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  2. Dayum, run out of likes. Cheers! Whitesnake-copy, but so is all the rockmelodies
  3. Was this you Mr. Dog? @Rushbie I wanted to jump into the next round and only a few minutes left.
  4. ok,snap but no,unfortunately . Lots of people would like that as well
  5. Today
  6. Thomas Meunier's last 3 games during the past 8 days: One assist in every game. And he's playing really well today. You gotta be kidding me! Typical 2. Bundesliga standings after 7 matchdays. The SCP is on fire! Best offense and almost the best defense. Even without Baumgart who's bringing Köln back to life.
  7. Official Duckbet announcement! Dear Ducketeers, We have heard many rumours about the last closure of Saxony ducks from our well loved pond. We would like to reassure you all that the pond will not decrease at all and every customer will find their regular tables and opponents in the future. You said it's impossible? We said duck you! We have all the gaming patterns/hands of the Saxony ducks and we will replace them (hopefully for a short period) with Duckbots. We have developed a brand new DAI (duck AI) which is one of the best in the industrie and better what iDucker Network uses. They will play as their masters and you won't realize any difference. Ofc we will pay out their 'winnings' to their masters' accounts as soon as regulation will change(if the master was a winning player) and we will top up our bots bankroll from their masters bank account/credit cards if the bots will lose the current amount from their Duckbet 'account'(as the master did in the past). Don't forget once a Ducketeer, always a Ducketeer.
  8. Replaced by this: https://www.unibet.com/promotions/poker-promotions/replay-rewards You will have to lose way more than €40 to get anything from it.
  9. if i have level 5 right now,in next querter , level wiil be level 1? thank you
  10. I have not got any PM from you, not yet.. or any money in my Unibet-account.. Today it is Sunday (19/9) and I did deposit at Wednesday (15/9) because I wanted to play poker at the Wednesday night.. And I want to play at Unibet tonight too, but I don`t take any chance to make a new deposit..
  11. super double freerol is remplaced by who? i lost more to 40 eu /week ,and i dont received tiket.whwtt is happening?
  12. auto rebuy will be possible at unibet?
  13. I have the same in the replayer, also in Omaha
  14. So managed to play a bit more this week as didn't do as much over time at work. I just reached a bankroll milestone. So will try and mix some 50NL in from now on but will do better table selection to try and get the best tables. Also play less tables as now I can play up to 6 at 25NL but cutting it down when moving up, to a max of 4 tables. Have also played a bit on RIO again lol, rake race going again so thought I try and pick some of the lower prices as not that many people play anyway... played 1 table of 50NL as nothing else was going and lost 4 buy ins vs a fun player who ran hot and I couldn't win a flip. 1st hand I stuck it in on the turn I believe... that tilted me off Then lost 3 more all ins pre: AQ-TT / AK-QQ / AQ-KK and then he left with his big stack Losing a few stacks gave me a tilted image on the table I guess as this was a hand vs a reg where he called a 3b and then just called off a 3 barrel lol. And had this one, a Royal Flush once again, I can't even remember ever having one on Unibet whilst I have played more volume here, so weird. Getting paid off at the river was nice too 86% on the playthrough bonus on Unibet so almost there for another €100 too. Have more hands from Unibet which I'll try to post later today.
  15. superflop vs me again superriver vs me again
  16. The HH is frozen, if I click on yesterday's HH and click on a specific MTT that I played, it doesn't show the HH of that MTT but instead shows all the hands from all MTTs. So it kinda makes it hard to find a specific hand.
  17. The multiplier does not refer to loyalty points being multiplied, you'll always earn them at 1 loyalty point per 1c rake paid. From level 2 onwards you earn 1% rakeback as bonus points. The multiplier refers to this value, so at level 6 you earn 12% rb as you play on top of the rewards you get when you reach the level steps.
  18. AT vs QQ is not even close to a flip, you're supposed to lose that 70% of the time.
  19. Why have u had no bonuses for 2 weeks now u don't do half the freerolls u used to either used to love this site for all the freerolls and great bonus we want more of them again please
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