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  1. Hello, Just a quick question.. has the 4k freeroll (by ticket) promotion ended..pretty sure i lost more than 20 euros last week on cash ? If it has finished is there something else in its place.. double trouble was probably one of the best freerolls ever.. regards, Marshell
  2. Thank you..Ah ! thats the first time ive heard of a tourny where you can buy in for 10x at the start.. i wasnt expecting it haha ! once agin thanks.
  3. Hi All..just played this tonight.. .I know its only a penny.but some players started with 5000 chips but I only had 500..while some others started with 1500? is this normal?
  4. Hi Newbie type question here.. but why does my bankroll decrease overnight without me even playing..is this because I deposit in GBP and Euro exchange rate fluctuates and thats why ? Just wanted to check im not being charged comission or something else.
  5. Thanks..I kinda realised about 30 secs after posting.. they also appear to be counting down to a main event E1 ?
  6. Hello All. I was just wanting to know what the meaning of the Exxx numbers are on UOS tournament descriptions ?for example tonight at 19:30 is a 25 euro torny E118... whats E118 refer to ?Its probably pretty obvious once I know lol.. best Regards, M.
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