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  1. Hi I was using Android, (Huawei Y5 Lite) Thanks for helping
  2. The app didn't open the table after registering and after trying to access the table so many times without success i was told I'm eliminated from the tournament and i finished position 2, and still after being told i finished 2nd, i didn't get paid for 2nd or they don't pay? Please help
  3. thanks, about the bug, how do i get around it and play?
  4. Hi mate, i got the ticket and went on to register and after registration the software didn't open the table, it minimise my app. I tried to go back to minimise app and it did the same thing it's like it's opening the table but eventually crashes and minimise the app in less than 5minutes after registering it did all this, and i decided to restart my phone and when i login again it did even try to open the table to show that I'm registered in a tournament and when i checked my ticket is used up. funny part i registered in the €8 unibet freeroll early today and this didn't happen it only happen on hexapro Please help, thanks
  5. I also got the email but didn't receive the ticket Thanks in advance
  6. Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm new In this community and I'm glad I met you, Please help me, how do I get the bankroll boost freeroll password for tonight Thank you in advance
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