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  1. Thx, i was pissed off just because it happened twice :)
  2. Thanks! I just wanted to point the fact that i dont lie about the ticket! @Andy-Unibet good day!
  3. thx for solving up my case. i still wait @Andy-Unibet apologisez because he kinda told that i lie! and he was wrong not me, he better look up more carefull next time. because im not posting here to claim 10$ if i dont deserve it! good day!
  4. Go watch my screens, to see why im pissed off, cuz is not tur first time he does it to me like this @HardGain
  5. Want more evidences? You say i have used the ticket? Where is it? stop lie, go post hands history, buy in. With my nick , and mail!! @Andy-Unibet
  6. Stop saying LIES i ve never got it, even the 25$ one look this my history hands if i use it? Why there s none history? start being more carefull. And watch out more, im not the one spamming lies here. watch my niciname mail: noone knows my acc, and the time u say i was using in. I was actually not home. so please fix this, and i want apologizes also!
  7. @Andy-Unibet @Andy-Unibet @Andy-Unibet @Andy-Unibet
  8. hello, i am writing you this becasue i ve got an email with a $10 ticket. i still no have it in my acc. i also had this problem long time ago and it vanished please resolve it this time! sincerly, alex screen:
  9. Hello, i had a time that i was mass-playing .. hexa/sit .. i guess everybody gets personal "gifts" by time.. i dont think that you had never got one.. probably i have won that ticket... but i couldnt play it. Idk why :( .w8ing mods to solution me :/ p.s. It was strict for sit and go! @FunckyFish
  10. hello, thank you for according your time to my problem, and replying me. I remember that i was looking at the tickets and there was shown noone, but i dont disagree you. hopefully i can get back my ticket, as the mods can see i was not playing it :) @FreedoM
  11. Hello unibet team, I have a problem that i wanna discuss about. Some time ago i got a mail from UNIBET that there has been sent a 25$ ticket SNG to my account. I logged to check and it never arrived. Now i contact live chat and they redirected me to you. I really wanna use the ticket, it means a lot to me. I can post print screens with the message i got, and my HISTORY, to see that i have neved used this. Can you please fix this problem? I ve never had bad problems with this platform.. I attach the pics below
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