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  1. hello i got one ticket for the tournument at 8.00,maby its to late to get one for the ealier tournument at 6.00.thanks.exating.whith reegards. christina
  2. i finished in position 255, i wonder where my 300 sek is.it was another name there.its not muchs .but it was the last time i play in some casinotornement
  3. im not shore if i do dis right.sorry.but i wonder how i can get 1 ticket
  4. oh im sorry,christina.its the swedish cold and snow.sorry again
  5. he,he.keep going,its fun to be here whith you.christina
  6. hello im christina from sweden. i played poker for 6 month now,mosly freerolls.i get better and better. can i ask for one ticket here? whith reegards.christina
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