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  1. He has, multiple times. I only logged my displeasure on here as he cant login as you’ve blocked his account and stolen his money. Your final message basically stated you’ve STOLEN his money and to contact the governing bodies. You and your company are a joke.
  2. But it’s fine for someone to suggest another person is doing something dodgy? If you’re going to police the forum I’d suggest you start by stopping people from accusing others of nonsense.
  3. There’s always one idiot.. that sir, is you.
  4. But yes the idea of them sending a letter out and you sending in the verification code would be the easiest solution to verifying an account but if they did that people would easily verify their account and then how would they steal your money? They’d have to actually pay up when you process a withdrawal. Funnily enough these companies are so hard on combating crime by following the EDD on withdrawal but they’ll happily take deposits all day long without any of this. Funny that.
  5. I fully get the need for verification but at this point it’s getting ridiculous. They’ve now decided to close his account and confiscate (I.E. STEAL) his money and have advised he contacts eCogra for a resolution. I couldn’t be any more disgusted with this company.
  6. Hi I'm absolutely disgusted with UniBet for the way they're treating my father in law. This is by far the worst betting company in existence. My father in law won about £170 and when he went to withdraw he had his account frozen and was asked for proof of address and ID, which is obviously fair enough. They said they accepted a PDF download for the document and a photo of the ID. Sent those in. They then asked for a photo of him holding his passport to his face. Bit ridiculous but OK, that's fine, sent that in. They then ask for a document sent through the post which is sends. They state this wasn't a document sent through the post (even though it was) and request another one. He orders a statement from his energy company and sends that when it comes. Once again, he's told that wasnt sent through the post. AND FINALLY.. The best of all.. after a photo of his passport, a photo of him holding his passport to his face and 3 proof of address documents he's now being told he has to take a selfie with his proof of address document whilst standing outside his house with the house number clearly visible! You bunch for of corrupt, thieving toe rags! This is beyond a joke it really is.
  7. Hi Does an In play double/treble count toward the 5 in play bets for the £10 Bonus? As long as all the selections are in play and on the specified sports? Thanks
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