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Unibet Community Poker League - June


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We're still playing around with the schedule a bit. In June we'll have just 8 tournaments, and they're going to be played Monday and Wednesday instead of Tuesday and Thursday. The last week we've got 4 tournaments, two with a € 10 buy-in and 650 GTD.

The full Terms & Conditions, including tie breaker rules, can be found here.

All tournaments will need a password for the entry, for this week the password is: PasswordPlz

How to compete for the €1000 leaderboard:

In all league tournaments you can win points by finishing in the top 30, the points you win will count towards the leaderboard, where your three best results of the month will be added together for your final score.
There will be a set amount of points available for each league tournament - you'll find the full point table by clicking here

In order to earn points for the leaderboard, your poker alias and community alias have to be identical or very similar.
If you play with an incorrect alias, you'll earn the amount of points one position below your actual finish.

All Unibet players are free to join the tournaments, but only Community members can compete for the prizes of the league.

How to compete for the €1000 Winners SNG:

To qualify for the winners SNG, you must win one of the individual league tournament while being a community member before the start of the tournament.
The "Winners SNG" will be played on Tuesday 4/7/2017 20:00 CET. The SNG has a prizepool of €1000 for the June qualifiers: €600 for 1st position, €300 for 2nd and €100 for 3rd. You'll need to play with your community alias in order to win a spot in the SNG.

All Unibet players are free to join the tournaments, but only Community members can compete for the seats of the €1000 Winners SNG.

Leaderboard prizes:

The leaderboard features a cash prizepool of €1000 divided between the overall top 10 ranking community members of the month. The winner also gets a cool custom avatar and a leauge winner badge!

  1. €250 + Custom Avatar + Community League winner badge
  2. €200 
  3. €150
  4. €110
  5. €90
  6. €60
  7. €50
  8. €40
  9. €30
  10. €20

The Unibet Community Poker league features eight €4 and € 10 buy-in tournaments in June. The tournaments are played on Monday and Wednesday, and the last week we've got two tournaments in the weekend:

5/6: €300 GTD NLHE Turbo 9-handed - 19:00 UK - 20:00 CET

7/6: €300 GTD NLHE Turbo 9-handed - 19:00 UK - 20:00 CET

5 min blinds - Starting stack: 4000 chips - 30 mins late registration - 1 re-entry allowed during late registration.


12/6: €300 GTD PLO 6-handed  - 19:00 UK - 20:00 CET

14/6: €300 GTD PLO 6-handed  - 19:00 UK - 20:00 CET

9 min blinds - Starting stack: 3000 chips - 60 mins late registration - Unlimited re-entries allowed during late registration.


19/6: €300 GTD NLHE 9-handed - 18:00 UK - 19:00 CET 

21/6: €300 GTD NLHE 9-handed  - 18:00 UK - 19:00 CET

24/6: €10 buyin, €600 GTD Bounty NLHE 9-handed - 19:00 UK - 20:00 CET(No re-entries)

25/6: €10 buyin, €600 GTD PLO 6-handed - 19:00 UK - 20:00 CET

9 min blinds - Starting stack: 4000 chips - 60 mins late registration - Unlimited re-entries allowed during late registration.


4/7: €1000 Winners SNG - 20:00 CET

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Latest update: after seventh tournament

RankingMemberPointsBest result2nd best result3rd best result
1@Noud79 (Twitch)95403025 
11@Remk_95 (Twitch)5940127 
36@HensiePensie (Twitch)20866 
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Please let us know, if you have any ideas for the future months. We're considering adding a three month leaderboard with e.g. a UO Bucharest package for the winner - this is just something we've talked about, so not sure it'll happen. 

How can we make the league more interesting?

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@testuser1 an extra 3 months leaderboard is a great idea and for sure a package for a live event would make even more community members play in this tournaments :)

PS. Well done guys with improving the CL in the last 2 months, I really liked playing aganst 40+ community members in every tournament and hopefully in the future the league will become even more popular... 👍

You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind...
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Please  10 euro and turbo is too much. Too many turbos, turbo is like bingo.No deepstack and 4 turbos. What can I do to listen to me once. Not all the people like to go alll in with 49 ( to play bingo) , please make that 10 euro at least normal.I understand one week turbo, one week normal , NO week deepstack (why? I don't understand) but the last two with 10 euros and turbo....

Hope you will listen to me . Thanks!

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For me evereything looks fine. Move tournament from 24.06 to 25.06 and we have nice sunday evening with two 10€ buyin tournaments. Saturday evening its not good day for online poker (family,friends,party,fishing 😏 etc).

About next leagues, idea with UO package for the winner its great. Im in ! ♦️♠️:rockon:♥️♣️

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Hello @testuser1 ! As Unibet is now my favourite poker site, and lately I've discovered this Community, I want it to grow, and I would like to have my contribution to that. I have an idea regarding the League then. There will be eight tourneys in June, each giving a participant to the Winner's SNG. To make this game a full ring we need to get one more person. Let's make it more interesting, and set one more tourney, in which the bounty on my head (and in future every current League Winner) will be the entry to the SNG. I think some might like it. 😛 Players could also earn some additional points to the leaderboard by knocking out the last Winner's SNG participants. There can be the buy-in at the level of 1€ even. We can discuss the structure if players like it. What do you think of that? Players? I'm ready to put myself into the cross-fire 😀

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@Psycho79 You know that you are intelligent. I categorically disagree to give a prize for your head, because 1. you will go all-in with AA and everyone will go also. This will give you a great advantage. 2. Since the table is not one, then luck will play a big role, and not the skill you are so fond of talking about. It's enough to look at the streams @DaVitsche in order to understand this.

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@testuser1Since everyone is expressing their proposals, I will express them. The society has 8 tournaments per month - suppose there will be 8 winners. But, there can be a situation like this month. Therefore, I suggest that if someone wins more than 2 tournaments to invite players who took 2 places in the post-tournament, if the same person won (As in football in England, if one team won both the championship and the cup, the finalist enters the international competition). I understand, Unibet is more known as a bookmaker, so borrowing regulations would be very fun.

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@Merenitsu I think you are exaggerating a little bit. First of all, this was just my suggestion to make the league more interesting, but at the end I have no power to decide of anything. This tourney would be a chance for a random player to enter the Winner's SNG, and how do I get any advantage of that?  If you talk about uneven chances to get the bounty, that's why I wanted more "points" bounties for Winners' heads. In my opinion it would be just fun. Never wait for AA 😛 GL

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Come on, why can´t you not just grant him his success? 

I am sure it was not his interest to have a bounty on his head to get others to call him lightly.

There are huge disadvantages as well like insane decrease in fold equity. 

@Psycho79 just wanted to give something back to the community and all he gets are unfounded accusations instead of the earned "thank you" or "congrats for your success".

Just give the man some room @Merenitsu. I hope you can turn your mindset around, more towards humbleness & niceness.😃


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