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Play_Analyst Rank 12
Rank 12

Just found this on Unibet:

DartsUnibet Premier League of Darts

‎07‎ ‎Feb‎ ‎2019 ‎21‎:‎00

Total 180s
Over 7.5 6/5

Given the scoring power of both these players I think 6/5 (or2.20 if you use decimal) is great odds. 

Needless to say I've just has a little punt Smile

Right time to close this down, grab some snacks and a coffee and get ready to throw something soft at the TV (something soft because it's a 50"  screen and no way I can afford a new one lol ....... wonders if temper tantrum when a bet goes south is included on the house insurance Haha

psrquack Rank 24
Rank 24

My secret favourite for this one is Chris Dobey. I think he is able to catch the top 3 this year. The lost point against Suljovic isn't a big deal so I hope he will crush in the next rounds.

DoktorAvalanche Rank 10
Rank 10

I don't think Dobey gets any more games @psrquack. I think he was filling in for Gary Anderson who has had a back operation. I believe they have decided to give The Flying Scotsman's fixtures to a different 'local hero', lower ranked player for each event. They get a cash prize for a draw or win instead of the points. The standings just have one fewer player this year by the looks of it.

When the Denver gets Heavy..