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  1. I don’t know if this is the right place to post this suggestion, but it’ll put it here for want of somewhere more appropriate to put it. Grosvenor Poker runs a promotion and I think something similar would work extremely well on Unibet. Two of the Grosvenor Pros (Jamie Nixon and Katie Swift) run a weekly ‘Home Game’ style poker event. As well as the usual payout structure, there are points for a monthly league. The winner of each league wins some cash, but the main prize is the opportunity to play in a six-handed Sit N Go with four of the Grosvenor Pros. Should one of the qualifiers win that, there is a decent cash prize, which rolls over if it is not won. The SNG is also streamed live. The qualifying home games are priced at £11, so they are very accessible to most players. The promotion has been excellent for reinforcing the relationship between the pros (and therefore the provider) and the playing community. Ian Simpson already hosts a home game on Unibet, so the main building block is already there. I think the Unibet playing community would relish the opportunity to play a SNG with Ian, Dara, David, Monica and / or the others.
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