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  1. Croatia vs. Spain 1:1 France vs. Switzerland 3:3 England vs. Germany 1:1 Sweden vs. Ukraine 1:2
  2. Yes please! See ya at the table man!
  3. Hey! What happened to unibet challenges. Now it seems to apply only for cash games. Before it was also in sit & go games. When Unibet changed that?
  4. Yeah I feel you. That has happened to me too. Most annoying thing is that when you have a lot of money in a big pot in cash game and you get disconnected
  5. Okay. Sounds good :) What are the best places to play if you think about the rake. What poker sites have the lowest rakes?
  6. Do you know how much unibet puts effort to keep ther client safe? Do they have a people working on bots and other scammers? Some other pokersites have integrity teams who make sure it's safe to play.
  7. Nobody knows what the criteria for being invited is. Maybe it's about how much you spent or lost or turned over in the client. I haven't ever got the ticket either.
  8. Yeah! This is interesting. I have never got invited even thoug I play poker quite actively. Would be nice to recieve a ticket on day.
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