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  3. Grinded pretty big volume for last days. Bonus at 92%. Now im going to barbeque party with friends to reset my mental state. Will try to not drink too much, becouse tomorrow I have to grind last 8% of bonus, which is like 250 HEX at 25 eur limit. Also won my first HEX Extreme x100 worth 1000 EUR Sad that these spins are not showing in Game Lab
  4. I dont know if support is able to send HHs as files. Have never done it myself at Uni.
  5. Its a good try. I did it kinda the same way. When I opened Unibet up for try I actually started with 10 euros. I have usually help all bankrolls , kinda not totally, but almost fully separately. Imo Unibet is very soft and basically grinding tickets for SNGs is very doable since the edge can be so high. However.... I would keep in mind that its probably true only in the cent satellites. In real world playng satellites is rather something that skyrockets your varience curve A LOT... and many people dont realize it . I have myself years ago made a huge mistake making exactly that. Sats should be taken as shot takes for bigger games and treated with carefulness. If we talk sent sats, then dont take that much into heart, but just know that. You havent said your starting BR yet, but Im just gonna encourage you that its doable, since I started Unibet with super small even tho I had BR on others. Will be watching
  6. A slow start to the "Malta or Bust" campaign. Is everyone scared to play me?
  7. I did and again asking me kontoutdrag with iban nummer and this time they want my card nummer also with i have already sent to unibet… if u look all the document i have sent, u can find everything u guys asking and it should be enough to verify my account..
  8. Why u think its funny ??they have the fast withdraw if u dont have anything usefull to say why u even comment??
  9. @Karmasuper Olkinuora confirmed to start against Austria.
  10. Thanks, I forgot to wrote my wife would also travel, so we would be 2 adults + 2 kids under 3 years in the hotel. Is it still free of charge?
  11. Yeah, it's going well but I need to practise my captain picks. Always the lowest scoring guy as captain but on the other hand my lucky one-offs have scored well (Rosseli Olsen, Fehervary etc.). I can't say what is the best strategy but I would say picking too many players from same country is not good because how valuable goal is; espcially power play goal. Score a game winning goal on power play so it gives 3+4+4 = 11points = 5,5 assists. PP goal is 3,5 assists (Forward points). So, if you want to hit a jackpot, pick one guy from each country and hope they all score a game winning goal on power play...
  12. Sure hasn't been easy. 6,6,5,5,5 are my not-so-magical numbers so far The ketsuppipullo better start squirting soon enough Zhou Schumacher 2 Stroll Latifi 1 Albon Vettel 2 Tsunoda Ricciardo 2 Norris Gasly 2 Ocon Magnussen 1 Alonso Bottas 1 Hamilton Russell 1 Verstappen Sainz 2 Perez Leclerc 2 €10 free Bet builder for hockey MM for today
  13. You can pick any goalie that is not from the teams that play in the first two matches, and then change it to the playing Finnish goalie when the line-ups are announced ( about an hour before the match ) @tinkeri up to 5th in the overall leaderboard now
  14. A new chip available today. Not sure if it's for everybody, but check your account in available bonuses.
  15. Probably they consider you a smart user
  16. Since not known who will be goaltender for Finland,today GT from Sweden or Denmark. Pastrnak looks good for captain today.
  17. Can you please explain me why do i suddenly have limit on betting and my bets need to be approved? I opened account few days ago
  18. @Leonitahi there, just wondering how long it too for your account to get verified? Unfortunately I’m still waiting and now it’s the weekend I doubt anything going to be done about it until next week at the earliest
  19. Yesterday
  20. Streets say Watzke and Sammer push for the sack and Kehl was defending Rose. Not the greatest start for sportdirektor if you ask me. That seem like perfect opening for BVB Fc Hollywood turmoil
  21. Hello guys long time no see I am back for a poker grind after months without playing. I am going to be grinding low stakes SNG's and building a ticket roll whilst keeping track of every penny spent! My 'challenge' will begin Sunday once I've thought of some great goals/targets for the next few months Great to be back, hoep you have all been well and looking forward tom seeing a few of you on the felt
  22. That's us started on the RAKE 400, GET 40 playthrough. And just posting another YouTube channel worth watching, easy to follow imo. https://www.youtube.com/c/LAGPoker/videos Have a good weekend
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