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  2. I wouldnt say rebuys "increase varience". And for cash players, its even better when you can rebuy with toping your stack deeper. Essentially, rebuy is just an ability to start the tournament again with late reg. Now Late Reging sure, does increase varience and thats because we dont start with equal stacks anymore and blind levels have increased. Good luck at the tables!
  3. Stubbe Thunberg: Let's not derail this thread! "Trust the experts, trust the science!" Also Stubbe Thunberg: Derails this thread even further! Opposing view points are not up for discussion. Does it? Cases over the past 2 years vs vaccinations over the past year: Bobic didn't perform well for Stuttgart before getting another chance with Frankfurt which lead to the Hertha job. I'm not so sure if he's really a good manager at all. Frankfurt had some pretty sick scouting while he was there (Jovic, Rebic, Kamada, Haller, Younes, Kostic, Silva, N'Dicka, Wolf...) and Kovac/Adolf as coaches which might have inflated his performance as their GM. A little similar to Heidel's performance in Mainz before moving to S04 in 2016. It's pretty easy to be seen as a great GM when in the 13,5 years from 2001-2014, your coaches for 12,5 years are named Klopp and Tuchel.
  4. I think it will end in December. Only 10 players left and noone can pick Bayern anymore. We can only trust in Greuther to keep on losing now! So my next pick is Leverkusen.
  5. Today
  6. Different resources so can't be prioritized against each other Also want to make it clear custom has never been mentioned on here. What's been discussed is simply changing the default values. Thereby not said I don't think custom might be coming, it just wont be anytime soon.
  7. So if Hertha survived that last minute equalizer they would surely not sack Dardai? How stupid that is, Hertha was def not in superb form but they grind some results and the play was not a disaster. Got the feeling now could be much worse sine squad is def not amazing.
  8. Of course its much more complex than a yes or no. Thats why im triggered when i see the labels like selfish etc. (and of course the antivaxers with the conspiracy theories). Back on topic i hope Dardai leaves Hertha forever. Feel bad for the guy, he is always there to help and save these mofos from relegation, but when things are not going well (actually not that bad neither), garbage. Crossing the fingers that HBSC starts the next season in BuLi2.
  9. This is factually incorrect. There's no significant difference in viral load for symptomatic and asymptomatic cases. Might have come across a bit harsh, as I got triggered by the "crap vaccine" and more comments. Again, I agree it is complex, but I also believe that the motivation for taking the vaccine shouldn't just be about your own personal health This is part of the point of my original comment. The decent ICU numbers now as well as low death rate is primarily because of the vaccine.
  10. No it wasn't but to give statements that "now we can live again" cause we got vaccine and if you passport to proof that you got shot is main reason for high numbers right now, not people who hasn't take the shot. Yes it does for some, very small percent of people. High percent has no symptoms at all or minor ones, to this group vaccine does nothing. Nothing good anyways. Anyone is free to take the shot, i got no problem with, even suggest to do so if you belong to risk group. Don't really get this blaming game. To me it is lot more selfish to take shot and use that as excuse to live like time before covid than not get vaccine and limit your living with avoiding either getting virus or spreading it until something that actually works is invented. If cure is impossible to find then we just have to live with it. I can buy as excuse to push that shot the fact that without vaccine it is more likely to end up intensive care and therefore you are eating healthcare resources but so far it is very small percent of people that end up to ICU, at least here.
  11. Hmmm, nobody would have picked Hoffenheim if you know that Fuerth will score 3 goals... Next matchday I think all of you still can pick Leverkusen... and slowly I start to hate Greuther Fuerth being in the Bundesliga... But you all know, soon a week will come when all of you will be out... If we started this competition on the week Bayern Munich played vs Augsburg, 80% of all participants would have been gone... Lets see - next match day is another milestone. And I feel like whether all of you will win it or the competition will be over This time, I don't think that Greuther Fuerth will have a chance... but maybe that's a good sign that they will get an unexpected point? Fingers crossed that all matches will end with a draw Well done to all remaining players! The final table is set - who has the balls to not pick Bayer Leverkusen? I didnt expect that this community promotion will run into Christmas as well! Lets see if we will have some survivors into 2022!
