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  1. Thank you for your help. I hope you have a great day!
  2. And after a few more... but this is in spectator mode. the action flows without people.
  3. Hi, i received this msg earlier, but i can't find any uos freeroll at 8 pm eest(Romania). Can you help me please? @Stubbe-Unibet en ver Hi Florin, We are in the midst of the UOS XII poker event. Every day players win a part of the total guaranteed prize pool, which at this edition amounts to over € 650,000. Even today you have serious reasons to play. Log in and get your ticket to the exclusive freeroll tournament that starts at 20:00, Romanian time. Prizes consisting of € 1,000 UOS tickets are waiting to be won. Participate for free. The most important UOS XIII events will follow in the coming days. Stay connected and check out the program to take advantage! The Unibet team
  4. Obviously, the length of the break is correct, so the problem seems to be the length of the seconds in the software and to compensate, once every few seconds, passes over very quickly.
  5. 1) If you look carefully, on break, every 13 seconds the timer goes over a second very quickly. 2) At the end of a hand, when the chips are in the middle and should go to the player, they disappear for a split second, it's like a flicker. Does anyone else experience this? Windows 10
  6. @Stubbe-UnibetPlease could you help us with an update?
  7. Thank you for your help, I hope you have a great day!
  8. Achievements Hands Played - Milestone Clubs This will show the total number of hands you have played. You will also be able to see your progression towards the next milestone and also how many other players have reached your current milestone. Stats are based on data from the 1st of July 2021 Hi, Can you please tell me if this statistic reset monthly? I noticed today that about 11,000 hands have disappeared. A few days ago i had 17500+ and now i see only 6905. thanks! @Andy-Unibet
  9. It's ok. I see you know about this. Thank you!
  10. Can you please help me with this situation? I receive the error on both the PC and the phone during a qualifier. The screen froze, I closed and restarted the application and now I get this error.
  11. i have the same problems as @ViperPP but on an android 10 phone.
  12. I've seen this rhetorical question too many times lately. You know the answer very well. Because in 2021, unibet is like an oasis in the desert for the poker world. There is no HUD, low-skill players, exceptional community support and staff flexibility even in complicated player-generated situations. Related to prizes, the guaranteed prizes will definitely start to increase in the autumn. Low traffic - lower guaranteed prizes. Have a great day and good luck at the tables!
  13. Great, thank you very much for your help. I'll send you a pm
  14. Hi, can I get a spreadsheet with all the mtts played from May 1st so far with the ability to put a buy-in filter? I received a spreadsheet the other day, it shows me the total profit, but I don't know where it comes from (how many mtts i played on a specific buy-in) I want to know what are the most profitable tournaments for me.
  15. Thanks for this info, I saw that you were not online and didn't know what to do to find out the password.
  16. Hi, does anyone have the password for Valueheavy?
  17. Thank you very much!!
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