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  1. i want to request personal nfl bets. where can i do this?
  2. Thanks for sharing my information without my consent. But that's not rakeback. It should be a amount. Most sites is weekly.
  3. When will we receive our rakeback I haven't received a penny
  4. Of course online poker is juiced up and not the same as ordinary live poker. The rng is not the same as your normal dealer. And no one is mentioning why did manyof the sites stop HH Its all fishy Like on party poker if you win a rake race. Next month DON'T play they will take it back. THE Beats. One outed in ohama more than once in a week. Its all shady But you can't prove it. So this decision is pointless. No site is going to admit it
  5. not on this site admin feel free to put my hands out for scuntiny and you can see. and the worse thing is i own 20 shares in the kindred group :haha::laugh:
  6. that play made no sense i fell your pain
  7. phil galford himself could not beat this software. no way
  8. @pinki Who are you exactly? I'm quite confused at the moment
  9. Bro they not going to admit it. Remember you can't get hand histories. Cos THEY Protecting the players . So if they do have a superuser (I don't know if they do or don't) you can't prove it. The beats on here are ridiculous tho
  10. That's alot of big blinds for a a pl4 table.
  11. Hi I made a post months ago and they said they will get back to me and not a word @Andy-Unibet
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