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  1. 3 weeks (21 days) elapsed, and still nothing. It is obvious that they don't want to pay me out. I searched on the net and I read many stories that unibet simply closed the account and they kept the balance and they did not give a reason why.
  2. 18th day since I uploaded my bank statement and still nothing. Live chat say (lie) the same, the relevant department has not verified my document yet. They could freeze my account many days ago (still I don't know why), but they can't verify a document in 18 days, it's a joke. Ecogra has not replied me yet.
  3. It's the 14th day and my submitted document is still not verified (on purpose, I'm sure). I except help from ecogra on next week. If there is any update, I will post here (unless they don't ban me from here)
  4. Over a month and still not verified? Good god. Are you trying to make a large withdrawal? I'm only at the 12th day (I uploaded a 2nd proof of address after they refused the first but they did not explain why, check my thread). It's ridiculous that this untrustworthy company can withheld the payout without any consequence. I contacted ecogra, I hope they will help me to save out my money from here.
  5. (Don't spam here with bulls please.) Nothing changed, it's the 12th day when unibet does not want to verify me, does not want to pay me out. I already contacted LGA, they suggested me to contact ecogra. I've done.
  6. Don't worry, I uploaded my address paper 11 days ago and it's still not verified, and the customer service does not answer me. Prepare the worst!
  7. Yes.. the regulatory authority told Unibet to not verify the uploaded document, they told Unibet to freeze my account, they told Unibet to withhold my money.. moron. Easy to write chill, it's not your account with 7000 EUR. Another day passed, nothing changed, wish I know why don't Unibet verify an address paper since 10 days, why do they withold my money.
  8. You are right. If you deposit and lose, there is no problem with it at all, they will not interrupt your game. But if you have lucky,as I had (turnovered my 315 EUR deposit to 7000 EUR, 4500 EUR in withdrawal, 2500 EUR still on my account) and try to withdraw, then surely will something happen to not receive the money in time, additional verification, delay, account frozing, bloodsucking and I'm very frustrated and angry, because I can't do anything. But I've filled the complaint at Malta LGA, I hope I will receive my rightful money one day.
  9. Yes (apart from an useless email from the customer service that the relevant department is still checking my document)
  10. I got an email that my account is frozen, because it's not verified. I uploaded my document 9 days ago and you send me an email like that? Enough of this , I fill a complaint at Malta LGA, I hope they will help me to save out my money from here.
  11. Yesterday on the live chat I was promised that my case has been changed to the most urgent category, but (of course) nothing happened in the last 24+ hours. On the verification page I can read that the verification is completed usually within 48 hours, sometimes it takes up to 5 days. I'm in the 8th day, my 4500 EUR withdrawal is still pending. It's really unacceptable.
  12. The live chat told me that the relevant department want another proof of address paper. Please speed up the process if you can!
  13. At bet365 which is much bigger company than unibet, I had to provide my ID only it was accepted in some hours, and they never harrased again me to send anything else. Unibet should learn from them.
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