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  1. @RayL Hi, In the past two days I had a message "Unable to identify your location", so I couldn't login and I lost my €5 UK Tour Ticket, because it expired meanwhile. Can I have it back? The client is working well now. Thanks :)
  2. Hi @Heroix ! Tag the mods, @Ray-Unibet and @Jeppe-Unibet... They may help you :)
  3. It's a roller coaster of fortune. In the good days you're up, and whatever cards you play with, the perfect ones come up in the right moment and help you win the pot, but in the bad days you get beaten even with the best holecards... You can minimalize your loss, if you learn to manage bad days well :)
  4. @RayL , thanks for info :)
  5. Maybe @Livertool is right and I should be a duck to get ticket, but I am only a blackbird...
  6. So it is a mystery... :laugh:
  7. @JeppeL , @RayL Hi Guys, What is the condition of getting ticket to Hexapro flip? I have found nothing about it...
  8. Thanks @Leo-Unibet! Good luck all! :)
  9. A tournament turned up in the list today so I could register and don't lose the ticket :)
  10. Thanks @FeelsBadMan ! I hope it appears in the lobby before the ticket expires...
  11. Hi @RayL , @JeppeL , I have a €10 Unibet UK tour ticket expiring shortly (Sunday evening). I checked the tournament list in the past few days, but there were no events to register that ticket at all. Can you help me, how can I use it, please? Thanks in advance!
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