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  1. Must have been a disconnection issue. Thanks for checking.
  2. Why would I make up something like that? I don't lie.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I'm afraid there's no chance of me reaching the €400 playthrough. I've tried but its impossible...have many players managed it? Just curious..
  4. Tried to find in history but it doesn't go back far enough I think. I'll keep trying.
  5. Got to 70000 points and I should have a €10 bonus. I think maybe its playthrough . I'm stuck in a playthrough I have no chance of filling in the next 8 days so I don't understand what the story is with this €10. Thanks again.
  6. Got to next level...got message saying €10 bonus received but its not there. It should have been there over an hour ago. Could you check this for me? Thanks.
  7. Absolutely not..there were 2. I'll check hand history..thanks.
  8. And I can name at least 3 of the other players.
  9. By the time I'd realised it was over. I swear it happened.
  10. What the hell!!!!...playing cash game 50 nl tonight. At around 10. 30 tonight the king of clubs appears in the flop. ...then in the turn. So what the hell is going on here????
  11. Bought €10 banzai instead of nlholdem...could you change it for me please? Thank you. Forever indebted....
  12. Bought banzai ticket for 2000 bonus points instead of cash game ticket..could you change it back please...thank you..
  13. When do players hear if they have got a replay reward?
  14. Been playing holdem for an hour so seen 10 flops but reward not there...what am I doing wrong? Thanks...
  15. Highly impressed with fairness of unibet.
  16. Thank you. I'm embarrassed at my own rudeness. As I said, will not happen again.:)
  17. Sorry again..I honestly didn't know I was on someone else's thread. I was rude because I was so disappointed and I was out of order. Wont happen again. Thanks for the response.
  18. Sorry , I didn't realise I was on another thread.
  19. And for a community forum, ignoring posts really defeats the point of its existence.
  20. This really is unfair...I had a bad week and was hoping to recoup some losses in the double and super double..is there nothing so this week in place of these tournaments? Not fair if so..disappointed in site that I believed tried to be fair to those on a bad streak.
  21. Any consolation for the fools that would have qualified???:(
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