -14,80
ITA Serie A20.30Sampdoria – Napolidraw no betSampdoria5,20
ITA Serie A20.30Sassuolo – Genoaasian handicapGenoa -16,40
FRA Ligue 115.00St Etienne – Amiensasian handicapAmiens -0,254,90
FRA Ligue 121.00Monaco – Marseilleasian handicapMarseille -210,50
GER Bundesliga15.30Leipzig – Düsseldorftotal goalsUnder 1,56,00
GER Bundesliga15.30Leipzig – Düsseldorfdraw no betDüsseldorf8,00
GER Bundesliga18.00Schalke Herthateam totalHertha over 1,54,90
GER Bundesliga18.00Schalke Herthaasian handicapHertha -0,255,10


GL! Thumbs Up


Livertool Rank 24
Rank 24

I thought about Watford too, but went for boring x. Also took Arsenal -2

GL Rockon

To bet or not to bet, that is the question.
Purps Rank 20
Rank 20

4 bets to KHL hockey today:

LeagueTime ( CET )MatchBet typeBetOdds
RUS KHL14.00Yekaterinburg – Rigawinner ( OT & pen. included )Riga4,80
RUS KHL14.00Yekaterinburg – Rigateam totalRiga over 2,54,50
RUS KHL14.00Chelyabinsk – CSKAhandicapCSKA -3,510,00
RUS KHL16.30Yaroslavl – Omskteam totalOmsk over 3,55,10


Thumbs Up

JRE Rank 14
Rank 14

Today i am going for Amiens and Herta over 1,5.

Purps Rank 20
Rank 20

Sunday results:

21 bets made. 5 correct and 1,5 voided resulted on a decent 25.90 return Cash

Couple matches just fell short, especially the -3.5 on CSKA @ 10 had been a nice hit if only they scored one more goal, but there were also some last minute goals ( Hertha & Omsk ) that were awesome for the bets. 


MatchBet typeBetOddsResultReturn
Burnley – Man Utdasian handicapBurnley -0,255,000-2-
Watford – Tottenhamdraw no betWatford4,102-14,10
Ipswich – Norwichasian handicapNorwich -14,901-1-
Bristol – Blackburnasian handicapBlackburn -0,754,704-1-
Alaves – Espanyolasian handicapEspanyol -1,758,502-1-
Betis – Sevillaasian handicapSevilla -1,254,801-0-
Atalanta – Cagliariasian handicapAtalanta -37,500-1-
Chievo – Empoliteam totalEmpoli over 2,56,750-0-
Chievo – Empoliasian handicapEmpoli -14,800-0-
Sampdoria – Napolidraw no betSampdoria5,203-05,20
Sassuolo – Genoaasian handicapGenoa -16,405-3-
St Etienne – Amiensasian handicapAmiens -0,254,900-00,50
Monaco – Marseilleasian handicapMarseille -210,502-3-
Leipzig – Düsseldorftotal goalsUnder 1,56,001-1-
Leipzig – Düsseldorfdraw no betDüsseldorf8,001-11,00
Schalke Herthateam totalHertha over 1,54,900-24,90
Schalke Herthaasian handicapHertha -0,255,100-25,10
Yekaterinburg – Rigawinner incl OT & penRiga4,804-2-
Yekaterinburg – Rigateam totalRiga over 2,54,504-2-
Chelyabinsk – CSKAhandicapCSKA -3,510,000-3-
Yaroslavl – Omskteam totalOmsk over 3,55,100-45,10


The ( very much insignificant sample size ) tracking looks like this after the first weekend doing this:

 Bets totalBets WonBets VoidedBets lostTotal ReturnROI
Ice Hockey41-35,10127,50%


Unfortunately the big football leagues are on a break this upcoming week due to the new UEFA Nations League competition, which begins on thursday. Hoping that Unibet has some good offers on those matches.

KHL hockey will have plenty of matches every day, so at least there should be something to bet on.