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  1. @Stubbe-UnibetIt says Firefox 88. I did update it when I started having the problem but rolled it back because it didn't make any difference and I didn't like the newer version. I can't play on Chrome because the computer keeps switching off when I use that for games.
  2. I've just tried it on Chrome and it shows the same message. It's only this game.
  3. Cash Elevator stopped working on Thursday and I'm still getting this same error message. Does anybody know if it will be fixed?
  4. I have no idea how to do a video of the issues (technophobe) but here's the screenshots of the system and display tabs. I think the latest update of the lobby may be too much for the graphic card of my laptop. Maybe one of the game developers would like to give me a big win so I can buy a new laptop.
  5. I mentioned the other day on the casino forum page that games were not working properly on Firefox since the update. I am now using a different laptop and am having the same problem. The reels either spin so slowly that it makes the game unplayable (Sticky Cowboys) or they run for a few spins then slow down or keep spinning for a few minutes (Wolf Gold, Mustang Gold, Mega Moolah), the same thing happens with some in Chrome too. I closed my session down last night because it became too frustrating to use; is there any way of reverting back to the old lobby so the games will play properly again?
  6. The game has stopped working it's showing this message - Sorry, an error has occurred, please contact casino support
  7. I'm using a laptop with Microsoft 10 64 bit.
  8. The games are not working properly on Firefox since this new update today. I have 9 favourite games and am having issues with all of them; most are running slow, Sticky Bandits is so slow it is unplayable, the reels on Fire Joker are not showing any images until they stop spinning. I updated Firefox and the issue hasn't improved. I tried to play Cash Elevator on Chrome and it shut down my computer. I have spent nearly £90 today already just trying to get the games to work. Is anyone else having these issues?
  9. When I hit a losing streak I take advantage of the Take a Break feature, that way it stops me from losing money I cannot afford to lose, I usually find that when my self-exclusion is over I start winning again. Saying that though, I have just had over 700 spins on Wolf Gold and the bonuses didn't come up once which is strange as they usually come up between 70-200 spins, hopefully it will get back to normal soon.
  10. There is a problem with the Mega Moolah game, it says there is a 404 error and that the game doesn't exist.
  11. I'm using Firefox and it still isn't working for me. It keeps saying external error please close the game and start it again from the lobby. I've cleared cache and cookies and left it for a while but it's still not working, it's only that game. I'll try it tomorrow.
  12. I have been trying to play Wolf Gold but the game keeps crashing. It either says to refresh the game or to go back to the lobby. Is this a known issue?
  13. I'm having the same problem, I cannot withdraw money. I've tried Firefox and Chrome and neither will work.
  14. I opted in to today's game, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but it isn't loading. I've tried Chrome and Firefox but it crashes at the end of the loading bar on both. Is there an issue with this game?
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