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  1. I don't. I play mini games quitr a bit though. At this point I don't expect anything but another excuse.
  2. Lol. You guys should offer me at dozen spins on this wheel. The fact that nobody never admited to me that there was an actual technical problem when everybody knows relax gaming was honest about it... ok you were honest about it but nobody never actually take responsability for anything. I deposit 2 to 3k per month and wager around 20k every single month..Is that really too much to ask to give me a couple spins on the wheel when in fact, it should be at least 20. Now you made an update, cheaper prizes and no bugs anymore../ but I am left with thin air as usual.
  3. As usual, no. I was told there was no problem and got the usual generic answer from a support agent that won't do more than absolutely nothing :)
  4. @Stubbe-Unibet i also got a double trouble ticket but no ticket for the christmass 1500 euros freeroll in one hour even if I passed 5 missions this week.... but I can understand since sometimes I have to play on mobile and there is a problem with rewards more than not... can someone help
  5. 200 but the level goes backwards instead of leveling up most of the time on mobile. But relax gaming said they would look into it... 8 months ago
  6. Again.... level 200 at 97%... game crashes and loyalty goes back to 83%.... and nobody answer here??
  7. I have experienced this so many times. I play on mobile only and i am at level 199. It happened at least 10% of every level. Sometimes more than once on each level. 97%... deposit... loose 20$ ..... 89%... yeah ok... I eventually stopped complaining since nobody seemed to care or respond something worth the time. So it does happen to other players :o I cant even count how much level up I missed over time. Is there any way I could receive a compensation for once?
  8. Hi, I remember the first time I discovered netent slots. I won 300 on wild rockets and couldnt believe it. I always like unibet even if sometimes I felt very little care about me, the canadian market customer. 90% of the promo offered to me nowadays are one of the best I see around. The only problem? It's bonus money offered if a certain ammount is wagered on evolution live games. I would love to but geo blocked for canadians since they signed an exclusity deal with loto quebec, the entity that runs online gambling in my province. Yeah, the governement does that here. It's silly and all they offer in the portfolio is a couple roulette and blackjack table. What do I need to do to have a casino manager I can be put in relation with? I lost 1000$ every month for the last years and all I get is 20 euros bonus once or twice a year. No deposit bonuses, no free spins... only the pleasure to play high rtp games. Also, what happened to etransfer cashouts? The provider had problems with delays about 2 months ago but after 2 weeks of struggling, it never happened again. The way your ecopayz works for cashout is great but it not something ad reliable as an etransfer and piece of mind that comes with it. So I cant ask anyone after another week in the negative and not receiving anything? I know that as a player, I choose to play here. But I wouldnt play elsewhere if you could reward loyalty a little bit more :)thx
  9. At the level I am now, can I also have a voucher now :) keep winning bad prizes
  10. Is it possible to discuss cashback deal or anything? I have to beg for rewards or promos but I would get a ton of it anywhere else. its your fault since I like green :) the color I mean not money... i would change activity if I did :) hha
  11. All unibet is offering me since many months is bonuses after wagering on live games only with evolution provider. Which is geo blocked since 6 months in canada. I even asked chat to change it for netent live games but obviously dangerous to ask for such change :). I play at unibet almost daily since 10 years and I am never offered even 5$ once a month. Not even a happy birthday with 10 spins on starburst lol. I dont get it honestly.
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