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  1. Hi! Any chance omaha banzai could make a return? I liked this game. Back when it was running it did have some action and I dont think banzai needs big player pools because table cap is 2 tables and players usually dont play really long sessions.
  2. Hi! So if I contribute min 25€ rake in a quarter I get acces for special freerolls for how long time? Also can I start contributing right now or I have to wait for July 1st?
  3. Hi! When is short deck poker coming for NL and PLO?
  4. Why is there no omaha for hexapro? When will it be introduced?
  5. Ok. Thanks for the info :) Good to know the tickets won't be worthless
  6. What happens to UOS tickets that have been won from satellites, can they be extended? One can have too many tickets, so Im just wondering what happens to extra tickets.
  7. Please add Omaha sng, I really would like to play it.
  8. Can I have a ticket for the freeroll. Alias is Lollero1
  9. Hi! I believe I have some expired UO tickets, any chance that these could be revived? Alias= Jousiampuja
  10. Hi! Are there plans to introduce speed poker/quick fold poker game variant on Unibet Poker?
  11. Nice freeroll. I would have liked to join also but I don't think I fullfill the criteria. I have a liked post from this week but unfortunately only posts from last week count, oh well maybe I can play the next one. Good luck to all!
  12. Nice promo. I would like to participate in the freeroll. :)
  13. My pick is Skulason I was thinking about betting a tie for this match but eneded up betting a tie for the earlier match between Austia and Hungary. Anyways even without any bets this is reallly interesting match. :)
  14. Thanks bonus is in my account. I have to clear the community boost bonus first. :)
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