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  1. really good news!!! thx your work and appreciate the effort!
  2. hi guys! i guess the emails you sent didn't do much effect unfortunately multiple ppl still ratholing at the tables. i am speaking of those who were using the same alias since i joined this site. despite of this bad situation i see and really appreciate the effort you make by continuously working on the software. ofc course there is always room to improve but the software is getting better and better by every update!! thx 4 your work ;)
  3. giphy finally some visible card backs!! amazing news for me!
  4. hi guys! i am getting these tickets but i can hardly find freezouts. can i use multiple tickets in reentry/rebuy(addon) tournaments?? or is it only good for the 1st buy in? PS: i hope MTT/sng palyers got some similar promos and they can win some CG tickets. that would be fair :)
  5. I wrote that I play the classic MSS (50bb) This strategy implies that we leave the table when we have more than 90bb you wrote twice in this thread you play MSS and still claiming not ratholing LMAO!!! tenor let me be clear: SSS/MSS strategies are the definition of ratholing!!! SaneUnrulyAsianlion-size_restricted
  6. @P0kerM0nk ofc you were not hostile! and neither me if it seemed like i do apologize ;) i know pokersites want to level the filed as much as they can. fortunately it is unpossible. if UB want some recent betsizings they have to check some HHs on their own. that is a representative sample! tbh till we can not get customizable sizing buttons i can live with whatever option.
  7. whatever! i got your point. tbh it is way better for me if recs uses random/bad 3b/4b sizes and faster to point them out. and the samplesize they will get about customers opinion by filling that spreadsheet will be really negligible anyway!
  8. @Andy-Unibet good job guys and thx your work very much!! 'Automatic ratholing prevention is on the development roadmap and will hopefully eliminate this issue in the future." the sooner the better! LFG!
  9. tenor finally they are doing sg about ratholing!!! ofc it would be better if the software could prevent it fully but this baby step shows some effort i really appreciate!!
  10. i filled a spot with my preferences. one thing i do not get by watching others suggestion on preflop sizings in CG. why would someone give multiple open sizes??? it can be set by mouse wheel by 0.5bb (only 2.2bb is not available by mouse :) ) imo way better to set up an openraise a 3b and a 4b size and one could fine tune each of them (according to villains stack/sizings) with the mousewheel by 0.5bb ;)
  11. everyone can has own opinion/preference i accept that. i am quite paranoid when money involved. better be safe than sorry (ofc everything can be hacked)! on my Betfair account someone from Brasil tried a few times (in the last 4 month) to log into my account but failed. there i have 2FA. i do not know if i didin't have what could happened. i have no clue (but hardly doubt) if somehow could get my PW there. having a second barrier makes me feel better!
  12. @WuDu i only play on my PC and even using capitals in all my PWs ;) thanks for your educated advices! ofc this would be an option to use!!! i see recreationals do not want more hustle when logging in once a week. they do not have the 2 sec extra time before losing their hard earned money.
  13. @Livertool : "You can always withdraw your money after session if you are afraid." - not really. you have to pay some rake before u withdraw. (i do not know the exact amount, depending on the deposit) and as @Esir mentioned it would not be mandatory, those who hold a couple of hundreds or less why would bother with more safety. in 2021 it is a must option to have if they wanted to keep up with the rest of the competition!
  14. hi guys! came to share my opinion about this topic! imo in this day and age it is necessary to have a secure account on any given website not even speaking about those where people keep money!! so please find a way to introduce some 2FA method on unibet. it can be via sms/token/google authenticator i do not mind which one just want to feel safe about my money on your site!!! thanks forward!
  15. hey guys! it would be really nice if we could see the stacks in big blinds on cash game tables like MTT players do for a long time. i hope you can make this happen soon! thx forward :)
  16. @RayL dear Ray! "tomorrow" has gone by a few days and i still do not have my CG reports of august. that's why i decided to ask it for the 3rd time and i would be grateful if you could send it with the actual CG reports of september!!
  17. @JeppeL cmon man!!! paper in 2k19?? i care about the trees :D i use notepad for this purpose ;) but ofc it would be easier to make it in the software.
  18. @Stubbe-Unibet i do not know how the mobile UI looks like :D anyway i am very happy to hear you will make bigger fonts, thx very much!!
  19. does anyone at unibet checking this thread? i am begging you to send my august cash game results, please!! (if there was a faster way to get the reports feel free to let me know!!)
  20. hello! can i get my cash game reports on august?! thx forward!
  21. that is so sad, thx 4 the reply
  22. hi there! is it possible to exchange the 25$ CG ticket into bonus points? that would be so nice of you! i would like to do it because i do not like playing under 100bb and i can not reload my stack when playing with a ticket. i prefer play through bonuses over CG tickets. thx forward! yours sincerely!
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