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  2. Hi @haselnut, I've added another ticket for you. I have a suspicion that it's related to bet approval and the delay causes the ticket to not trigger. We're going to try and investigate if this is the reason and if so, if it can be fixed.
  3. What an interesting batch of games we got coming up! 1 x 2 0.0 0.0 0.0 x x x Please provide the predictions in a form above, keep in mind that there's 8 games chosen, if the games are not written in your prediction, I will take the results in order of my screenshots. Ask away if you have any questions.
  4. To me, the most surprising was actually how few chances France created. If we forget about the offsides - which we should - Germany were the better team in regards to chances and possession imo. Also felt like there were surprisingly many bad passes from both team. Germany more or less played like I expected them to and still think they have a decent chance at winning the whole thing Few tactical changes and they can definitely play better than yesterday Think these were the opportunities in the game: Pogba header/shoulder 15th min on corner (over the goal) Mbappe a minute later with a long range shot easy to save for Neuer. The goal in 20th minute Big chance for France: Rabiot shot on post in 52nd min Huge chance for Gündogan in the 38th where he hits it terribly Big chance for Gnabry in 54th, kicking it in the ground and going over the goal Double chance, Gosens and Kross 58th
  5. It's time to make transfers. Had to do 3
  6. Today
  7. Beautiful! I might even root for Hungary in the final game of the group stage, as that would get us rid of Löw one or two weeks earlier!
  8. @Jami-Unibet +same behavior with using of Microsoft Edge 'Version 91.0.864.48 (Official build) (64-bit)'. To me it seems like not a problem of a browser ... Can you have a look on it, please ? (should it be activated manually?) Many thanks for the help.
  9. Q: HOT-streak never ends ? A: when you predict under 2.5, see that in 80' it is still 0:0 and tend to start calculating cash ... than : (better LUCK next time)
  10. If this is how you view online poker, I cannot in any way understand why you keep playing...
  11. Yesterday
  12. I appreciate your response, even if you strongly disaprove of what I am writing. I am mostly throwing around questions, but yes, my opinion is that there is too much "action" going on in here. Could I be wrong? Yes. Have I been given a solid reason to think otherwise? No. Do I want to believe that this is totaly random and fair? Yes! Unibet is the one claiming that this is random. I am just asking you to show me some data to support it. Is that taking it too far? Am I unreasonable? The question seems to be how a player can check anything or prove/disprove anything when there are no stat-gathering? Is that not called a "catch 22"? Another thing, I do not believe that there are rigging against anyone. We all sit here and are given one "golden egg" on the flop after another with a few hands in between, that suddenly turns rotten in the most incredible ways. In other words, the odds do not seem to count either in favor or against anyone. Its like a casino where you "almost" win with a very good hand, over and over, and then you suddenly win, but then something totaly insane happens around the corner and someone else gets the win by the act of God. And of course, then its always the losing player that has a bad mindset or just caught a bad beat. "Better luck next time and work on your game". The problem is that there is not much to work on. According to math and odds the player did everything right, but the 5-10% against the hand just turned 100%... again. This is not just for me, I see the same nonsense other players go through at the tables. Combine this with all the "great hands" at once, and it becomes a complete chaos. Endless times there are just one or two cards left in the stack to save a fool and he gets it, just to win over hands that are over 90% certain. And yes, it happens live also. My god, it happens! But online it happens way too often in my opinion. I have played poker for 25 years, so I am not talking from total ignorance. And thats were you are most correct and really hit the nail on the head; My sample size is way to small to have seen so many superior combinations and outcomes around the tables. That means that all the "TV-moments" are too short in between. Its not often you see two sets of three of a kind and a flush at the same time... well, in real life, that is. So, are you saying that if I keep playing, all these "TV-moments" will tone down and this will overall become more realistic? Have I really just been too often at the wrong place, at the wrong time in here? As to being a winning player... well, when odds and math stop making sense, I truly have to change my mindset and play like its a lottery like so many do in here. I am still trying not to, but maybe thats the way to do it? Just close my eyes and roll the dices... To clearify my point of view, its just sad to see what poker has turned into online. Its a mess of ridicilous outcomes (you simply call them bad beats), to many "super-combinations" at once and terrible players that succeed way too much with terrible odds. In other words, it seems like the "good players" are good for the wrong reasons. The worst thing, is that most of the real morons you meet online would have been eaten alive and had to go home early in real life, but online they win by the magic touch of the RNG-machine over and over. I wonder why that is? I am sure some youtube-video will explain it...
  13. @Sparrow473what is that supposed to mean? Do you have my promotion plan available? Do you see what I have planned there for which days?
  14. Just on the phone now so can't check but 99% it's because a player busted early, capping the number of players (search on here for more details on this design/issue)
  15. The ”rocket” Mbappe!!! WOOOW!
  16. Go to Hexapro and then click on Hand History. You can then copy and paste the specific hands into Word and post them here.
  17. Let's bet on Germany, they said! B-b-b-b-b-but Sane and Werner are good options off the bench, they said! Deserved win for France, especially if you consider the two additional goals that were offside and the shot that hit the post by Rabiot. Löw is a complete retard. He's bringing in Volland for the last 10 minutes, who's probably our only true striker and where did he play? In the left midfield replacing Gosens. Jogi Löw, ladies and gentlemen!
  18. I don't know if it optimal situation but if they don't do any iffy things at table, does it matter if they are same duuds? As far as i see only way Unibet could interfere such play would be limit how many times two accounts could play in same table but that would be bad both for business as for players when there ain't too many players and tables wouldn't open so often. All i can suggest that you leave tables when there are players that you don't want to play against
  19. Rudiger likes boobs, no matter what kind.
  20. Hummels showed Ronaldo how goal is done from that position, Ronaldo was way out, Hummels jammed it to net Germany got few half chances, way better than i thought. Still have improve a lot to get even 1 point Eagerly waiting for memes of Rudiger feeling out Pogba...
  21. Mats Hummels > Mbappe so far! Nice captain's armband, Neuer... Second half then Löw is bringing on Werner, who has 0 joker goals this season and needs space to operate, but hey....
  22. @WuDu Ohh, I understand now what your point is. Clear and easy to follow records as hand history would be quite hard/impossible for me to post here, as you are aware there is no tracker allowed on Unibet, nor sharkscope tracking and there is no way I could keep an exact record whilst playing in the in-built hand history feature. I think that under these conditions, it is easy to cheat/softplay and hard for any other player to prove this without any extra help from Unibet. @Livertool I'm not saying they have to start and stop certain minutes apart, but don't you find it disturbing if they play together 95% of the time, at a 3 handed table? Would you be fine playing on your own any game/sport of 3 players against a team of 2 other guys? And if they are playing with joined funds to hunt big multipliers, share profits(including rake back) you don't have any problem with that? Then in this case(as Unibet is fine with it) all of us should have their own team in 3 handed games with multipliers, or any other game that gives you the right incentive.
  23. Could swear that Gosens had Netherlands password, somehow didnt noticed him in german team. That defensive looks shaky as hell. Ginter Hummels cmon man, at least it not Can anywhere. Maybe whooping against France will change his mind. France have own problems trying to accomodate Benzema, Griezmann and Mbappe. What is Rabiot doing there , also Kimpembe is shaky as hell.
  24. My point is that if you accuse other players of cheating/chipdumping/softplaying, you should back that up with clear and easy to follow records. That's what other players here did before. If there is unethical behaviour, as you mentioned, give a few examples of player A chipdumping to player B, for instance.
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