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  1. Hi, I've restricted my casino activity for 6 months. I'd restricted forever if it would be possible. But I keep getting these casino promos that I can never use. I login to my account, I see the yellow number at the top, I'm thinking ok I got a bonus, great. But then I see it's yet another unusable casino bonus. So stop sending these if my casino account is unusable.
  2. Hi, I still haven't receive my 25 lei freebet from the 16-17 March CL matches. I did place a bet builder bet of 50 lei pre-game odds higher than 1.40, on the Bayern - Lazio game. Here's the initial bet id: 3438381687 Please help!
  3. Hi! So I restricted my casino access because of a bad run, but free spins are free so they should be available, I mean there's no risk of losing anything, right? Can I maybe get a sports bonus instead?
  4. Hi, I won 10 free spins for Poe's Treasure mini game, but I can't use them because (i'm guessing) i opted out of casino. But minigames are part of bingo, this doesn't make any sense. Can I please get, instead, a gift that I can actually use?
  5. Had 2 x 2 EUR Hexapro games ongoing, not big prizes, but still... And suddenly the window froze, I couldn't do anything. Relaunched the browser. After 2-3 minutes, it came back, only one table remaining and it i had 100 chips left. It's not a big deal now, but in the future I would be less eager to start a new game if I know something like this might happen again...
  6. Hi, So I have received a bonus of 50 spins for starburst, but I cannot use them, as I blocked casini access. But these being free, I find no reason for me to still be blocked, since I'm not using my own funds. Is there a solution for this? Maybe convert it to a sportsbetting bonus? Thanks!
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