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  2. Won't help right now, but for the future it's given out in twitch.tv/elron66
  3. Hey, I'm currently on sick leave so can't help with this. Please contact our Live Chat Here and they can help you.
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  5. Some of you on here probably already know, but for those that don't: Unibet Open is underway and you can watch the stream on https://www.twitch.tv/unibetpoker. With several community members in the main event, perhaps we'll even have someone at the featured table - for now, you'll have to do with David Lappin
  6. The bonus is not good for me either, something is not good...
  7. According to the bonus rules: Here is how it works: First make sure you don’t have an active bonus. Activate this bonus offer. Play on Hyper Joker Gold Wager €25 to get a 5€ credited instantly to your account. unfortunately and after more than 500€ wagered in Hyper Joker Gold, I never received the bonus. Am I missing anything?
  8. And for the regular new avatars, we stopped that a while ago, as the selection was getting quite big. We still do new ones for promotions, which players can earn. We might add some new ones later this year, so if you have any requests, let me know here
  9. "PLIIZ". It's a bit of an internal community joke - perhaps a bad one - which refers to the flood of "password please" (often misspelled in various ways) or "tikiet plz" posts, whenever there's a big freeroll that requires either ticket or password. This particular avatar will be used for a promotion starting in less than a month and several members will get the chance to win it We used to have custom avatar as a prize in loyalty, but that's not the case anymore. However, if a player reaches at least level 7, and really wants a custom avatar, I'm happy to look into it - will just have to send me a private message on here
  10. Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and...
  11. So you wait all year then two come along (almost) together, then hit the hat trick in 8 days. I bet the river and he actually typed in the chat "Nice flush beats my 2 pair" before paying me. So what are the chances? A rough count reckons I've played maybe 5,000 hands over the two sites in 8 days.
  12. As being one of bald fraud club, i am offended and will cancel all Unibet products
  13. Hi can u change my to Swedish ?
  14. Would be nice to see in the near future a section in the Bonus Shop where we could Buy such a service along with other Unibet Merch.
  15. Bet on the manager special - Mark Fotheringham to be next hudds manager. Announced at 10am yesterday still showing as bet is open and not settled?
  16. Nope. A fair no will be the answer-- No matter how far and up in the mountains
  17. Guess it's in the tikiet plz
  18. Looks great, as always! What does PLIIZ mean? A new graphics package on the horizon? Missing 4 new avatar every quarter! Never seen at the table, but avatar_1027 is my fav. :)) If we are on avatars I would like to ask how can you get your own avatar, it used to be at 1M points but now? I would love to have mine, I can even gladly pay for an artist who does such amazing graphics! Cheers!
  19. Hello @Ivan243 and @sisska, and welcome to the community! I am not sure what you are referring to. Is it perhaps the same promotion discussed here: I would advice to contact Unibet Customer Service. The English live chat is available 24/7 (link: https://unibet-int.custhelp.com/app/chat/chat_launch ).
  20. Yesterday
  21. Played like 3h of poker last week some day and finished up closing all my tables and then I checked my balance and it was 20p less than when I started, had to double check a few times as thought it was maybe not updating or something
  22. Do you recieved casino club reward today ? (Freespins)
  23. And today's racing returns brings everything up to date. It may not be a huge profit, but on the bright side it's not a loss. Now, I wonder what I can buy for 6 pence!
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