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Have a bet that has not been settled , even though the match finished more 6 hours ago and the result is published on the official site.

Have been trying to get in contact with live support for 3 times , each time being a nightmare. Same thing , never helpful , just wanting to get rid of me as quick as possible.

I've even send an attachement to them , with the link where the result of the match is , from ITF , which is the one and only official source they could get for an ITF match. But they still continue to ignore this and don't settle the bet , saying they are waiting for the official result Rofl

The last agent i've been in contact with , Adrian , just disconnected me after 3 minutes , when i was trying to explain to him, he simply told me that "it seems we can't get along so goodbye".What the hell is going on with those guys from LC lately? Acting like they're some sort of Gods and purely ending a conversation when they want. 

And if Kambi tells them that they are waiting for the official result , even though it's been online for more than 5-6 hours , they just leave it like this? Is really Kambi doing whatever they want and Unibet doesn't have a word ? It's been really disappointing lately and sadly, it's getting worse every time.

Could you please send me via email the logs of the chat with the last agent? I wanna send a report about him and his behaviour.

Below is the bet and the result posted on ITF site :


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Hey @AndreiBN,

I'll look in to this. When it comes to unsettled bets, there is absolutely nothing more that CS can do than they already did in this case. We can then send queries to Kambi to get it settled, but in the end it will be up to them to settle it in time. I've also requested to get you a transcript of the chat via email. Smile