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  1. are they done away with all together
  2. is there to be no more unibet bankroll booster freerolls not been on for a couple of weeks now has tournament been done away with?
  3. really impressed with the new layout for the unibet community anyone else agree that it is much better now
  4. I am also experiencing problems andy cannot log into client have uninstalled and reinstalled cant get into client using browser option also
  5. hi can anyone tell me how you enter into the high hand promotion please
  6. what is criteria to earn tickets to these events please
  7. sometimes when i am playing i check information bar to see how many players are left in how many places to prize etc sometimes information is missing anyone else experiencing this problem?
  8. is there no longer a unibet £10 uk tour tournament as i have ticket but it is only giving me the option to exchange ticket
  9. once again thank you very much for your help its really appreciated
  10. please can anyone give me the answer to this i had a £3 bet on a horse called Gentleman Moore at the 14.35 Uttoxeter the horse lined up to start the race but did not start as something clearly was wrong with it it says in my bet that it has lost is this correct or should i receive my stake back as technically the horse did not start the race?
  11. when i click on a player to see what betting structure on previous hands it just tells me if they raised or fold and so on but it does not show me the cards from the previous hands that they have betted on is this fixable please because it is really annoying
  12. and me still cannot log in to poker client 2 hours now
  13. getting same message at log in cant access freeroll
  14. trying to play in unibet freeroll but when try to log in it says unable to access your location is poker client down
  15. i was playing the unibet open freeroll tonight and on one hand there was 2 players who bet but there was no river card and ended up a split pot just wanted to know if anyone else experienced anything similar
  16. thanks for your reply 0 people registered because wrong password given
  17. does anyone know the password for casino.org freeroll as the one they are giving out on twitter starsbrg is not being accepted
  18. I take it ians freeroll scheduled for tonight was cancelled is everything alright?
  19. dont need to ask for access anymore just exchange them when exchange is notified in lobby
  20. it was a £1 qualifier unibet open to win £10 ticket tournament was on a break but it was dealing hands to 3 of us only stopped when break had 40 secs left but funny thing is it didnt state it was on a break when hands were getting dealt just found this really strange as there is usually a five minute break at 5 to the hour i thought i had joined during break but it was dealing out hands
  21. it was a £1 unibet open qualifier to £10 ticket it was dealing hands during break and only stopped when break had only 40 secs left lol
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