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  2. Sorry for the question, but I wanted to know this. If a market is blacklisted but you are a tourist can you play from your accout via VPN for a short period? For instance a week?
  3. Blacklisted market. And you'll need a pretty amazing internet connection due to distance to server
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  5. Hello, it is legal to play Unibet poker from Indonesia or no? Because the apps, do not work, only browser version. And I lost due Unibet disconnections 2 hexapro games, 1x10 1x5, when Internet was OK, but Unibet access was restricted during the game 🙂
  6. I'm gonna troll on so many levels! I'm gonna troll troll troll. You're gonna get so tired of trolling, you're gonna say: "Mr. Wudu please, we don't wanna troll anymore, it's too much!" And he's gonna say: "I'm sorry, we're gonna keep trolling because we're gonna make Wudu great again!"
  7. Rough months for @GR1ZZL3R. First he's duped into getting vaxxed 4 or 5 times, then Meghan Markle breaks up his beloved royal family, Sleepy Joe causes war and economic downturn and now Far-Left German Magazine Der Spiegel takes down Shitty. Paying players under the table. Nice. Funnelling money into the club via absurd "sponsorship"-deals. Nice. I'm totally shocked! I thought the 1,5 B City net spent on transfer fees alone since 07/08 were just a little initial investment and we were just jealous.
  8. While Pep is widely known as bald fraud not many know that yours truly has been referred as bald win for obvious reasons. Whether they act against City with taking points or not ain't so big deal to me overall as winning titles retrospectively is not what i am looking for but hopefully this is finally wake up call that finance usage of clubs are more carefully monitored upfront, not ten years back. Still wouldn't mind if stripped out to the backbone for a lesson 😄
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  10. Nothing is gonna happen. We all knew whats going on for a decade, i mean its obvious. Most probably couple of millions as a fine, but im not delusional to think they will do the right thing.
  11. Yeah sure...Like when they excluded Shitty from the UCL a few years ago and they weaseled themselves back in. Next season they were even in the final! https://www.redbubble.com/de/i/t-shirt/Kahler-Betrug-Pep-Guardiola-von-LucasPeixoto/40284907.NL9AC
  12. I dont know nothing ever comes from this things so im cautious. Probably some fine and maybe points deduction in new season or maybe this one since City already losing it. No way they do that to previous seasons. I dont see it.
  13. The most interesting thing is if the groupmates in UCL will sue UEFA to give them 6 points for all games against City. Or Premier League clubs starting to demand the 3 points. Maybe some positions or even the relegated teams will be changed. It's really interesting.
  14. Dunno but hopefully everything is removed as an example towards other sugar daddies. Even if titles are given to 2nds it ain't the same as winning them in real time so the bigger the sanctions the better....and then some more cause it is City we are talking about 😆
  15. I really hope the nutcracker won't be incoming.😆
  16. Glad they didn't win any UCL titles. It would be funny giving the 2nd the throphy. Btw, what will happen with the FA- and League Cup games?
  17. All the kneeling from past few years stuck to players muscle memory?
  18. Might be titles incoming 💪 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sportbible.com/football/man-city-premier-league-titles-alleged-financial-rules-256599-20230206.amp.html
  19. It would be awesome having a little community promotion like this.
  20. "Manchester City have been charged by the Premier League over breaking financial rules across nine seasons, the league announced on Monday." https://www.espn.com/soccer/soccer-transfers/story/4870556/man-city-charged-over-multiple-ffp-breaches I don't know what the biggest fine is but if it's some money only then everything will be fine.🤑
  21. Can see you managed to find the chat and get it sorted 🙂
  22. Hi all, I signed up and used the ‘money back up to €40’ bonus. I verified my account and everything before placing a bet. I bet on esports (€35) on odds of 2x and lost. The bonus says that I get my stake back if I lose (I’m assuming for the first bet, which this is). Anyway, I haven’t got my stake back and the live chat support isn’t working. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance
  23. Originally I wasn't going to give you €5 as technically it's a legacy mistake as I've not been putting GTDs in the descriptions both because the GTD is obvious in the lobby and to eliminate issues like this but I did change the GTD so should have fixed the description so.. €5
  24. Hi @Andy-Unibetcan i get a fiver for that unibet open typo that you already fixed?
  25. The alias translates to something like 'the Romanian is ugly'(but 'hidos' / ugly- can be interpreted as something a bit worse like disgusting or something like that too...), I mean it's not an OK alias to use but it doesn't offend me at all(especially because it was clearly used by another Romanian); again, well done @Andy-Unibetfor blocking the alias but I don't think this is a case of racism or other type of hate involved- most likely just a fellow Romanian that wanted to troll other Romanians...
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