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  1. Currently heads up with TruDat2 in the €10 Community pko
  2. Seeing as half the world is self quarantining and we are all bored of our as no live games to go to why not get another online league going
  3. Was playin one of the Ian Simpson tourneys and the €33 IPO tourney on Unibet last night when all of a sudden little parcel icons started flying left right and centre 35 in total adding up to over €200 in cash €230 in bonuses Bout 160k in points and and a boatload of tourney tkts to many to mention , anyone have clue to what the f**k happened, im not complaining , it was just BANG nowarning or explanation
  4. got 2nd in the Malta community fr but apparantly the guy who won name nobody recognises
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