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  1. Thanks @RayL, appriciate your efforts. I presume then that the remiander of the stake would then be refunded if it was split? Cheers James
  2. Thanks for your thoughts mate, would definately appricaite a definitive answer on this please! @Jeppe-Unibet or @Ray-Unibet
  3. Hello all, I have Johnny May to place top 4 try scorers (to score most tries in competition: May,Johnny (England) (1-4) including playoffs question, how does this work with 2 or more people tied in first, second, third and fourth places etc. If there are 4players tied in first place with 5 tries and Johnny May comes second place with 4 tries, would that pay out on him coming second top try scorer? I presume if 2 players tie for first with 5 tries for example, then there are 8 players joined on 4 tries in second place, if Johnny May is one of the 8, the bet would pay out?
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