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  1. And I've just logged in and this is what I get thanks PS a bit freaky how I've just wrote that comment and then it all happened straight away
  2. I'm using the mobile app android version when I play a game everytime I go back to the the lobby to see what other games are starting I just get a black screen theres nothing there. Also it keeps logging me out saying that I have logged in on another device when I haven't clearly lol Then last night a few times I tried to register for a game and it would not let me so I closed the app tried again and it did the same thing just thought I would give you the heads up thanks
  3. Well onwards and upwards for tonight's games surely my luck is due to change haha
  4. Now its just becoming a joke this getting screwed over when I'm in with the best hand at the time of going all in and everytime this happens it's when I'm nearly ITM eg with in 6tg 7tg ect I cant be bothered going threw them all in the last week so I'll give u tonight's games bearing in mind I've only played the 2 league games and 2 buy in games it cant be a coincidence cause I've not won any going the other way round
  5. The new update just loves fuking u over on the river by donkeys ps I still love unibet though haha just having no luck at the tables
  6. Some great bad beats for u all to have a look at all in the same game and at the same table PS I no it's not the poker league game
  7. I wish this was still running what odds have u got on this hand I would be upgraded to level 7 nevermind 5 @Stubbe-Unibet and I'll post the final result later
  8. At 1st I was only looking at the 1st picture thinking u didn't knock both out lol then I scrolled dow haha well played
  9. Same for me aswell riverd me happened to me twice had to rebuy In lol
  10. Theres nothing worse than getting done on the river by the board pairing ffs haha well gl all
  11. I wont be missing tonight's game after all thanks very much this is why I love unibet poker and the community best out there always happy to help cheers to all of u
  12. Gl to all tonight I cant believe that I'm going to miss tonight's games as I cant deposit till tomorrow evening that's what happens when you have a bad run of cards and have a deposit limit on your account 👁👁 from the rail gl
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