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cris1285 Rank 21
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@Livertool wrote:

@cris1285 wrote:

As i said earlier in this topic, Liverpool somehow will f@ck up this season too. They had a huge chance yesterday. 

No way Jose. Comparing to other seasons, defence is in much better form so without some major injuries no worries.

Tottenham wouldn´t make it even if Kane and Alli were able to play, certainly not without them.

If City would be in absolute top form they could challenge pool but not the way tehy are running right now.

Even rest of season schedule favours pool soon it is time to party Wink 

Are you sure there is no way Jose? Rofl

If City wins midweek, they have the lead to crush the soul of Liverpool players. Seriously, you should know better than anyone else, that there is no sure things with Liverpool, they didnt win for so many years, and now the pressure will be huge (plus a lots of games IF they beat Bayern). 

Honestly i wish Tottenham can win it, that would be hilarious without their two best players, and still not unbelieveable (considering they have only two CL matches and no more this spring), but at the moment City is the favourite IMO, looking at the standings and how Pool play right now. I hate Manchester City, so i hope Liverpool find some energy somewhere and stay on the top - if Spurs cant do the magic. 

Ohh and welcome back @Livertool, i didnt really recognize the avatar Smile

Livertool Rank 23
Rank 23

I am absolutely sure....... when i say no way, there is usually big chance there is a way Dissatisfied

Everton is really out of shape right now so i would be very surprised if they could snatch even point from City tonight but we are back to normal saturday with Pool crushing Bournemouth Smile

West Ham game was quite bad, Firmino was terrible, Fabinho/Keita ain´t ideal for bottom of midlield and Milner struggling to play as rb which makes you wonder why they loaned Clyne out Wow But point for that wasn´t too bad, didn´t count that they win rest of the season matches like City won´t.

Everyone expected to Tottenham get some player/s january but once again no Sad Bummer. They got basically no option to rotate players at the moment and lets face it, Llorente ain´t Kane who could win games on his own.

But long way to go so we will see what happens. Tight it will be no matter what. Just the way i like it Very Happy


"I've done the math enough to know the dangers of our second guessing"
CharismaMan Rank 20
Rank 20

Need small support to victory. 


... we win together.
cris1285 Rank 21
Rank 21