  12. Of course it is more complex. You can also suffer from a condition which makes the vaccine risky. Or if you stayed locked in at home without contact with anyone in public, I couldn't care less either. I was generalizing above as the vast majority of unvaccinated people don't have these health complications, stay at home etc. And of course it's not completely without risk. But the risks are much less significant than from covid itself. Sorry to hear about your relatives, but those aren't ordinary cases of course (not for highest risk age group either). Anyway, let's stick to the Bundesliga (or 2. Bundesliga ) topics. I know I derailed the thread further myself
  13. Hi @GIO333, no further refunds for disconnections will be issued to your account, outside confirmed server issues. I believe you were informed of this last year. I'd recommend moving from a wireless to wired connection and using the desktop client rather than the web client whenever possible to ensure you have a stable connection before commencing any future sessions.
  14. Excellent! thank you very much @Andy-Unibet !
  15. Hi @HardGain, It's been extended until the end of the year.
  16. Sorry @GIO333, been unexpectantly away from my laptop today. Looking into it now for you.
  17. Can someone help me please? @Stubbe-Unibet @Andy-Unibet
  18. Thats not that simple. One of my far relative died, and an other one had to be hospitalised because of the side effects of the vaccines (she got lucky tho). These vaccines are not properly tested, especially not for long term. Taking the shot has the risk as well, and really, we dont know any long term effects, nothing, zero, nada. Its plain silly to call the unvaccinated people selfish. Nb i am vaccinated, because of travelling purposes only.
  19. how is these changes more important then custom betting buttons?
  20. I personally dont feel bad about that as a hungarian, i dont really care. But i understand if someone does. This avatar is clearly a gipsy, and the worse one, who stole all of those jewellries. Quite bad choice tbh, UB could have chosen a typical guy or girl in a folk dance costume (polka or csardas known worldwide), pictures of Prague, Budapest or whatever. There are plenty characteristics being less controversial. Whats next, naked girls from a casting? Because thats pretty common in this region
  21. Of course not. It wasn't sold as a miracle cure that'd completely prevent infection. However, it does significantly reduce transmission - this is not up for discussion, unless you don't believe in the studies, experts and science in general - and to me it's plain ignorance and silly to say the vaccine doesn't work or it's crap. So, you've got a vaccine which limits transmission and makes it significantly less likely to experience severe symptoms. Unless you truly only care about yourself - "I'm a healthy individual with little to no risk of getting serious symptoms" - or has been infected somewhat recently I don't see how one can be against getting getting the vaccine. The restrictions and whatever blame might be passed around, that is a completely different discussion
  22. Thanks @dynamo for your effort ! How about now @Seb-Unibet? It seems we're down to Top 10 now! Any animated reactions etc. forthcoming? Congrats to everyone making Top 10
  23. This world is becoming a joke, people get offended by everything these days, perfect example is a digital avatar that doesn't change their life with absolutely anything.
  24. We made day 2, still not in the money but have a comfortable position. Didn't realise they were all rebuys etc so might not play except the nanos as im not an mtt player and as rebuys are enabled its higher variance. Doing well in cash, up 8 and half buyins since yesterday. Guess my username at the cash tables and you get a present???
  25. Nor prevent infected to spread it around. That is the point. Vaccine is crap, pretty much helps only fat or otherwise sick people but people got wrong sense of security with taking the shot and politicians manifesting that it is time to live again. But lets blame unvaccinated people whether they ever have been infected or not, it doesn't matter. That is just insane. Lets also take their wage away even they could have got infection being vaccinated. https://talksport.com/football/987517/joshua-kimmich-serge-gnabry-fined-bayern-munich-covid-19/
  26. Guilty as charged I guess i should be less aggro against them and believe their range goes from total crap to top.
  27. tagging also @Seb-Unibet @Stubbe-Unibet just to be sure
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