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Grytoy New member
New member
GR1ZZL3R Rank 20
Rank 20

Hi @Grytoy not on this one but it's common on other sites.Happy

BonusPater Rank 24
Rank 24
Yeah, does happen occasionally Smile
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Nestabear Rank 21
Rank 21

I've recently been getting it often... but I say, the more secure the better.

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AndrewUbet New member
New member

Yes, I'm getting it all the time and it's extremely annoying. Even when I choose what I think are the correct tiles, it says to try again. I filled it in about 5 times once and it said my account wasn't available just now. This is ridiculous, even just after I've signed out on the same machine and the same browser it asks me again and it asked me yet again in order to post this message. Why can't they setup 2 factor authentication? They can make a free mobile app and either message the app with a login code or have the app use a digital key that generates codes that are synced with the server. If I have to do this every time I login, I'm going to use another site instead, life's too short to sit guessing what it thinks is a picture of a storefront only for it to tell me to do it all over again.